WEBVTT 00:04:00.000 --> 00:04:12.000 Hello, thank you all for coming, this is fun we do here in the Western Hemisphere Orchestra we do so many different kinds of music. 00:04:12.000 --> 00:04:19.000 At least once a year we really get down to playing some jazz and thats what were going to do tonight for you. 00:04:19.000 --> 00:04:33.000 We have taken really a snapshot with the focus being through two of the great musicians from the 40's and 50's and even beyond that. Jerry Mulligan and Helen O' Connell. 00:04:33.000 --> 00:04:45.000 Two very different musicians but two musicians that were definitely associated with "cool" and thats what this is. Its cool music, its cool jazz, its beatnik jazz its beat culture. 00:04:45.000 --> 00:04:59.000 So you will hear things that are sometimes tongue in cheek. Sometimes that are very brainy, very heady, and sometimes they swing like mad; and thats what cool is all about. 00:05:00.000 --> 00:05:06.000 You can't properly have a beatnik show without a real live beatnik poet. 00:05:06.000 --> 00:05:17.000 So we have one of those tonight. reading in-between some of the songs, some of his own poetry and some poetry from beat poets and all over the place. 00:05:17.000 --> 00:05:28.000 my good friend the very talented artist, poet, musician and all around fabulous guy; John Van Dreal. 00:05:46.000 --> 00:05:50.000 William Stafford's An Oregon Message. 00:05:50.000 --> 00:05:56.000 when we first moved here, pulled the trees in around us. 00:05:56.000 --> 00:05:61.000 Curled our back to the wind, no one had ever hit the moon- no one. 00:06:01.000 --> 00:06:10.000 Now our trees are safer then the stars, and only other people's neglect is out precious and abiding shell. 00:06:10.000 --> 00:06:14.000 Pierced by meteors, radar, and the telephone. 00:06:14.000 --> 00:06:26.000 From our snug place we shout religiously for attention, in order to hide only silence or evasion will bring dangerous notice, the hovering hawk of the state 00:06:26.000 --> 00:06:33.000 Or the sudden quiet stare and fatal estimate of an alerted neighbor. 00:06:33.000 --> 00:06:41.000 This message we smuggle out in its plain cover, to be opened quietly 00:06:41.000 --> 00:06:46.000 Friends everywhere- we are alive. 00:06:46.000 --> 00:06:51.000 Those moon rockets have missed millions of secret places 00:06:52.000 --> 00:06:56.000 Best wished. Burn this. 00:10:33.000 --> 00:10:38.000 Reflections of Smokier Times by John Van Dreal 00:10:40.000 --> 00:10:49.000 Sammy was a drinker, hard booze, wine, beer. Especially beer. It gave him heart he said. 00:10:51.000 --> 00:10:60.000 Two years ago in grief he quit because eventually he knew it made him a loathsome instead. 00:11:00.000 --> 00:11:11.000 I remember two years ago in Keller's Bar where Sammy took his last drink. Change was coming. He knew. He knew I knew. 00:11:12.000 --> 00:11:26.000 He sat sipping. Encased within the pubs red interior walls. Walls with bold color that muted by cigarette smoke from hundreds of banded players. 00:11:26.000 --> 00:11:38.000 I like the smoke. It seemed right, it fit right still change was coming. I watched Sammy sipping that last brew. 00:11:38.000 --> 00:11:46.000 He watched the beer like a pathetic man stares at a reckless mistress just before he sets himself free. 00:11:46.000 --> 00:11:52.000 Then I watched the players most were frequent fliers awaiting the big win. 00:11:52.000 --> 00:11:63.000 Of course we all pay tribute to that which motivates. Religion, philosophy, relationships, addictions. 00:12:03.000 --> 00:12:11.000 Behaving as we have been shaped or have shaped ourselves. But the banded players give us form. 00:12:12.000 --> 00:12:21.000 Sitting like Pavlos's puppies slobbering at the lights and the bells and the cleans, the sounds of promises. 00:12:21.000 --> 00:12:34.000 Bills paid, bass boats purchased, debt forgiven, rings bought, love bought. They still play those slots in Keller's Bar. 00:12:34.000 --> 00:12:42.000 The grey smoke and smolder, haze and crud gone now, the target of our prohibition times. 