WEBVTT 00:00:00.000 --> 00:00:02.000 music 00:00:02.000 --> 00:00:08.000 My most memorable experience this year at WOU has been becoming the student manager for the call center. 00:00:08.000 --> 00:00:13.000 The highlight of my year here at Western has been completing my undergraduate degree in Business, 00:00:13.000 --> 00:00:18.000 So I'm now able to start my Master's program, which will allow me to work in athletics someday. 00:00:18.000 --> 00:00:23.000 The thing that I will remember most about this year at Western was definitely as a theater student, 00:00:23.000 --> 00:00:27.000 I had the opportunity of being in Five Lesbians Eating a Quiche, 00:00:27.000 --> 00:00:33.000 Which was the Fall play about some women, some closeted lesbians, who just 00:00:33.000 --> 00:00:36.000 Were really obsessed with quiche! 00:00:36.000 --> 00:00:39.000 My highlight this year is I was able to visit the MacLaren Juvenile Facility, and it 00:00:39.000 --> 00:00:44.000 Definitely changed my perspective on the juvenile system and the way things work. 00:00:44.000 --> 00:00:48.000 So one of the highlights for me this year has definitely been finishing my Minor in Spanish, 00:00:48.000 --> 00:00:52.000 Especially with the Chicano culture class that they offer here at 00:00:52.000 --> 00:00:56.000 Western this year. It's really fantastic. 00:00:56.000 --> 00:00:59.000 My highlight of the year at Western is working for Abby's House 00:00:59.000 --> 00:00:64.000 And being the Public Relations Coordinator. It's really important because we get 00:01:04.000 --> 00:01:09.000 To do a lot of outreach and that is really good for our community. 00:01:09.000 --> 00:01:13.000 What I'm going to remember most about this year was studying abroad in South Korea, 00:01:13.000 --> 00:01:17.000 Representing WOU at the Yonsei International Summer School. 00:01:17.000 --> 00:01:21.000 As a member of the Western Oregon track team, the thing that I'm going to remember most about my time here 00:01:21.000 --> 00:01:26.000 At Western Oregon was my first national championship that I won as part of the DMR. 00:01:26.000 --> 00:01:30.000 Being able to represent the team, to represent the University on a national level 00:01:30.000 --> 00:01:33.000 That's something that I'm always going to remember, and it means a lot to me. 00:01:33.000 --> 00:01:37.000 As a Stonewall Center volunteer, the most exciting thing that happened this year 00:01:37.000 --> 00:01:41.000 Is on Giving Day, we got the most amount of donations than we have ever. 00:01:41.000 --> 00:01:47.000 I want people to know that you really can connect with your professors here given the time and 00:01:47.000 --> 00:01:52.000 A lot of our classes, especially upper division, you get a lot of time to work 00:01:52.000 --> 00:01:55.000 One on one with your professors, and I think that's really something 00:01:55.000 --> 00:01:58.000 That is highlighted at Western Oregon. 00:01:58.000 --> 00:01:63.000 As ASWOU President this year, the highlight has been to be able to participate in cultural competency 00:02:03.000 --> 00:02:08.000 Conversations because I know that affects a lot of students on campus and also off campus 00:02:08.000 --> 00:02:12.000 And it's a good method for them and also professors to engage 00:02:12.000 --> 00:02:15.000 In conversations that are sometimes difficult to have. 00:02:15.000 --> 00:02:18.000 music