ASC Minutes from November 14, 2013
ASC Minutes
November 14, 2013



Administrative Support Council Meeting - 14 November 2013

Present: Dave S. (pres), Jesse P., Earlee K., Danielle A., Affi E., Rip H., Jerrie Lee P. (recorder)

Call to order: 2:10 p.m.

Dave S. asked for a quick check in around the table to start the meeting on a positive note. General agreement is that the crisp fall weather and vibrant colors are favored this autumn.

Vacant Position - Dave S.
Choosing from the options laid out in the last meeting it was agreed without dissention to send out a general email through the ASC listserv to the Academic Support constituents asking for a volunteer to fill the vacant position.
Jerrie Lee will send the list obtained from HR to Dave. He will have his student assistant in checking for emails and division.
Dave is working with HR to get updates to the list as they occur (monthly for example) so that we have a current list of Academic Support constituents at all times.
The goal is to have the vacant position filled by Thanksgiving holiday or our next meeting, December 12th, at the latest.

Governance Options and ASC - Dave S.
The first Shared Communication meeting of the presidents of ASC, Staff Senate, Faculty Senate, ASWOU and President Weiss took place on November 13th. Information in that meeting can answer the question from last meeting, What does the president expect from the ASC in the governance changing process?
President Weiss asked the ASC to form an opinion on which of the three options we supports and to provide points of justification for supporting that opinion. Also, he requested we review the survey if we were unable to do so previously.

Timeline for Governance:
January - The President is drafting a business plan due early to mid January
February - Revised draft is due
February - Legislature is in session and may change our purpose/objectives
March through June - We can request to independent governance, however, the legislature can refuse and appoint another option
June 30th - UO, OSU, PSU become independent governance entities

Briefly the three options: 1. Apply to establish an independent Board; 2. Join with OIT, SOU, EOU to establish a shared Board; 3. Affiliate with one of UO, OSU or PSU.

Positives & negatives about the options - discussion from all
--- Affiliation (3)-WOU would lose our identity
Currently we do well to serve underrepresented populations of Oregon, the 1st generation college student and students with disabilities
--- Joining (2)-WOU might bear more of the financial burden
Legislature has stated smaller institutions will not have to take the brunt of costs; but what would that mean for fiscal distribution between the four institutions
--- Joining (2)-Concern over SOU¿s retrenchment and faculty cuts to stay afloat; what burden would that place on WOUs resources
--- Joining (s)-If OIT goes independent, does that put more of a financial burden on WOU
---Affiliation (3)-Might make sense from a business model, but leaves concerns for remote leadership and release of middle managers
--- Affiliation (3)-Concern over how quickly we would be viewed as a drain on the larger institution¿s less balanced resources and risk closure due to a difference in mission and focus on which Oregonians to serve
---Independence (1)-Gives us the option to follow the spirit of the WOU community and select more moderate compensation for our Board and not use the precedence of the larger institutions; allowing us to keep our costs lower

ASC consensus without dissention: The ASC recommends and supports an independent Board out of default, having fewer concerns for this option and believing it is WOUs best chance for success

Issues to keep in mind through the process:
--- Be sure that our mission is not getting lost in the process of change
--- Be thinking more like a private university, however, our focus students (underrepresented, 1st generation, students with disabilities) cannot afford private tuition and fees
--- Continue to serve the underrepresented populations of Oregon
--- Continue to serve the 1st generation college student
--- Continue to serve and advocate for students with disabilities
--- Make choices that maintain the same level of current services without large increases in tuition and fees
--- Concern: Over the last 5-6 years we have been asked to reduce our budget, how long will we continue to rethink what do in each area and levels of staffing? How much longer will we be asked to whittle our costs and still improve services?
--- Concern-Students are struggling now with the current fees. As governance structures change, we need to keep the fees low enough to continue to serve underrepresented, 1st generation and students with disabilities
--- We need to look at what we provide to our alumni and to involve them in fundraising
--- We need to look at how WOU can be an investment that "I" want to place my money on
--- We need to keep in mind retention of quality staff and faculty in the governance changes

--- What is faculty being asked to do in their classrooms in the governance change process?

President Weiss has been asked to join us at our next meeting, Tuesday, December 12th. Full ASC constituents will be notified once the location is determined.

Unclassified Compensation:
Now that SEIU and Faculty bargaining is complete, unclassified will, in general, follow similar cost of living increases with addition to an individual based on recommendations from supervisors via performance review.

ASC Website update ¿ Dave S.
Dave is still waiting for access from USC to be able to make changes.
Suggestions for changes once access to the web is granted are welcome.

New Business:
Earlee K. asked if the President would video the governance meetings for those who cannot attend or to review with his update summaries.

Adjourned at 2:55pm