WEBVTT 00:00:00.000 --> 00:00:04.000 music 00:00:04.000 --> 00:00:08.000 Welcome to Next Steps for New Wolves. 00:00:08.000 --> 00:00:12.000 My name is Rob Findtner. I am the director of admissions and it is my pleasure to 00:00:12.000 --> 00:00:16.000 welcome you to our second webcast of the summer. 00:00:16.000 --> 00:00:20.000 I'd like to welcome all of our students whether you are a new transfer student, 00:00:20.000 --> 00:00:24.000 incoming freshman, or perhaps you're a family member or a guest that's joining us as well. 00:00:24.000 --> 00:00:25.000 Bottom line, it is a pleasure to have you here. 00:00:25.000 --> 00:00:33.000 It is a beautiful day in Monmouth, Oregon in the 80s, clear skies, couldn't ask for a better summer day at Western Oregon University. 00:00:33.000 --> 00:00:37.000 Today's webcast really is going to focus on those next steps. 00:00:37.000 --> 00:00:40.000 We have completed all of our registration 00:00:40.000 --> 00:00:44.000 programs for new students whether that was transfer student orientation 00:00:44.000 --> 00:00:48.000 back in May, our SOAR programs in California, Hawaii, 00:00:48.000 --> 00:00:50.000 here on campus, we have concluded those programs. 00:00:50.000 --> 00:00:56.000 So, if for some reason, as a new student you are still not registered for classes 00:00:56.000 --> 00:00:60.000 then Western Oregon University can assist you with that process and that includes our Advising Office. 00:01:00.000 --> 00:01:04.000 They're available to assist you and I'll talk about that in just a moment. 00:01:04.000 --> 00:01:08.000 So let's go and jump in. I have a few slides prepared for you today. 00:01:08.000 --> 00:01:12.000 I meantioned course registration, and if you do have advising questions 00:01:12.000 --> 00:01:16.000 let's say that you attended one of our SOAR programs in the state 00:01:16.000 --> 00:01:20.000 of Hawaii back in May or maybe it was just this Saturday that you came to SOAR 00:01:20.000 --> 00:01:23.000 or you still haven't registered for classes as a new student, 00:01:23.000 --> 00:01:27.000 please know that the Advising Office is available to assist you. 00:01:27.000 --> 00:01:31.000 So it could be a simple question about making a change to your schedule for fall term 00:01:31.000 --> 00:01:34.000 or you have not registered for classes at all, 00:01:34.000 --> 00:01:36.000 you want to make sure that you contact the Advising Office. 00:01:36.000 --> 00:01:44.000 You can email them at advising@wou.edu or you can see their phone number listed as well. 00:01:44.000 --> 00:01:49.000 Traditionally advisors are available weekdays from 8 am to 5 pm 00:01:49.000 --> 00:01:50.000 and they can schedule a time to 00:01:50.000 --> 00:01:54.000 and they can schedule a time to meet with you in person if that's convenient. 00:01:54.000 --> 00:01:57.000 They're also really good about conducting phone appointments. 00:01:57.000 --> 00:01:61.000 So let's say that you live out of state, just it's not convenient to come to campus at this point, 00:02:01.000 --> 00:02:06.000 they can always assist you by telephone or sometimes maybe just an email exchange is all that you need. 00:02:06.000 --> 00:02:09.000 But they are, once again, this summer to assist you. 00:02:09.000 --> 00:02:16.000 So it wouldn't be Admissions. Please contact the Advising Office if you have questions about 00:02:16.000 --> 00:02:20.000 making any changes to your schedule, registering for the first time, etc. 00:02:20.000 --> 00:02:27.000 As a reminder to our students, you can access your fall term schedule via your Western Oregon portal. 00:02:27.000 --> 00:02:33.000 So if you go to, once you get into your portal, WolfWeb, go to the student menu, you can actually see your fall term schedule. 00:02:33.000 --> 00:02:36.000 I think most students have seen that in some capacity whether 00:02:36.000 --> 00:02:39.000 you have a printed out schedule, you've looked online, etc. 00:02:39.000 --> 00:02:46.000 Just as a reminder you can see your fall term schedule online through your portal and specifically WolfWeb. 00:02:46.000 --> 00:02:51.000 Now documents that are due by the start of fall term. 00:02:51.000 --> 00:02:56.000 There are some documents that Western Oregon University would like all new students to provide whether that's 00:02:56.000 --> 00:02:60.000 something you do once you arrive for New Student Week in September 00:03:00.000 --> 00:03:04.000 or you take care of that via mail this summer or you happen to be visiting campus. 