00:12:42.000 --> 00:12:58.000 The red walls to bright to pure for even a windowless watering hole that must keep it's smokers caged outside in the rear. I miss that smoke like Sammy misses that beer. 00:16:18.000 --> 00:16:35.000 The father of cool is Miles Davis. It's undeniable. The whole music movement of cool was started with a band in a basement apartment in New York that young Miles Davis put together. 00:16:36.000 --> 00:16:44.000 Some of those arrangements, actually all of those arrangements have been made available to the public, and that was one of them, we will play a couple more of them later. 00:16:44.000 --> 00:16:62.000 This cool was born in this basement in New York and then forgotten for several year the musicians that made those recording were not released at the time. Those musician went and played with other bands. 00:17:02.000 --> 00:17:15.000 Making the cool school happen. Jerry Moden the baritone saxophone player wrote several of those tunes, including the one you just heard, Deception. 00:17:15.000 --> 00:17:29.000 On the other side of things while we have all these beautiful heavy undercurrents happening, American popular music was pre-rock and roll. People were singing songs they were singing lots of songs and one of the absolute best was Helen O Connell 00:17:29.000 --> 00:17:42.000 So we have two incredible singers tonight to pay tribute to Helen O Connell, so please welcome the first of those two Damaris Escobar. 00:18:04.000 --> 00:18:14.000 Every little breeze is sighing of love undying at sundown. Every little bird is resting and every feather nesting at sundown 00:18:14.000 --> 00:18:28.000 Each little rosebud is sleeping while shadows are creeping In a little cottage cozy the world seems rosy at sundown. 00:18:28.000 --> 00:18:43.000 Where a loving smile will greet me and always meet me at sundown 00:18:28.000 --> 00:18:43.000 I seem to sigh I'm in heaven when night is falling and love is calling me home. 00:18:45.000 --> 00:18:54.000 In a cottage cozy the world seems rosy at sundown. Where a loving smile will greet me and always meet me at sundown. 00:18:56.000 --> 00:18:66.000 I seem to sigh I'm in heaven when night is falling and love is calling me home. 00:19:06.000 --> 00:19:15.000 Love is calling me home. 00:19:24.000 --> 00:19:35.000 I'm going to go ahead and sing one more tune for you guys. It's going to be Brazil some of the most famous Brazilian songs to hit America. So enjoy. 00:19:40.000 --> 00:19:44.000 Brazil 00:19:47.000 --> 00:19:69.000 The Brazil that I knew where I wandered with you lives in my imagination. 00:20:09.000 --> 00:20:33.000 Where the songs are passionate, and a smile has flash in it, and a kiss has art in it, for you put your heart in it, and so I dream of old Brazil. 00:20:40.000 --> 00:20:57.000 Brazil where hearts were entertaining June, we stood beneath an amber moon and softly murmured 'someday soon 00:20:57.000 --> 00:20:80.000 We kissed and clung together, then tomorrow was another day the morning found me miles away with still a million things to say 00:21:24.000 --> 00:21:41.000 Now when twilight dims the sky above, recalling thrills of our love, there's one thing I'm certain of 00:21:41.000 --> 00:21:52.000 Return I will to old Brazil. 00:21:52.000 --> 00:21:76.000 Then tomorrow was another day the morning found me miles away with still a million things to say 00:22:16.000 --> 00:22:35.000 Now when twilight dims the sky above, recalling thrills of our love. there's one thing I'm certain of. 00:22:36.000 --> 00:22:47.000 Return I will to old Brazil. 00:24:02.000 --> 00:24:08.000 Allen Ginsberg's An Eastern Ballad 00:24:08.000 --> 00:24:22.000 I speak of love that comes to mind the moon is faithful, although blind she moves in thought she cannot speak. Perfect care has made her bleak. 00:24:22.000 --> 00:24:38.000 I never dreamed the sea so deep, the earth so dark so long my sleep, I have become another child. I wake to see the world go wild. 00:28:00.000 --> 00:28:04.000 The Impression by John Van Dreal 00:28:04.000 --> 00:28:24.000 This is how it starts, over almond shaped white fields with cerulean pools and deep inky black wells at the center. Her powder soft fleshy curtains blink in slight exaggeration. 