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Inside the WOU Welcome Center

An inside look at the future home of the WOU Welcome Center featuring the Jack Morton Memorial Lobby opening fall 2020.

WOU Financial Aid Part 1

WOU Financial Aid Part 1: How to Start the Financial Aid Process

WOU Financial Aid Part 2

WOU Financial Aid Part 2: How to Track Your Financial Aid Application

WOU Financial Aid Part 3

WOU Financial Aid Part 3: How to Accept and/or Decline Your Awards

WOU Financial Aid Part 4

WOU Financial Aid Part 4: After You Accept Your Financial Aid

WOU Said Yes

Congratulations, WOU Said Yes! Here's your 10-point admitted freshman and transfer student checklist.

LIVING at WOU: An Introduction to Campus Housing

WOU is a great place to live! Learn more in this short tour of campus housing.

WOU Salem: What's Next

Enroll today in a 4-year degree completion program at WOU Salem. Go to

Winter Preview Day 2019

:30 TV spot for Winter Preview Day 2019 Saturday, Feb. 9th. To register go to

SOAR 2019

Welcome to SOAR: Summer Orientation Advising & Registration at Western Oregon University for incoming freshmen. Find the 2019 SOAR schedule, learn more and sign-up at

Funding Your Future

The university education you've worked for is within reach. Explore WOU's options for funding your future. Recorded 1/3/19

Scholarships 2019

Find out WHY you should apply for scholarships and WHERE to look for scholarship opportunities. Recorded 1/3/19

Scholarship Application Site Demo

A quick tutorial for WOU admitted students on how to apply for Western scholarships. Recorded 12/17/18

WOU Salem Opens

WOU comes to YOU! Learn more about Western Oregon University offering classes in Salem. Recorded 12/11/18

WOU Transfer Pathways

Meet WOU's Director of Transfer Pathways Kristin Mauro and find out more about dual enrollment.

Aerial Tour Fall 2018

A view of Western Oregon University from above. Recorded September-October 2018

RHA President Eliza Sleezer Talks About WOU

Residence Hall Association President & 4th-year student Eliza Sleezer talks about WOU during halltime of the SFU football game with KWVT announcer Matt Palumbo. Recorded 9/29/18

New Student Week 2018

Sights and sounds from Western Oregon University's new student week - WOU Adventure 2018.

First Look

Some important tips and information about your first visit to Western Oregon University.

Why Choose WOU 2

There's more than one reason why you should choose Western Oregon University to get your degree!

Why Choose WOU

Hear for yourself why students choose to attend Western Oregon University.

Aerial Tour 2

Take this updated aerial tour of Western Oregon University. Footage originally recorded June 2017.

Campus Tour 2018 - Part 2

Take a look at where you'll be spending time on campus including classrooms, the library and more.

Campus Tour 2018 - Part 1

You know what you like to do. You can do it at WOU! Watch our new campus tour to find out more about Western Oregon University.

Facilities Master Plan

Facilities Master Plan Work Session 1 with SRG, a Portland architectural firm developing the new campus plan. Recorded 12/5/17

Aerial Tour 1

Take an aerial tour of Western Oregon University. Drone footage recorded June 2017.

Your Campus Community

Your guide to Western Oregon University's campus community: Monmouth, Independence and the Willamette Valley.

International Students 2017 (Chinese Version)

Meet two of WOU's international students majoring in education and visual communication design. (Audio is in Chinese)

International Students 2017

Meet 2 of WOU's international students from China majoring in education and visual communication design.

WOU Scholarships 2017

"How to Effectively Search and Apply for Scholarships" presented by Kara Westervelt Parker, WOU Assistant Director of Financial Aid. Recorded 2/17/17

Welcome to WOU

A brief overview of student life along with information on how to apply to WOU.

Landers Hall

Recently remodeled Landers Hall is open to first-year students for Fall 2016.

College Live 3

Director of Admissions Rob Findtner hosts this edition of CollegeWeekLive with an overview of Soar 2016. Recorded 6/15/16

SOAR 2016

Learn about SOAR. Western Oregon University's Summer Orientation, Advising and Registration program for admitted freshmen.

Awards 2015-16

Why WOU? Take a look at our recent list of awards.