00:03:04.000 --> 00:03:08.000 Whatever the case may be, there are a few documents. You want to make sure that you get 00:03:08.000 --> 00:03:12.000 to Western Oregon University and if not there will be a hold put on your 00:03:12.000 --> 00:03:19.000 account for winter term registration. So a few of those documents, including the Revolving Charge Account Contract 00:03:20.000 --> 00:03:24.000 and that allows students to make payments via 00:03:24.000 --> 00:03:28.000 installment each term essentially allows you to make 3 installments 00:03:28.000 --> 00:03:35.000 so if a student says "I just don't have all the financial resources to pay everything at the beginning of the term or during fee payment. 00:03:35.000 --> 00:03:40.000 Can I make payments in installments?" The answer is yes. This document allows you to make 00:03:40.000 --> 00:03:48.000 those payments in installments so whether you use that or not, you have to have one on file with our Business Office specifically. 00:03:48.000 --> 00:03:52.000 So once again that's the Revolving Charge Account Contract form. 00:03:52.000 --> 00:03:56.000 There is a service charge to use the Revolving Charge Account 00:03:56.000 --> 00:03:61.000 Contract program but if you do not use the program, there is not a charge. 00:04:01.000 --> 00:04:07.000 Also, your Health History/Immunization form. Western Oregon would like to be aware if there are any 00:04:08.000 --> 00:04:12.000 medical needs, issues that you may have, do you have the 00:04:12.000 --> 00:04:16.000 required immunizations, etc. That needs to be 00:04:16.000 --> 00:04:19.000 provided to our Student Health and Counseling Center. 00:04:19.000 --> 00:04:24.000 These documents, these forms, are actually available through our WOU Said Yes 00:04:24.000 --> 00:04:28.000 site via the web. You can see that's listed here so if you haven't had a chance to visit that, 00:04:28.000 --> 00:04:32.000 maybe it's been a little while, there are some of those documents you can actually download 00:04:32.000 --> 00:04:39.000 a PDF version, complete those, and then get those to the appropriate department here on campus by the time the term starts. 00:04:40.000 --> 00:04:44.000 So we'll share, the Admissions Office, that we get a lot of visitors once winter term 00:04:44.000 --> 00:04:48.000 registration begins in November where students say "I have a hold 00:04:48.000 --> 00:04:54.000 for my Health History/Immunization Form or this Revolving Charge Account Contract or something from the business office." 00:04:54.000 --> 00:04:59.000 So that's typically what those holds pertain to. So once again, you can not register for 00:05:00.000 --> 00:05:07.000 winter term courses if we don't have these documents on file. Once again, that would be the Business Office for the Revolving Charge 00:05:07.000 --> 00:05:12.000 Account Contract or your Health History/Immunization Form with Student Health and Counseling. 00:05:12.000 --> 00:05:16.000 It's pretty straightforward. Final high school transcript, 00:05:16.000 --> 00:05:20.000 I think most incoming freshmen probably had that taken 00:05:20.000 --> 00:05:24.000 care of but once again, every November we have a small percentage of freshmen that 00:05:24.000 --> 00:05:28.000 will come by Admissions and say "I guess I have a hold on my account. 00:05:28.000 --> 00:05:32.000 You don't have my final transcript." So make sure that you work with your high school, that you told them 00:05:32.000 --> 00:05:36.000 whether it was the Registrar at your high school, the Counseling Office, 00:05:36.000 --> 00:05:40.000 whatever the case may be, that you had your final transcript sent to the Admissions Office. 00:05:40.000 --> 00:05:45.000 If you would like to contact Admissions just to verify that we did receive your final high school transcript, 00:05:45.000 --> 00:05:48.000 feel free to contact us and we're happy to 00:05:48.000 --> 00:05:52.000 verify yes we have it or no it hasn't come yet and you would still have time 00:05:52.000 --> 00:05:56.000 in early September to take care of that once schools open up again or District Offices 00:05:56.000 --> 00:05:60.000 are available to provide that transcript. It does have to be an official copy 00:06:00.000 --> 00:06:04.000 just a reminder about that. The same holds true for 00:06:04.000 --> 00:06:08.000 college or university transcripts so whether you're coming in as a transfer student 00:06:08.000 --> 00:06:12.000 and you had classes for spring or the summer to make sure you get that final 00:06:12.000 --> 00:06:16.000 transcript to the office of admissions or as an incoming 00:06:16.000 --> 00:06:20.000 freshman if you have credit that's being granted by another college 00:06:20.000 --> 00:06:24.000 or university, that once again one of your to-do list items is to get an 00:06:24.000 --> 00:06:28.000 official copy of that transcript to the office of admissions. 