00:28:24.000 --> 00:28:37.000 All while she turns and tips her brow, my way a quick stare. Sometimes a turned up corner of her otherwise temperate mouth a grin. 00:28:37.000 --> 00:28:52.000 Sometimes not always a slight blush I pause adjusting the effect and drinking in i still the glance just to save it for later again. 00:34:15.000 --> 00:34:21.000 The first time we played that I had not heard that piece before. Its one of the first arrangements that Jerry Mulligan ever did. 00:34:21.000 --> 00:34:30.000 He wrote it for when he got a job early on in his career with the Gene Krupa Band so old school swing. Gene Krupa was Benny Goodman's drummer. 00:34:30.000 --> 00:34:36.000 For those of you who don't know who Gene Krupa is and if you don't know who Benny Goodman is, go check it out. 00:34:36.000 --> 00:34:46.000 The first time we read that the trumpets at the end said, "Wow, was he trying to get fired?" It was beautiful though. 00:34:46.000 --> 00:34:55.000 We got one more for you this half Jerry Mulligan wrote this when he was working for the Stan Kenton Band this is called Limelight. 00:39:04.000 --> 00:39:10.000 Tom Waits, What's He Building? 00:39:14.000 --> 00:39:28.000 What's he building in there? What the hell is he building in there?'He has subscriptions to those magazines he never waves when he goes by. 00:39:28.000 --> 00:39:42.000 He's hiding something from the rest of us he's all to himself I think I know why. He took down the tire swing from the Peppertree. 00:39:44.000 --> 00:39:60.000 He has no children of his own you see he has no dog and he has no friends and his lawn is dying and what about all those packages he sends. What's he building in there? 00:40:00.000 --> 00:40:13.000 With that hook light on the stairs. What's he building in there I'll tell you one thing he's not building a playhouse for the children. What's he building in there? 00:40:13.000 --> 00:40:25.000 Now what's that sound from under the door? He's pounding nails into a hardwood floor and I swear to god I heard someone moaning low 00:40:25.000 --> 00:40:37.000 I keep seeing the blue light of a T.V. show he has a router and a table saw and you won't believe what Mr. Sticha saw 00:40:37.000 --> 00:40:50.000 There's poison underneath the sink of course but there's also enough formaldehyde to choke a horse. What's he building in there. What the hell is he building in there? 00:40:50.000 --> 00:40:66.000 I heard he has an ex-wife in some place called Mayors Income, Tennessee and he used to have a consulting business in Indonesia but what is he building in there? What the hell is building in there? 00:41:06.000 --> 00:41:23.000 He has no friends but he gets a lot of mail I'll bet he spent a little time in jail I heard he was up on the roof last night signaling with a flashlight and what's that tune he's always whistling? 00:41:24.000 --> 00:41:36.000 What's he building in there? What's he building in there? We have a right to know 00:45:06.000 --> 00:45:12.000 Theo and Sweet Bee by John Van Dreal 00:45:12.000 --> 00:45:24.000 Open Mic at the Triangle Inn. Several beers in and I'm in good company. Watching the musicians as they watch each other, some eager some nervous. 00:45:24.000 --> 00:45:34.000 A few appearing disinterested. There's Theo with his lady, she smiles, they speak to each other with sly glances. 00:45:34.000 --> 00:45:44.000 In slightly tilted, slightly turned heads while watching the performers. Theo also eyes the door. 00:45:44.000 --> 00:45:54.000 Music sound, more sound. A guitar cover tune. Something by Towns of Anzant 00:45:54.000 --> 00:45:64.000 Sweet Bee walks in past me, sits at the back of the bar, hoists her guitar case onto a neighboring stool. 00:46:04.000 --> 00:46:10.000 More sound, guitar and harmonica on two Warren Zevon covers 00:46:10.000 --> 00:46:18.000 Theo's lady stands, nods to a few friends, leaves with keys in hand 00:46:18.000 --> 00:46:26.000 Sound, take me to the river the old school not like the talking heads cover. I don't know who wrote that one. 00:46:26.000 --> 00:46:37.000 Bee moves to Theo's table. There's talk clearly something in common, they could be related, old friends, colleagues. 