ASC Minutes from February 21, 2014
ASC Minutes
February 21, 2014



ASC Minutes - Friday, February 21, 2014
Attendance: Danielle A, Brad H, Rip H, Lisa C, Earlee K, JerrieLee P (recorder/moderator)

Call to order 2:40 pm

1. Shared Communication Meeting
- Dave was not able to attend the last Shared Communication meeting. Nothing to report from those he spoke with who attended
- Brad H. volunteered to attend the next Shared Communication meeting if held before Dave returns from Family Leave

2. Governance Plan - Any additional comments or concerns on the governance plan to take to the president?
- What is the schedule for approval, etc.?

- March 1st - Papers to be filed (already filed requesting independent governance)
- April 15th - Oregon Education Board meets and will respond to proposal relaying support or denial to the Governor
- By June ? - Governor makes decision

3. ASC Scholarship update
- One scholarship this year (at the rate $ is coming in, we can give $1000 one year & $2000 the next)
- Sent a shameless plea for donations
- 24 applications total with 18 vetted for consideration
- 8 reader/evaluators to be complete around March 7, then meet together for final decisions selection 1 recipient and 2-3 alternates.
- Report to ASC board in March meeting.
- Letters scheduled to go out by the end of finals or first of April
- Recipient invited to the ASC full constituency meeting? Not answered at this meeting
- Brad and Lisa volunteered to be additional readers

4. Grievance process, discussion of OAR - questions from last meeting
- How do we proceed to have questions from last meeting answered?
- What concerns need to be addressed/resolved?
- How is the grievance process decided?
- Can we follow the same procedures as classified employees?
- Can there be a process in place for WOU only?
- Is there a way for evaluations to become consistently provided?
- Currently the grievance process is reactive, can this be turned to a proactive process?

Unclassified Professional Handbook

Oregon Administrative Rules 574-10 -065 - 574-10-070

-After some discussion it was decided that we would each read through the handbook for updating (current handbook is from 2010) and come up with suggestions for change and areas of concern

-Question: Who writes the Unclassified Handbook; is it HR or Admin?
- In the March meeting we will solidify the suggestions for change
- Before the April meeting we will send to the constituency our concerns asking them to attend for discussion
- In the May meeting, ask HR and/or other involved parties to attend for group discussion?

- Question: how do we vote as a constituency? Need to check the by-laws for more information.

5. new business/ announcements
- WOU current news via email note the education building funding is coming together
- The suggestion was made for each department review their web pages for outdated information and consistency
- The next Tech Tuesday is Feb 25th in HL107 featuring Pulse Pens
- ADA Campus study begins March 3rd May see inspectors in our departments. A campus report is provided after the study is complete.

Adjourn: 3:25 pm