00:06:28.000 --> 00:06:32.000 If not, once again, there will be a hold put on your account and we obviously want to make sure that 00:06:32.000 --> 00:06:36.000 we have record those credits that can work towards your 00:06:36.000 --> 00:06:40.000 graduation requirements, that could be the Liberal Arts Core Curriculum requirements, 00:06:40.000 --> 00:06:44.000 potentially your major/minor, other requirements as well. We're going to make sure 00:06:44.000 --> 00:06:48.000 that we add that transcript, or if it's transcripts if it's multiple institutions 00:06:48.000 --> 00:06:52.000 that we have those final official copies in the office of admissions. 00:06:52.000 --> 00:06:56.000 That's very important. Now university housing, 00:06:56.000 --> 00:06:63.000 we know that's been an important topic this particular week as well, we've been getting a lot of of messages on our Facebook pages, 00:07:03.000 --> 00:07:09.000 a few phone calls, emails about when will I find out about my housing and roommate assignments. 00:07:09.000 --> 00:07:15.000 So it should be this week that University Housing will notify you. 00:07:15.000 --> 00:07:20.000 Usually it's the last week in July. Once again, we know that's hard to wait to find 00:07:20.000 --> 00:07:24.000 out where you're living, did you get your first choice of building, did I get that 00:07:24.000 --> 00:07:28.000 roommate preference, my friend, or did I not have a roommate 00:07:28.000 --> 00:07:32.000 preference and it's going to be based on that questionnaire that I completed in terms of what I'm looking for 00:07:32.000 --> 00:07:36.000 in a roommate or not looking for in a roommate. But we anticipate it will be this week 00:07:36.000 --> 00:07:40.000 and what Housing is telling students is to keep checking 00:07:40.000 --> 00:07:44.000 your portal to find out if there are any updates, information. 00:07:44.000 --> 00:07:51.000 Housing has essentially shared that they will be sending you an email instructing you to go check your portal 00:07:52.000 --> 00:07:56.000 to see your residence hall assignment and 00:07:56.000 --> 00:07:60.000 and then roommate or roommates if it's Barnum Hall assignments so 00:08:00.000 --> 00:08:04.000 keep checking, keep an eye out in terms of that email notification. 00:08:04.000 --> 00:08:11.000 Now, an important date for housing is August 5th. There's a Housing Contract you want to return to University Housing 00:08:12.000 --> 00:08:16.000 and that's due on August 5th. That will be kind of a quick turn around time period there 00:08:16.000 --> 00:08:20.000 but you want to make sure that you review that contract, make sure 00:08:20.000 --> 00:08:25.000 everything appears to be correct. You sign and date that and then return that to University Housing 00:08:25.000 --> 00:08:28.000 Then there will be some correspondence coming through 00:08:28.000 --> 00:08:35.000 in August regarding your on-campus mailing address so if you want to have say 00:08:36.000 --> 00:08:40.000 items sent to you, cookies from grandma, etc. 00:08:40.000 --> 00:08:44.000 you name it, those 'thinking of you' packages 00:08:44.000 --> 00:08:48.000 from the family back home, whatever the case may be, you'll be getting your address. 00:08:48.000 --> 00:08:52.000 That will be in late August and you'll be getting email notification about that. 00:08:52.000 --> 00:08:57.000 Into some other items that pertain to housing but also dining as well. 00:08:57.000 --> 00:08:60.000 If you did submit any requests in terms of 00:09:00.000 --> 00:09:04.000 if you've had a change regarding say a building preference or placement 00:09:04.000 --> 00:09:08.000 or roommate changes, etc. that you 00:09:08.000 --> 00:09:12.000 submit those to Housing and what Housing is telling students 00:09:12.000 --> 00:09:16.000 is check your portal to see for any updates if there has been 00:09:16.000 --> 00:09:20.000 a change, etc. ones you haven't placed. They may or may 00:09:20.000 --> 00:09:24.000 not be able to accommodate any changes, I think it's on a case by case basis but continue to check 00:09:24.000 --> 00:09:28.000 your portal. Also there is a deadline for fall term 00:09:28.000 --> 00:09:32.000 if you have a change regarding your meal plan. For some students they may 00:09:32.000 --> 00:09:36.000 make it a determination once they get to the beginning of September that their meal 00:09:36.000 --> 00:09:40.000 plan may be too much or it's not enough and they want to make an adjustment so 00:09:40.000 --> 00:09:44.000 at noon on September 17th, that is the deadline 00:09:44.000 --> 00:09:48.000 for students to notify Housing of any changes 00:09:48.000 --> 00:09:52.000 regarding their meal plan so there is a deadline you can see there's the 00:09:52.000 --> 00:09:56.000 email for Housing. You want to make sure you get that change in by noon 00:09:56.000 --> 00:09:63.000 on Friday, September 17th or maybe actually the 16th, but you want to make sure that Friday before 00:10:04.000 --> 00:10:08.000 Move-in Day on the 18th technically is 00:10:08.000 --> 00:10:12.000 when you want to get that in. So I believe that actually might be the 16th but it will be that 00:10:12.000 --> 00:10:16.000 Friday before New Student Week and Move-in Day begins. 