00:46:37.000 --> 00:46:50.000 Next band Friends of Mine their first is an original, it gets nods, smiles and even some gestures of enthusiasm. Theo walks past out the door. 00:46:50.000 --> 00:46:57.000 Next two songs are originals too. Engaging the small crowd. Folks stop talking. 00:46:57.000 --> 00:46:71.000 Sweet Bee pays the tab moves quickly to the door. Guitar case in hand. Dissaprears. My friends wrap up with a cover of All the Young Dudes. 00:47:11.000 --> 00:47:20.000 I'm ready to leave, then the new band starts a Dylan cover, I can't leave during Dylan. I do right after. 00:47:20.000 --> 00:47:36.000 Thought Theo was with that other lady, the first one, the one that left his table, before he was joined by sweet bee, but in the parking lot I caught a glimpse of bee and Theo in a car. 00:47:36.000 --> 00:47:51.000 Movement. Some steams on windows. My assumption? Well, you know. Then again it was cold and I think they were smoking some boo, and just exactly what does Bee have in that guitar case? 00:55:32.000 --> 00:55:47.000 Thank you. Please another round of applause for all the people playing on that. That's some serious music for them to take on. I'm so glad they were willing'(Applause) 00:55:48.000 --> 00:55:63.000 We have a couple more Helen O' Connell tunes for you. Couple of beautiful tunes. Please welcome to the stage Erin Westfall. 00:56:28.000 --> 00:56:49.000 Star eyes. Thats the way you make my eyes shine when those lips of your caress mine. Just to have you by my side would leave me starry eyed. 00:56:49.000 --> 00:56:71.000 Star eyes. Lonely eyes you put a dream in, eyes that only you're supreme in. Don't you know it's just for you they sparkle as they do. 00:57:12.000 --> 00:57:32.000 Though the stars aren't real, I know they show how much I care. Tell me how it makes you feel to know you put them there. 00:57:32.000 --> 00:57:65.000 Star eyes when, if ever, will your heart know that it's you for whom these eyes glow? Makes no difference where you are, my eyes will hold your wishing star. So kiss me and wish on a star. 00:58:05.000 --> 00:58:26.000 Though the stars aren't real, I know they show how much I care. Tell me how it makes you feel to know you put them there. 00:58:26.000 --> 00:58:63.000 Star eyes when, if ever, will your heart know thats it's you for whom these eyes glow? Makes no difference where you are, my eyes will hold you wishing star. So kiss me and wish on a star. 00:59:42.000 --> 00:59:75.000 You see this girl, this girl's in love with you yes I'm in love who looks at you that way I do. When you smile I can tell we know each other very well. 01:00:15.000 --> 01:00:61.000 How can I show you I'm glad I got to know you, because I've heard some talk they say you think I'm fine this girl's in love and what I'd do to make you mine tell me now is it so don't let me be the last to know. 01:01:01.000 --> 01:01:43.000 My hands are shaking, don't let my heart keep breaking because I need your love, I want your love. say your in love and you will be my girl. if not I'll just die. 01:02:08.000 --> 01:02:54.000 Tell me now is it so, don't let me be the last to know my hands are shaking don't let my heart keep breaking because I need your love, I want your love. This girls in love. 01:03:09.000 --> 01:03:13.000 Obsidian by John Van Dreal 01:03:13.000 --> 01:03:20.000 Three or so years in ghoul time, a soul indulged in crimson wine. 01:03:20.000 --> 01:03:29.000 Standing where I once heard angels slang finding smiles, tears, pleasure, pain. 01:03:29.000 --> 01:03:39.000 Seeing them, those ghouls, just short of clear sight, smoky opaque blurred in muted light. 01:03:40.000 --> 01:03:48.000 As if through black obsidian sliced smooth and thin I watched movements of live angst and tentative sin. 01:03:48.000 --> 01:03:62.000 As in such hours of awkward tone where I search the forum and stand alone and note the hesitation of my tired art, and oddly enough I find my heart. 