WEBVTT 00:00:00.000 --> 00:00:11.000 Music 00:00:11.000 --> 00:00:20.000 They're fairly new so I knew there probably shouldn't be any problems with it. I wouldn't have to worry about any of the maintainence. It's all taken care of. 00:00:24.000 --> 00:00:31.000 I chose to live here simply because it was with a bunch of my friends and we had a full kitchen which I missed last year. 00:00:31.000 --> 00:00:39.000 Not having to go out in the cold when it's raining over to Valsetz is for me one of the best things. 00:00:39.000 --> 00:00:49.000 And it's nice to have the option just to stay in here and have that option to cook. 00:00:49.000 --> 00:00:61.000 Proximity was a big key factor. Being close to everything. I like having the gym close. I like having the library. I like having the Werner Center. I like having everything right there. 00:01:03.000 --> 00:01:16.000 In Barnum or somewhere else, other dorms, you live in the same room. It's like you have your own space you have your own little personal bubble. 00:01:16.000 --> 00:01:23.000 Laundry, you get a house to live in. You get everything that campus gives. 00:01:24.000 --> 00:01:28.000 Our RA keeps his apartment pretty much open. It's beautiful down there. 00:01:28.000 --> 00:01:36.000 Being involved with activities. I mean like I'm more aware of them than I would be if I was off campus. 00:01:38.000 --> 00:01:43.000 I like living on campus because if I lived off campus I probably wouldn't meet people. 00:01:43.000 --> 00:01:56.000 Music