00:10:16.000 --> 00:10:20.000 I think you've once again heard that date so many times, the 18th 00:10:20.000 --> 00:10:24.000 of September is the start of New Student Week and Move-in 00:10:24.000 --> 00:10:28.000 Day as well. Residence Halls open at 9 am 00:10:28.000 --> 00:10:32.000 not at 8:55, not at 8:57, not at 8 am, 7 am. 00:10:32.000 --> 00:10:36.000 You're welcome to arive on campus early but the earliest that you 00:10:36.000 --> 00:10:41.000 can check in to your Residence Hall is going to be a 9 am on the 18th. 00:10:41.000 --> 00:10:46.000 Please notify Housing if you are going to be arriving after the 18th. 00:10:46.000 --> 00:10:52.000 Occasionally students say because of employment, obligations or commitments, or family obligations or commitments, 00:10:52.000 --> 00:10:56.000 or if you're coming from out of state, maybe it's based on flight schedules, you can't come in until the following day. 00:10:56.000 --> 00:10:60.000 Just let Housing know that you'll be arriving a little 00:11:00.000 --> 00:11:04.000 bit late because they are concerned if a student doesn't show up on Move-in Day 00:11:04.000 --> 00:11:08.000 and Housing doesn't have any notification. They start to worry. Your roommate may worry as well. 00:11:08.000 --> 00:11:13.000 So just let Housing know if you might be arriving a day or two after Move-in Day. 00:11:13.000 --> 00:11:16.000 That's important for them to know that they should be saving your 00:11:16.000 --> 00:11:21.000 space on campus, that you're okay and that you'll be arriving the next day or so. 00:11:21.000 --> 00:11:22.000 Now, New Student Week. 00:11:22.000 --> 00:11:28.000 New Student Week is a great tradition at Western Oregon University. We are one of those institutions that 00:11:28.000 --> 00:11:33.000 really has a full week of activities for new students. 00:11:33.000 --> 00:11:36.000 And this really is for all new students whether you're 00:11:36.000 --> 00:11:40.000 coming as a first time freshman, as a transfer student, and we even 00:11:40.000 --> 00:11:44.000 have continuing students that loved their New Student Week experience so much they go 00:11:44.000 --> 00:11:47.000 to some of the activities as well so there's definitely nothing wrong with that. 00:11:47.000 --> 00:11:52.000 But just to give you an overview of New Student Week, once again 18th 00:11:52.000 --> 00:11:56.000 of September is Move-in Day and the start of New Student Week. 00:11:56.000 --> 00:11:63.000 Typically family members and guests will say goodbye to their student in the afternoon. 00:12:03.000 --> 00:12:08.000 There is a barbecue for new students in the afternoon with the Plus Team and other 00:12:08.000 --> 00:12:12.000 Western Oregon representatives and that's typically when Mom and Dad will say goodbye. 00:12:12.000 --> 00:12:16.000 Now if you are joining us from out of state, we've had some 00:12:16.000 --> 00:12:20.000 conversations with families. If you're coming from say California, Hawaii, 00:12:20.000 --> 00:12:24.000 Wisconsin, whatever the case may be, a family can make a vacation out of it. 00:12:24.000 --> 00:12:28.000 You may have families that stay in the area, 00:12:28.000 --> 00:12:32.000 make a trip out to the coast, or over to Central Oregon for vacation 00:12:32.000 --> 00:12:36.000 and then come back to see how their student is doing. Do we need to make a trip to 00:12:36.000 --> 00:12:40.000 Walmart, over to Dallas, to Bi-mart in town, etc. 00:12:40.000 --> 00:12:44.000 Especially for families that are joining us from out of state, don't feel like you have to leave the 00:12:44.000 --> 00:12:47.000 area just because your student is starting their New Student Week experience. 00:12:47.000 --> 00:12:52.000 Feel free to stay in the area and make the most of it. Enjoy Oregon in September, it's a 00:12:52.000 --> 00:12:56.000 great time of year to be in the state. But don't feel like you have to leave the area right away 00:12:56.000 --> 00:12:60.000 or hop back on that plane and fly back to Oahu whatever the 00:13:00.000 --> 00:13:05.000 case may be. Once again, consider making a vacation out of it if you have the time to do so 00:13:05.000 --> 00:13:08.000 There will be a variety of different sessions 00:13:08.000 --> 00:13:12.000 whether they're educational nature, some social activities, 00:13:12.000 --> 00:13:16.000 also some open times to get some of those housekeeping, 00:13:16.000 --> 00:13:20.000 business items taken care of whether it's the fee payment process 00:13:20.000 --> 00:13:24.000 that will begin Friday of New Student Week to buy or rent 00:13:24.000 --> 00:13:28.000 your textbooks, make sure you order your parking permit 00:13:28.000 --> 00:13:32.000 online, you can actually pick that up over at the Business Office and the Administration