01:07:32.000 --> 01:07:40.000 Finnaly, Adam Ginsberg's First Party at Ken Kesey's with Hell's Angels. 01:07:40.000 --> 01:07:54.000 Cool black night through redwoods, cars parked outside in shade behind the gate, stars dim above the ravine. 01:07:54.000 --> 01:07:67.000 A fire burning by the side porch and a few tired souls hunched over in black leather jackets. In the huge house a yellow chandelier. 01:08:07.000 --> 01:08:20.000 At 3 A.M. the blast of loudspeakers hi-fi Rolling Stones, Ray Charles, Beatles, Jumping Joe Jackson and twenty youths dancing to the vibration thru the floor 01:08:20.000 --> 01:08:37.000 A little weed in the bathroom, girls in scarlet tights, one muscular smooth skinned man sweating dancing for hours, beer cans bent littering the yard. 01:08:37.000 --> 01:08:60.000 A hanged man sculpture dangling from a high creek branch, children sleeping softly in their bedroom bunks. 4 police cars parked outside the painted gate, red lights revolving in the leaves. December 1965 01:11:47.000 --> 01:11:60.000 We've got one more to do for you but this has been so much fun. Thank you to Jonny Van Dreal who came out adn helped us out tonight. It was a blast. 01:12:00.000 --> 01:12:08.000 A hand for all the great soloist tonight.there was so much work, so much on the shoulders of the soloists. 01:12:16.000 --> 01:12:20.000 Take a bow. Yeah.(Applause) 01:12:24.000 --> 01:12:34.000 Look this is really a part one of a two night string of shows, because in this very hall tomorrow night the Western Hemisphere Voices are performing. 01:12:34.000 --> 01:12:49.000 They are doing once of the great, it's really hard to describe the record I mean it's called the Modern Sounds of Country and Western but it's also one of the grest records of all time. It's the strangest hard swinging beautiful records. 01:12:49.000 --> 01:12:59.000 It's all Ray Charles and half the tunes sound like those beautiful hollywood voices from movies, its heavenly. 01:12:59.000 --> 01:12:74.000 the other half are just hard hard swinging big band, and we have the American Metropolitan Big Band backing them up. So it's going to another big swinging night. So comeback out at 7:30 to see the Western Hemisphere Voices do that record. 01:13:16.000 --> 01:13:27.000 Thanks of course to my assistant director and partner in crime in most things Bugbear for taking care of the band and doing all the extra part writing for the woodwinds. 01:13:32.000 --> 01:13:36.000 We will finish with a bog Helen O' Connell number 01:13:36.000 --> 01:13:51.000 Oh yeah, by the way, the auditions for the vocalists, it was the hardest auditions ever I have ever had to go trough here. there were six vocalists that showed up to auditions for these Helen O' Connell tunes 01:13:52.000 --> 01:13:64.000 Any of them would have done a great job, it was incredible, I mean I had to keep bringing them back to audition hoping one of them would make a mistake but nobody ever did. 01:14:04.000 --> 01:14:11.000 It was fun for me to work with both of these singers, both Erin Westfall and damaris Escobar, a big hand for them. 01:14:16.000 --> 01:14:20.000 So welcome back Damaris Escobar. 01:14:36.000 --> 01:14:54.000 I've got a feeling you're fooling I've got a feeling you're having fun I'll get a go by when you are done fooling with me. I've got a feeling you're fooling I've got a feeling it's make believe I think you're laughing right up your sleeve fooling with me. 01:14:54.000 --> 01:14:74.000 Life is worth living while you are giving moments of paradise. You're such a stand out, but how you hand out the hocus pocus from your eyes. I've got a feeling you're fooling I've got a feeling it's all a frame it's just the well known old army game fooling with me. 01:15:34.000 --> 01:15:47.000 Life is worth living while you are giving moments of paradise. You're such a stand out, but how you hand out the hocus pocus from your eyes. 01:15:47.000 --> 01:15:60.000 I've got a feeling it's all a frame it's just the well known old army game fooling fooling with you. 01:16:34.000 --> 01:16:44.000 Thank you so much, thanks for coming out. It was blast. we will see you again next term.