ASC Minutes from October 10, 2013
ASC Minutes
October 10, 2013



Administrative Support Council Meeting 10 October 2013

Present: Earlee K. (standing in for Dave S. as meeting moderator), Jesse P., Danielle A., Jerrie Lee P. (recorder) Not enough present for a quorum.

Call to order: 2:15

Reminder: Meetings are the 2nd Thursdays of the month at 2:00 p.m. in the Ackerman conference room.
- Suggestion: Because there were not enough present council for a quorum today, request to have a reminder email sent the day before each meeting.
-Jerrie Lee will put it on her calendar to send

Dave is out on family leave but sent agenda items for Earlee to present.
- - Checking bylaws when a officer relinquishes a position, the council can appoint another to the open position. Joe leaves an opening in the Administrative Support triad. Dave requests that we give him suggestions of possible persons to serve.
Administrative Support includes: Auxiliary Services; Bookstore; Budget/Payroll; Business Office; Human Resources; University Advancement; Physical Plant; Public Relations; Campus Safety; and office administration in other administrative areas.

- Suggestion to send a list out to ASC of the departments in the Administrative Support area

- Suggestion to also send a request for volunteers rather than cold calls

- - Dave followed up on the PERS tier 1 & 2 discussion from last meeting
- Only 18 people at WOU will be affected by the proposed legislature (not all are unclassified), though to date the proposals have not been passed in Salem.

Jesse presented three questions for consideration :
- - With the settlement of the classified contract, will unclassified follow the same financial raise structure? Can the institution afford to mirror classified?
- Earlee explained classified contract are settled, then faculty contracts before administration will review what is possible for unclassified. Earlee volunteered to ask Human Resources where the salaries and contracts are in the process.

- - What role does President Weiss want for the ASC in the upcoming governance changes?
We cannot define the ASC role on campus or goals if we do not have direction from the President.
Agreed to keep up with the documents and statements issued from the President will help us be ready to give support and opinions when asked.

- - Because of all the changed in governance coming would it be possible to invite President Weiss in November instead of the traditional December meeting?
That would mean that the next meeting should be open to all constituents. Prepare/solicit questions for Presidents Weiss perhaps via survey monkey or Google

Jerrie Lee asked for volunteers to facilitate the scholarship this year. Am willing to do so again this year, but am willing to pass along the opportunity to serve to others.

Meeting adjourned: 2:45 p.m.