buildings 00:13:32.000 --> 00:13:36.000 so there will be some times where you'll have some open blocks just to take care of 00:13:36.000 --> 00:13:40.000 things that you need to or just to relax and 00:13:40.000 --> 00:13:44.000 enjoy a meal in Valsetz Dining Hall with your roommate and other folks that live within your 00:13:44.000 --> 00:13:47.000 community, etc. But I think we have some great options available to you. 00:13:47.000 --> 00:13:52.000 Some events will be mandatory for new students. That will be identified 00:13:52.000 --> 00:13:56.000 on the New Student Week schedule. Some activities are repeated 00:13:56.000 --> 00:13:60.000 so it could be locating your classes. There will be Plus Team members 00:14:00.000 --> 00:14:04.000 that will help you locate your classes. You'll have your fall term schedule in hand 00:14:04.000 --> 00:14:08.000 or maybe it's on your phone that you're looking at it and the Plus Team members will show 00:14:08.000 --> 00:14:12.000 you where your classes are located. Or it could be 00:14:12.000 --> 00:14:14.000 education sessions that focus on note-taking or succeeding in math. 00:14:14.000 --> 00:14:19.000 Some sessions are repeated. Some are one time only and some of those are 00:14:19.000 --> 00:14:23.000 mandatory as well but I think you will absolutely love your New Student Week experience 00:14:23.000 --> 00:14:28.000 and all the different activities available to you and being able to connect with fellow new students. 00:14:28.000 --> 00:14:32.000 Then, questions we've been getting already 00:14:32.000 --> 00:14:36.000 are when can I located the schedule, where is it? Usually it 00:14:36.000 --> 00:14:40.000 is not until after Labor Day is when the New Student 00:14:40.000 --> 00:14:42.000 Week schedule is posted online. 00:14:42.000 --> 00:14:48.000 Now the 2015 New Student Week schedule is available if you go to the Western Oregon home page 00:14:48.000 --> 00:14:52.000 and you just search New Student Week or even just put in New Student Week 2015. 00:14:52.000 --> 00:14:56.000 You can see the schedule from last year so it will give you a sense of 00:14:56.000 --> 00:14:60.000 what the New Student Week schedule traditionally looks like, what are some of those 00:15:00.000 --> 00:15:04.000 mandatory activities but please know that it is always subject to change as well 00:15:04.000 --> 00:15:08.000 there will be some things that are added, are removed, etc. It will truely be 00:15:08.000 --> 00:15:12.000 your New Student Week experience. But that is something you can take a look at right now. 00:15:12.000 --> 00:15:16.000 Once again, it's usually after Labor Day is when the New Student Week 00:15:16.000 --> 00:15:20.000 schedule is posted online through Student Engagement. 00:15:20.000 --> 00:15:24.000 Now Fee Payment. At SOAR I know we've got a lot of questions about when do we 00:15:24.000 --> 00:15:28.000 have to pay the bill, when do we get the bill, and these are all great questions. 00:15:28.000 --> 00:15:32.000 So, students will get a billing statement from the 00:15:32.000 --> 00:15:36.000 Business Office prior to the start of fall term which completely makes sense, 00:15:36.000 --> 00:15:40.000 you want to know how much you owe in terms of your tuition fees, essentially for your classes, 00:15:40.000 --> 00:15:43.000 if you're living on campus, the room and board, etc. 00:15:43.000 --> 00:15:51.000 You can view your billing statement via WolfWeb and financial aid 00:15:52.000 --> 00:15:56.000 will automatically be applied to your account. Usually it's ten days 00:15:56.000 --> 00:15:60.000 before the start of the term at a minimum. So your financial 00:16:00.000 --> 00:16:04.000 aid is automatically applied to your account, so if you're receiving financial 00:16:04.000 --> 00:16:08.000 aid, it's automatically applied to your account. That would include Western Oregon scholarships as well. 00:16:08.000 --> 00:16:12.000 So let's say a student has a Presidential Scholarship 00:16:12.000 --> 00:16:16.000 or could be a general scholarship, a Diversity Commitment scholarship, etc. 00:16:16.000 --> 00:16:20.000 A portion of that is being applied to your account for fall term. 00:16:20.000 --> 00:16:24.000 As a reminder, you're only paying for your fall term 00:16:24.000 --> 00:16:28.000 tuition and fees, room and board, etc. You're paying one term at a time. 00:16:28.000 --> 00:16:32.000 I often have students ask "Do I have to pay for the entire academic year 00:16:32.000 --> 00:16:36.000 at once?" The answer is no. Fee payment occurs each term 00:16:36.000 --> 00:16:40.000 at Western Oregon University. So if a student still has a 00:16:40.000 --> 00:16:44.000 balance remaining on their account once their financial aid is applied, once again 00:16:44.000 --> 00:16:48.000 that could include scholarships. etc. then you will need to make payment 00:16:48.000 --> 00:16:51.000 towards your account. You can do that through WolfWeb. 