ASC Minutes from January 17, 2014
ASC Minutes
January 17, 2014



Administrative Support Council - January 17, 2014

Attendance: Lisa Catto, Brad Huggins, Earlee Kerekes, Jesse Poole, Rip Horsey, Affie Eyo, Jerrie Lee Parpart (moderator/recorder)

Call to order: 2:35pm

1. Meeting times for Winter - all in attendance approved dates & times listed in Dave's email.

2. ASC Scholarship - review calendar, application & guidelines language (attached) Suggestion on scholarship language: reverse the order of the questions to have the career information before the financial need.
Jerrie Lee will proceed as this year's scholarship facilitator and proceed with the approved calendar.

General notes:
- One change in language from last year is from Academic Support Council is changed to Academic Support Staff in the sentence about letter of reference.
- A list of the Academic Support Staff will be added to the ASC web page
- In the general announcement to ASC listserve requesting readers, council members can be readers too.

3. ASC web page - review for updates and additional information needed -

Suggestion: While the university governance is changing, link to the president's page of information.

4. Shared Communication Meeting (hopefully connecting with Dave and/or Heather Mercer for a report from the meeting)

Was not able to contact Heather or Dave for report

5. Institutional Overview & Financial Forecast -

Concerns & comments to take to President Weiss:

The plan is to increase the number of students by 2000 for financial security. Does WOU have the infrastructure to support an additional 2000 students? Services will need to increase along with staff in some areas to keep the same level of student support. Although WOU may currently have the infrastructure of student support these questions arise.
- Where are we going to physically put the addition staff?
- Where is the infrastructure/support for staff to support additional students?
- Would we be able to maintain current services or would some additional services need to be cut to provide acceptable levels on more essential services?

There is physical growth on campus with the DeVolder Building; new Education Building planned and possibly the OMA. Need to refer to the master plan for specifics on campus growth.

Additional agenda items:

6. Public Relations is planning a newsletter that will remind about current events of the week. It will have a connection to the campus calendar and encourage entries to keep events from conflicting. General reminder to use the calendar for campus events.

7. Request for review of the current unclassified grievance process
Questions to be answered (some links provided as answers) and reviewed at future meeting: - How is the grievance process decided?

- Can there be a process in place for WOU only?
- Is there a way for evaluations to become consistently provided?
- Currently the grievance process is reactive, can this be turned to a proactive process?

Many council members did not know of the Unclassified Professional Handbook:

The grievance process described is based on the Oregon Administrative Rules 574-10 -065 574-10-070:

These links are also on the HR-Unclassified page:

Adjourned: 3:20pm