WEBVTT 00:00:00.000 --> 00:00:07.000 But when we go to school we have to think about why am I going to go to college? Why am I going to finish high school? 00:00:07.000 --> 00:00:16.000 Because we do want to be able to get a better job and to be able to live a comfortable life in the United States. 00:00:16.000 --> 00:00:20.000 But we shouldn't think that I just want to go to school to become a millionaire. 00:00:20.000 --> 00:00:29.000 Forget that. Because I don't care how much money you have, you can only eat three meals a day. 00:00:29.000 --> 00:00:41.000 That's very hurtful. So I think that one of the things that you can do at your schools is to make sure that if somebody has a disability, and maybe they have a developmental disability, 00:00:41.000 --> 00:00:51.000 that we make it a point to reach out to that person and to talk to that person and to include them in everything that we do. 00:00:51.000 --> 00:00:55.000 When we talk bad about other people or when we talk bad to people 00:00:55.000 --> 00:00:63.000 And when we use chesme, you know chesme right? Chesme is very deadly, it's like a poison. 00:01:03.000 --> 00:01:12.000 And so, it takes a lot of discipline. Because sometimes we think things, and we don't always have to say what we think. 00:01:12.000 --> 00:01:16.000 Believe in yourself. Don't let anybody take your work away from you. 00:01:16.000 --> 00:01:26.000 When you do something, put lights around it, pound the drums, okay, let everybody know I did it. So that somebody doesn't take credit for your work. 00:01:26.000 --> 00:01:34.000 Applause. 00:01:34.000 --> 00:01:41.000 Respect my right to have 11 children, I don't think too many people out there want to have that many kids. 00:01:41.000 --> 00:01:44.000 And also respect my daughter's right to only have three dogs. 00:01:44.000 --> 00:01:52.000 That's what this is all about. It's respecting other people's rights, we have to remember that. 00:01:52.000 --> 00:01:60.000 Applause. 00:02:00.000 --> 00:02:10.000 Every child should be able to have an early childhood education. All the way from kindergarten, right? Free, it should be free. 00:02:10.000 --> 00:02:15.000 Families that work shouldn't have to pay so much money to have daycare for their children. 00:02:15.000 --> 00:02:22.000 And have confidence in yourself and don't let other people take away from you what you want to do with your life. 00:02:22.000 --> 00:02:27.000 Think about what you like to do, what you love to do, and go for it. Don't just think about money, okay? 00:02:27.000 --> 00:02:37.000 Think about what do I love to do. When we do what we love to do, then we're going to be happy in life. 00:02:37.000 --> 00:02:45.000 So, if life gets in the way and you're unable to finish school and you have to drop out for a little while, come back. 00:02:45.000 --> 00:02:50.000 Come back. You know, I went back to college when I was like 25 years old.