00:16:51.000 --> 00:16:56.000 You can also pay in person at the Cashier's Office, by mail, and even 00:16:56.000 --> 00:16:60.000 family members, say parents, or it could be 00:17:00.000 --> 00:17:04.000 say an aunt, etc. folks who are contributing towards their education, they can actually 00:17:04.000 --> 00:17:08.000 make payments on your behalf as well. The Business Office would have more information about that. 00:17:08.000 --> 00:17:12.000 It is not necessarily just the student that's making payments. 00:17:12.000 --> 00:17:16.000 You can have family members or other folks that are supporting the student that can make payments 00:17:16.000 --> 00:17:18.000 on behalf of the student too. 00:17:18.000 --> 00:17:24.000 Now I mentioned the Revolving Charge Account Contract program before and 00:17:24.000 --> 00:17:28.000 as I mentioned before, you can make essentially payments 00:17:28.000 --> 00:17:32.000 via installment. Essentially it's 3 installments. There is a charge 00:17:32.000 --> 00:17:36.000 to use the Revolving Charge Account Contract program and interest 00:17:36.000 --> 00:17:40.000 does occur each month and it's one percent so I think fairly reasonable. 00:17:40.000 --> 00:17:44.000 So if you do have a balance remaining still, there will be a one percent 00:17:44.000 --> 00:17:48.000 interest accumulating on that, there is that charge. Once again, if you do not use 00:17:48.000 --> 00:17:52.000 the Revolving Charge Account Contract program, you're not being charged that 00:17:52.000 --> 00:17:56.000 twelve dollars, only if you use the progam then you're billed. Once again, every student 00:17:56.000 --> 00:17:60.000 needs to have that document on file. It could be a situation for fall 00:18:00.000 --> 00:18:04.000 term, a student does not need to use the program but maybe for winter term 00:18:04.000 --> 00:18:08.000 they find themselves in a position where they do need to make payments via 00:18:08.000 --> 00:18:12.000 installment through Revolving Charge Account Contract program. So it's nice to know you have that 00:18:12.000 --> 00:18:16.000 already set up in the system if you need to make payments. 00:18:16.000 --> 00:18:20.000 Parking, getting a lot of questions about that. I'm going to be bringing a vehicle to campus 00:18:20.000 --> 00:18:25.000 and you can actually order your parking permit. That's going to be beginning September 1. 00:18:25.000 --> 00:18:28.000 You can do that through your WolfWeb account, through the student menu 00:18:28.000 --> 00:18:32.000 and then you actually pick that up from the Cashier's 00:18:32.000 --> 00:18:36.000 Office/Business Office in the Administration building. So you do actually have to order it 00:18:36.000 --> 00:18:40.000 online and then you pick that up. So you can not actually 00:18:40.000 --> 00:18:44.000 make a, for a lack of a better description, like a physical purchase through the Business Office/Cashier's. 00:18:44.000 --> 00:18:49.000 You actually have to order it online and then actually pick it up after the fact. 00:18:49.000 --> 00:18:53.000 If you have any billing questions, please contact the Business Office. 00:18:53.000 --> 00:18:58.000 You can see their phone number is listed there as well as their email address which is pretty simple. 00:18:58.000 --> 00:18:63.000 It's businessoffice@wou.edu. Once you get a billing statement, or you just have general 00:19:04.000 --> 00:19:08.000 billing questions. We'll also share that the Business Office has information 00:19:08.000 --> 00:19:12.000 about how fee payment works through their site as 00:19:12.000 --> 00:19:16.000 well so if you were to go to the Western Oregon homepage, do a Business Office 00:19:16.000 --> 00:19:20.000 search or even 'fee payment', there's some great information. Some of the things I've covered or outlined 00:19:20.000 --> 00:19:24.000 are in a document that they have posted as well that once again 00:19:24.000 --> 00:19:28.000 addresses some of the questions and some of the issues that I've 00:19:28.000 --> 00:19:32.000 covered tonight as well when it comes to fee payment. 00:19:32.000 --> 00:19:36.000 Student employment. As a student at Western Oregon, 00:19:36.000 --> 00:19:40.000 I did work on campus. We know how important that can be to a student in terms of 00:19:40.000 --> 00:19:44.000 financing their education or just having some additional funds available 00:19:44.000 --> 00:19:47.000 for personal use, whatever the case may be. 00:19:47.000 --> 00:19:52.000 There are employment opportunities on and off campus. If you haven't had a chance to visit 00:19:52.000 --> 00:19:56.000 their page, make sure you visit the Service Learning and 00:19:56.000 --> 00:19:60.000 Career Development page and you can see the link listed there. 