WEBVTT 00:00:00.000 --> 00:00:07.000 So can you start by telling us your name, your grad year and what do you do on campus? 00:00:07.000 --> 00:00:12.000 Yeah, my name's Evelyn Guzman. This is my last year, so my fourth year. 00:00:12.000 --> 00:00:17.000 I will be graduating in spring 2019. I am a Business major with a double minor in Spanish and Legal Studies. 00:00:19.000 --> 00:00:24.000 And I am involved as, I am the ASWOU President. 00:00:24.000 --> 00:00:28.000 So the Student Body President for this year and yeah, that's pretty much. 00:00:28.000 --> 00:00:33.000 And you are also a scholarship recipient, correct? Yeah, I'm a scholarship recipient as well. 00:00:33.000 --> 00:00:38.000 So Evelyn, can you tell us, you're really involved here on campus as the ASWOU President. 00:00:38.000 --> 00:00:44.000 So what is your career goal after graduation, what is the big dream? 00:00:45.000 --> 00:00:51.000 That's something I've been figuring out overall. But I do want to be involved somehow in helping out my community. 00:00:51.000 --> 00:00:55.000 Exactly where doing that, I'm not exactly sure. 00:00:55.000 --> 00:00:60.000 Maybe at some point, Law School. I do want to do some type of community organizing after I come out. 00:01:00.000 --> 00:01:03.000 And rewinding a little bit. 00:01:03.000 --> 00:01:08.000 Coming, going back to when you were in high school and before your college experience 00:01:09.000 --> 00:01:14.000 What made you apply for scholarships at Western Oregon? 00:01:14.000 --> 00:01:20.000 So I think the main reason why I wanted to come to Western Oregon was it's really centered on diversity. 00:01:20.000 --> 00:01:25.000 And so it made me look into scholarships and wanting to be part of this university overall, 00:01:25.000 --> 00:01:30.000 I wasn't thinking so much about how to fund it. 00:01:30.000 --> 00:01:33.000 I was thinking more about where do I want to be at first of all. 00:01:33.000 --> 00:01:36.000 And then afterwards just realizing that here are so many opportunities. 00:01:36.000 --> 00:01:43.000 And that you know it was going to be a barrier for me in pursuing higher education not having the money to attend. 00:01:43.000 --> 00:01:47.000 So I think that's some of the reasons why. 00:01:47.000 --> 00:01:50.000 And how has your scholarship. 00:01:50.000 --> 00:01:57.000 I mean, I've, I know I've certainly seen you grow as a person over the last couple of years I've known you and been around you. 00:01:57.000 --> 00:01:62.000 How do you think your scholarship has helped you grow as a student and also as a person? 00:02:03.000 --> 00:02:11.000 Definitely in keeping me on my toes and realizing that it's a privilege that I have that money to be attending. 00:02:11.000 --> 00:02:16.000 First of all. But also just realizing that if that is given to me, 00:02:16.000 --> 00:02:22.000 that's an opportunity for me to you know grow myself as a person and in doing whatever I can to give back also. 00:02:23.000 --> 00:02:26.000 So can you repeat part of that question? So. 00:02:26.000 --> 00:02:29.000 And how, how has it helped you've grown just as a person. 00:02:29.000 --> 00:02:33.000 I've grown as a person in developing myself as a leader. 00:02:33.000 --> 00:02:39.000 But also just giving me the opportunities that I wouldn't had otherwise had. 00:02:39.000 --> 00:02:45.000 Definitely I used to be very introverted so getting some of that extroverted out by just being involved. 00:02:46.000 --> 00:02:50.000 So let's imagine that 00:02:50.000 --> 00:02:56.000 It's the first day of classes fall term for a brand new Freshman on campus. 00:02:56.000 --> 00:02:60.000 What would you tell them about what lies ahead? 00:03:00.000 --> 00:03:04.000 I would tell them that there's a lot of amazing things that lie ahead 00:03:04.000 --> 00:03:08.000 if they open the doors for themselves. 00:03:08.000 --> 00:03:12.000 And that means you know just being, trying to find opportunities within this campus. 00:03:12.000 --> 00:03:17.000 To be involved in whatever they're passionate about because there's definitely something for everyone to do. 00:03:19.000 --> 00:03:25.000 I'd say you know just go with it. There's a lot of things that are going to be hard but there's also a lot of great moments. 00:03:25.000 --> 00:03:28.000 So if you do encounter a barrier just 00:03:28.000 --> 00:03:33.000 Try to find something that keeps you motivated to keep on going. 00:03:33.000 --> 00:03:38.000 Because at the end it's your overall goal is toy you know graduate from the university. 00:03:38.000 --> 00:03:42.000 So in talking about Giving Day, you were involved in last year's campaign. 00:03:42.000 --> 00:03:46.000 That was very successful. Why, 00:03:46.000 --> 00:03:53.000 Why should donors continue to invest in Western Oregon University's students? 00:03:53.000 --> 00:03:59.000 Western Oregon University is just an overall amazing university and I've always said that since the first moment I got here. 00:03:59.000 --> 00:03:66.000 And now finishing my fourth year, it really had been a great, great experience. 00:04:06.000 --> 00:04:12.000 And I kind of even, I find myself even when I'm not on campus just talking to someone regularly 00:04:12.000 --> 00:04:16.000 I'd be like attend Western Oregon University. 00:04:16.000 --> 00:04:21.000 And I think that's something that you notice a lot from students that leave this institution 00:04:21.000 --> 00:04:28.000 But also of students who are here already where there is a lot of support from any service that is offered here. 00:04:28.000 --> 00:04:33.000 And there's also a lot of support within students themselves with each other. 00:04:33.000 --> 00:04:36.000 Last question. This is a fun one. 00:04:36.000 --> 00:04:42.000 And now you're in your fourth year. You've had a ton of different professors, different experiences. 00:04:42.000 --> 00:04:44.000 Who was your favorite professor and why? 00:04:44.000 --> 00:04:50.000 Who was my favorite professor? I'd say my favorite professor was Marroquin. 00:04:50.000 --> 00:04:55.000 And he's part of the Spanish department, and I'd say that was my favorite professor because 00:04:55.000 --> 00:04:60.000 It was very easy for me to outreach and find some support whenever I needed it. 00:05:00.000 --> 00:05:08.000 But it was also having those conversations of what can I do to improve in whatever class. 00:05:08.000 --> 00:05:12.000 So I'd had him for a couple of different classes and just an amazing professor overall. 00:05:12.000 --> 00:05:16.000 That's awesome. Well thank you for your time, Evelyn. Thank you. You're all done!