Awards Profile 2

A graphic list of WOU's most prestigious awards.

Campus Tour 1 & 2

Watch our Campus Mini Tour Part 1 & 2 together!

Campus Community

Your guide to Western Oregon University's campus community: Monmouth, Independence and the Willamette Valley.

Butler Kitchen (HD)

HD video of a kitchenette unit in Butler Hall

Knox Street (HD)

HD video of a Knox Street apartment

Alder View (HD)

HD video of a townhouse in Alder View

Arbor Middle (HD)

HD video of a middle unit in Arbor Park

Arbor End (HD)

HD video of an end unit in Arbor Park

Heritage Double (HD)

HD video of a double room in Heritage Hall

Heritage Single (HD)

HD video of a single room in Heritage Hall

Butler Triple (HD)

HD video of a triple room in Butler Hall

Gentle Triple (HD)

HD video of a triple room in Gentle Hall.

Barnum Triple (HD)

HD video of a triple room in Barnum Hall.

Ackerman Double (HD)

HD video of double room in Ackerman Hall

Ackerman Single (HD)

HD video of single room in Ackerman Hall

Campus Mini Tour 2

Take a look at more of what Western has to offer students.

Awards Profile 1

2014 Profile of WOU Awards

Undergrad Reception

Students learn about WOU at the undergraduate reception. Recorded 4/30/2014.

Ayuda Financiera 101

Ayuda Financiera 101 con Jacky Guerrero.

Financial Aid 101

Financial Aid 101 with Jacky Guerrero.

Vince WOU Story

Vince Ampi's Western Oregon University experience.

Travis WOU Story

ASWOU President Travis Meuwissen's Western story.

Alejandra WOU Story

Alejandra Guerrero's Western Oregon University experience.

Luanne WOU Story

Luanne Carrillo's Western Oregon University experience.

Cappex Financial Aid

Associate Director of Financial Aid Ryan West explains how to pay for college during the Cappex virtual open house.

Cappex Leadership

Assistant Director for Student Leadership & Activities Megan Haberman explains how to get involved on campus for the Cappex virtual open house.

College Live

Director of Admissions Rob Findtner explains the basics for applying to Western during a Cappex virtual open house.

Cappex Housing

Associate Director of University Housing Patrick Moser explains on-campus living during a Cappex virtual open house.

Chichester Exchange

Chichester student government students experience the benefits of degree progression at WOU.

Admissions 101 Spanish

Admissions 101 with Spanish subtitles.

Faculty Welcome

Three WOU faculty members welcome new students to campus.

Student Ambassadors 2

The 2013-14 Student Ambassadors message to visiting student.

Campus Mini Tour 1

Take a mini campus tour with WOU student Nicole Crane.

Students Choose WOU2

Find out why this out of state student chose WOU. Features Vidur Gopinath from Atlanta, GA.

Faculty Choose WOU

WOU faculty members explain why they teach at Western.

Bloggers Choose WOU

Three WOU student bloggers share why they chose to attend Western Oregon University.

Students Choose WOU

A variety of students share why they chose to attend Western Oregon University.

Family Weekend

Highlights from a typical family weekend at WOU.

Student Ambassadors

WOU's student ambassadors explain why Western is a great college choice.

Transfer Advantage

ASWOU President Jonathan Farmer explains why WOU was a great college choice for him.


With the Western Undergraduate Exchange program, California and other western state residents are eligible for a substantial reduction in non-resident tuition.

Tuition Choice

Western Oregon University is breaking new ground again with the Tuition Choice. Save money now or save later - it's your choice.

International Students

An introduction to Western Oregon University for International Students, featuring two Chinese students. (Narrated in English)

International Students - CHINESE VERSION

An introduction to Western Oregon University for International Students, featuring two Chinese students. (Narrated in Chinese)

SOAR Program 2011

SOAR....Western's Summer Orientation and Registration program will make your transition to college a positive experience.

Campus Housing & Dining

At WOU, you'll find a variety of room and board options, from residence halls to apartments. Enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner, too!

TOP 10 List

Make the most of your college experience with the WOU Top 10 List...our guide to getting involved and enjoying your time at Western.

Campus Life

WouTV interviews undergraduate students to find out what its like to live, study, work and participate in campus life.