ASC Minutes from September 18, 2013
ASC Minutes
September 18, 2013



18 Sep 2012
ASC meeting
Attendance: Dave Sundby (president), Earlee Kerekes, Lisa Catto, Rip Horsey, Affie Eyo, Danielle Ambrose, Jesse Poole, Jerrie Lee Parpart (recorder)

A position is open on the council with Joe Hutchinson leaving campus. This will be a one year fill in the Administrative Support Services area.

The meeting was informal with no official agenda and conducted in a conversation style. Information was presented but no voting occurred. Dave started on a positive note by asking all to state why we are excited to have students back on campus.

Dave gave a brief overview of goals to consider for this year.
--Review the bylaws for ASC
--Review our role on campus as a governance body
--Develop a method for informing Academic Support personnel and for getting feedback from them
It was general agreement these are good goals for this year. Dave asked if we would review the current ASC Bylaws ( ) for future discussions.

Dave started a discussion of the Pres. Weiss┐ addresses on Monday, 16 September and Tuesday, 17 September. With the changes in OUS dissolving and the three larger state universities becoming independent, where does WOU stand? Should WOU incorporate with OIT, SOU & EOU or become an independent along with the larger institutions? The fate of WOU is moving quickly and it would be good for ASC to be informed in order to impact/voice opinion. Any direction taken will impact how we provide services to students. We need to be sharing resources and information with each other. Perhaps host a town hall to keep informed on the fast progress of options and decisions.

OIT is leaning toward being an independent. If so, perhaps WOU should be independent as well. That would mean we would need a governing independent board. Before any decision is made, Pres. Weiss is looking for more opinions on the issues. We should start with a business plan and establish our identity before choosing an option. January is a deadline for new agency application. March 1st is to declare independence or consortium. However, the legislature meets in February and may have some of the decisions made before we declare. Other factors in the decision will be the allocation of funds and the factors that drive the institutional income.

Emily Plec is working on job descriptions of an independent governance board of directors.

Another factor may be the outcome of negotiations. SEIU is meeting now. A strike is scheduled for Monday the first day of classes if an agreement is not reached. If there is a strike there may be reallocation of resources, such as , others may be asked to assist in rotating shifts at Valsetz to keep services running for students on campus. A question that is being lightly addressed is the effect on students in the event of a strike. It was reported that OSU and PSU are in favor of a walk out. ASWOU has stated they will not walk out, but there are other ways of supporting SEIU than disrespecting the teaching faculty. The differences in negotiation are not far apart, but neither side is budging. Question posed if the faculty would strike too; not likely.

Another topic introduced for discussion was the purpose of the ASC. How do we differ from the Staff Senate and what is our role on campus. We are the sole body for unclassified on campus. One goal for this year is to clarify and discuss who we are and how we communicate on campus. Though the Academic Support is not a union on this campus, it still is the voice for a large number of WOU staff. AS is diverse enough (president to unit coordinators to all non-teaching faculty) that perhaps it needs restructuring. How can ASC become advocates for AS employees? How can we inform our constituency? With a newsletter or other formal/informal means? Staff Senate has taken on professional development and welcoming new staff to campus. How should we be redefined?

Slightly mentioned was that the PERS matching would be going away for tier 2+ employees. Tier 1 should remain the same.

Tasks before next meeting:
--Share information from campus meeting about changes in institutional governance
--Review bylaws -
--Look for and share any articles, conversations, etc. of interest pertaining to changes in institutional governance

Meeting will be kept to the 2nd Thursday of the month at 2:00 p.m. in the University Housing Conference Room.