00:20:00.000 --> 00:20:04.000 What you'll be looking for is the Wolflink link, so 00:20:04.000 --> 00:20:08.000 saying link twice there but Wolflink essentially is a 00:20:08.000 --> 00:20:12.000 clearinghouse for on and off campus employment opportunities 00:20:12.000 --> 00:20:14.000 and that includes Work Study. 00:20:14.000 --> 00:20:20.000 So as a new student at Western Oregon, if you have received Work Study, 00:20:20.000 --> 00:20:24.000 if you look at your financial aid award and see that you've been awarded Work Study, 00:20:24.000 --> 00:20:28.000 there are positions that are Work Study only. So for a student 00:20:28.000 --> 00:20:32.000 who has not received Work Study, they would not be eligible but there are also positions that are 00:20:32.000 --> 00:20:36.000 not affiliated with Work Study at all. So once again, there will be 00:20:36.000 --> 00:20:40.000 positions that are for Work Study students only and others who are open to any student. 00:20:40.000 --> 00:20:44.000 At this point, if you view 00:20:44.000 --> 00:20:48.000 Wolflink, you'll see there's not many positions listed at this time. 00:20:48.000 --> 00:20:52.000 Usually it's after Labor Day weekend is really when you start to see 00:20:52.000 --> 00:20:56.000 positions being added and advertised, etc. 00:20:56.000 --> 00:20:60.000 You can also just do a search through the Western Oregon 00:21:00.000 --> 00:21:04.000 homepage for student employment and you'll see certain departments have their applications 00:21:04.000 --> 00:21:08.000 will pop up as part of that search as well. I've noticed that, just doing a little 00:21:08.000 --> 00:21:12.000 homework of my own in preparation for this webcast, there's some departments 00:21:12.000 --> 00:21:16.000 such as the bookstore, that have their employment application 00:21:16.000 --> 00:21:20.000 posted online and that's something you can submit once you arrive on campus. 00:21:20.000 --> 00:21:24.000 You could, you know, print that out now, complete that, and then bring that to the bookstore 00:21:24.000 --> 00:21:28.000 say during New Student Week, etc. Some departments are pretty proactive that way to have 00:21:28.000 --> 00:21:32.000 applications posted. Students can also 00:21:32.000 --> 00:21:36.000 on their own, do some research in the local community. Obviously we have businesses 00:21:36.000 --> 00:21:40.000 in the area that hire Western Oregon students. 00:21:40.000 --> 00:21:44.000 Reach out to some of those business, see are there employment opportunities during the 00:21:44.000 --> 00:21:48.000 academic year in the local area as well. So I'd say be proactive 00:21:48.000 --> 00:21:52.000 but the Wolflink really is a great resource for students who are looking at 00:21:52.000 --> 00:21:56.000 on and off campus positions when it comes to student employment, Work Study, 00:21:56.000 --> 00:21:60.000 and non-Work Study positions. If a department is hiring 00:22:00.000 --> 00:22:04.000 there is no promise or guarantee they will hire you. 00:22:04.000 --> 00:22:07.000 They typically do have an application they'll have you complete. 00:22:07.000 --> 00:22:12.000 Sometimes you will go through an interview process and there are instances where a student 00:22:12.000 --> 00:22:16.000 may not be selected for that position. So please keep that in mind. We can't guarantee 00:22:16.000 --> 00:22:20.000 that just because a department is hiring, you'll be the student that is hired for 00:22:20.000 --> 00:22:24.000 an opening in that department or area. Textbooks. Another 00:22:24.000 --> 00:22:28.000 area we are getting quite a few questions about. When will I find out which textbooks are required 00:22:28.000 --> 00:22:32.000 for my classes, when can I purchase my textbooks, etc. 00:22:32.000 --> 00:22:36.000 So first of all, I will share the bookstore at Western Oregon offers 00:22:36.000 --> 00:22:40.000 a textbook rental program which will save our students quite a bit of money. 00:22:40.000 --> 00:22:44.000 Really, many of those textbooks 00:22:44.000 --> 00:22:49.000 through the rental program are for LACC or Liberal Arts Core Curriculum classes. 00:22:49.000 --> 00:22:52.000 We continue to build the inventory, we work with the different 00:22:52.000 --> 00:22:56.000 divisions, departments and faculty to continue to add textbooks. 