ASC Minutes from March 24, 2014
ASC Minutes
March 24, 2014



ASC Minutes - Friday, March 21, 2014

Attendance: Dave S (president), Danielle A, Brad H, Rip H, Jesse Poole, Jerrie Lee P (recorder)

Call to order 2:35 pm

1. Whip Around: A check in with Dave back from family leave and how the term is ending with our departments
2. Shared Communication Update - IFC committee meeting to determine the distribution funds; currently proposing no new programs funded and many cut by 2% to 5%; the final decisions to be made via a joint resolution committee
(correction per Rip H) - see IFC web page for details and watch for decisions

- Staff Senate is proposing a mentor program for new staff on campus
- Possibilities include a senior staff mentor to meet with the new staff person once per month for 6 to 12 months, or developing a method for new staff to meet with small groups of staff from other departments

- Faculty Senate is unhappy with the changes in the study abroad program and funding for participating faculty advisors

- President Weiss reported on Senate Bills that passed and others in discussion which includes proposals to make Community Colleges free
- Legislature approved $5 million for purchase of OMA; cost of $6.5 million leaves a gap; no fund raising at this time, but still interested to keep another college/university from purchasing and holding classes on WOU campus
- The timeline has been shortened for independent governance; if approved will begin this summer instead of next
- The final vote to accept WOU as independent proposal will be April 4th
Shortly after we can begin creating the governance board of 11-14 members (3 year appointment); 1 each student, staff, faculty & 8-11 others
Among first tasks to run the university president search

- EOU President and Provost have resigned; EOU proposed to be a branch of OSU
- SOU filed official retrenchment and is not renewing about 60 faculty positions and discontinuing programs to balance their budget
SOU faculty voted (with high percentage) no confidence in the administration
SOU proposed to be a branch of UO; UO no interested in branches

3. ASC Scholarship Announcement
- The $1000 ASC Scholarship goes to Janell Davis
- Letters will go out in mail Monday with invitation to recipient to attend a meeting - Announcement to ASC listserv will go out first week of the term with plea for continued funding

4. Spring Term Meetings
- Dave will send out a 'WhenIsGood' query

5. Unclassified Grievance Process
- Most questions were answered by the OAR sections
- Performance Appraisal process is still unclear; it appears to be a Human resources expectation

- Question for HR: What is the expectations for performance appraisals and the implications for no appraisals? Dave will talk with Bill in HR

- The Handbook has inconsistencies in the titles of staff; suggestion to define each (i.e. unclassified staff, unclassified professional staff, administrative staff) and clarify in each section the expectation for each title/type of staff; also update/correct OAR numbers
Dave will talk to Bill in HR about how to update
- If you noticed errors or inconsistency in the handbook, send to Dave; he will compile and pass along to Bill/HR in one email with suggestions for updates

6. new business/announcements
- Question: Does the ballot information need to be retained in records sent to WOU Archives or should only the election results be obtained? Unofficial decision: only retain election results

Adjourn: 3:45 pm