ASC Minutes from December 12, 2013
ASC Minutes
December 12, 2013



12 December 2013 Administrative Support Council

Attendance: Dave Sundby (pres), Lisa Catto, Affie Eyo, Danielle Ambrose, Earlee Kerkles, Jesse Pool, Rip Horsey, Brad Huggins, Jerrie Lee Parpart

This was an open meeting with Dr. Weiss as guest speaker with approximately 28 additional attendees.

- ASC President Dave Sundby introduced elected ASC representatives and then turned it over to Pres. Weiss to update the group based on topics selected and questions provided by unclassified staff

- Pres. Weiss covered general updates regarding the current status of governance (summary of major points)
- submitted draft of business plan to the state which asks for independent governance at WOU
- WOU must get permission to pursue this route (decision to be made in March), but it seems likely that the state will allow us to do this, barring any major legislative changes in February
- hypothetically, everything could change at the legislative session in February, but it seems that for the most part, the current rules and process will mostly stay firm
- ASC and ASWOU have expressed support for pursuing independent governance
- SOU and EOU may end up becoming branch campuses of one of the larger schools
- Pres. Weiss responded to questions from the audience and to the online questionnaire.

- Pres. Weiss announced at the Holiday gathering that he is supporting the Independent model of governance as the best of the poor choices.

- We need to reach HS students. Students just out of High School coming to WOU is down by 15% this year.

- No time line for stepping down from presidency. Pres. Weiss will stay as long as needed or through the big changes to keep a consistency within WOU administration.

- Window of Opportunity is successful in his opinion. It is a continuous improvement model/strategy that allows change to happen with the buy in of others.

- Dr Weiss has sent the ASC letter of support for the independent governance model to Senator Dempro along with letters of support from other groups on campus. He is asking for a letter from faculty. They have stated verbally they support the independent model of proposed changes.

- March 1st is the formal request date, however a formal business plan will be ready for review by the 2nd week in January. Will be asking for comments and suggestion for the improvement.

- Same staff salaries and benefits with a 3% increase are proposed for 5 years; proposed to keep the tuition promise or tuition choice for students and staff fee will remain as long as we are able.

- Different from other smaller OUS schools who are needing to freeze salaries and decrease staffing to balance, WOU is balanced with a rainy day fund. But the rainy day is here and once gone we will have little back up unless we change other funding structures. UO wants nothing to do with the other institutions; OIT is choosing UO as a fall back

Board Member Position Description:
- diligence to work hard on a board
- promote Higher education state wide as well as look to the needs of WOU
- is interested in serving and interested in WOU
- need 11-14 board members ┐ consisting of faculty, staff, student, alum inculded

Short business meeting after Pres. Weiss spoke.

- Introduction of Brad Huggins, new ASC members to fill the open position for the rest of the year

- Introduction of Megan Haberman, Staff Council representative to attend ASC meetings improving communication between the governing councils on campus.

Old Business:

- ASC listserv is now updated.
- Soon will have the webpage updated. Dave will be asking UCS to give Lisa C. and Jerrie Lee P. access to assist in ASC web page updates.
- Dave will send brief into to ASC listserv from Dr. Weiss┐ discussion

New Business:

- ASC Scholarship needs to get underway. Jerrie Lee will send out a calendar and info for review next meeting.