00:22:56.000 --> 00:22:60.000 The rental program is a great way to save and 00:23:00.000 --> 00:23:04.000 as a reminder, since it is a rental program, you'd be returning that textbook 00:23:04.000 --> 00:23:08.000 at the end of the term. Occasionally students will initially rent 00:23:08.000 --> 00:23:12.000 a text and determine they want to keep that textbook for future terms or they feel 00:23:12.000 --> 00:23:16.000 it will benefit their education in some capacity at Western Oregon, they'll decide 00:23:16.000 --> 00:23:20.000 purchase the textbook which is an option for you. Then on Monday 00:23:20.000 --> 00:23:24.000 August 15th, that will be the initial date where 00:23:24.000 --> 00:23:28.000 fall term textbooks will be listed. So a student can 00:23:28.000 --> 00:23:32.000 essentially enter in the courses they're registered for for fall term and see 00:23:32.000 --> 00:23:36.000 which textbooks are required and there'll be a designation as well whether there's 00:23:36.000 --> 00:23:40.000 a rental option available, etc. So that once again will 00:23:40.000 --> 00:23:44.000 be on Monday, August 15th is where students can start searching for 00:23:44.000 --> 00:23:48.000 their fall term textbooks and to see which textbooks 00:23:48.000 --> 00:23:52.000 are required, once again if their are rental options, etc. So that will be 00:23:52.000 --> 00:23:56.000 just right around the corner. Some important 00:23:56.000 --> 00:23:60.000 dates for fall term. Just some dates to be aware of, some of you may 00:24:00.000 --> 00:24:04.000 be aware of these dates already. But the first day of classes, you know, when do I actually go to that first 00:24:04.000 --> 00:24:08.000 class, will be on Monday, September 26th. So with New Student 00:24:08.000 --> 00:24:12.000 Week, you essentially have eight days to get settled in and 00:24:12.000 --> 00:24:16.000 get prepared for the start of fall term. 00:24:16.000 --> 00:24:20.000 The last day to add a class, there are some dates in terms of when you can actually add classes 00:24:20.000 --> 00:24:24.000 on October 7th. Homecoming as well, that's a great tradition 00:24:24.000 --> 00:24:28.000 at Western Oregon so Homecoming weekend, the 21st through the 22nd. 00:24:28.000 --> 00:24:32.000 That might be an opportunity for family members, friends to come 00:24:32.000 --> 00:24:36.000 down and pay you a visit, be able to go the home football game. There's some great 00:24:36.000 --> 00:24:40.000 activities, even leading up the Homecoming 00:24:40.000 --> 00:24:44.000 game as well that are coordinated by different departments on campus. 00:24:44.000 --> 00:24:48.000 There is the specific Homecoming weekend. The last day to 00:24:48.000 --> 00:24:52.000 drop courses, and I mentioned before when it came to holds 00:24:52.000 --> 00:24:56.000 I referenced winter term registration, but 00:24:56.000 --> 00:24:60.000 you can see that will be in November. Before you know it we'll be in the middle of November 00:25:00.000 --> 00:25:04.000 and it will be time to actually register for winter term courses. So students want to make sure they 00:25:04.000 --> 00:25:08.000 actually meet with their faculty advisor or if it's an advisor through the 00:25:08.000 --> 00:25:12.000 Advising Office, that they meet with that individual so they can get their hold taken off 00:25:12.000 --> 00:25:16.000 their account, it's an advisor hold, and actually register for winter term. But also just to kind of have 00:25:16.000 --> 00:25:20.000 that dialogue about how fall term is going and to start connecting with your advisor. 00:25:20.000 --> 00:25:23.000 That's an important relationship to have on campus. 00:25:23.000 --> 00:25:28.000 And then final exams will be in December and I will 00:25:28.000 --> 00:25:32.000 share that fall term has a tendency to really fly by because for new students, you are 00:25:32.000 --> 00:25:36.000 experiencing so many new things whether it's living on campus, 00:25:36.000 --> 00:25:41.000 eating in Valsetz Dining Hall, attending classes, going to social activities, etc. 00:25:41.000 --> 00:25:44.000 There's so much that's happening that very first term, before you know it 00:25:44.000 --> 00:25:48.000 it will be the month of December, you'll be wrapping up final exams and enjoying 00:25:48.000 --> 00:25:53.000 the holiday break as well. Now I want to go ahead and get to our last slide here. 00:25:53.000 --> 00:25:56.000 I will just as a reminder 00:25:56.000 --> 00:25:60.000 share with folks that with the conclusion of our registration/ 00:26:00.000 --> 00:26:04.000 orientation programs, registration is open so 00:26:04.000 --> 00:26:08.000 if you need to make any changes to your schedule for fall term, 00:26:08.000 --> 00:26:12.000 you can do that through web registration. Most departments 00:26:12.000 --> 00:26:16.000 are open weekdays from 8 to 5. If you do have questions say for 00:26:16.000 --> 00:26:20.000 financial aid, the Advising Office, Admissions, Housing, 00:26:20.000 --> 00:26:24.000 we're all available during the week if you need to come to campus and 00:26:24.000 --> 00:26:28.000 meet with somebody in person, make a telephone call, or email us 00:26:28.000 --> 00:26:32.000 we are available to assist you. So with that, I look forward to you joining 00:26:32.000 --> 00:26:36.000 Western Oregon in the fall. Thank you so much. 00:26:36.000 --> 00:26:38.000 music