ASC Minutes from April 18, 2014
ASC Minutes
April 18, 2014



ASC Meeting - April 18, 2014
Call to order: Dave S. (moderator) Earlee (acting recorder)

Dave gave updates on the shared communication meeting with the faculty senate president, President Weiss, ASWOU president and staff senate that he attends as the ASC president.

--faculty believes there seems to be a disconnect between the decisions being made for study abroad program and the people brought in

--study abroad was moved to ISSA and a more affordable approach for WOU and its students has been implemented

Not much of an update from ASWOU or staff senate.

--President Weiss gave an update on the timeline of the Independent Board for WOU, same information President Weiss shared last week at the campus meeting.

--Concern was raised on if there will be concern of the żofficialityż of the board within the topic of the hiring of a new president (as they are both supposed to start at the same time, officially, yet they will be making recommendations on the hiring process). Dave shared that he does not feel that there should be concern because in the end the president will work for the Board.

There will be a new hire (new position) for a person to work with the board, 50% of time will be legal, 20% of time will be address needs of the board (scheduling, etc.), and 15% will be supervisory role (PR, HR and safety).

--Jay Carey is retiring at the end of the year.

The board will have 3 positions from the university: 1 representing students, 1 representing faculty and 1 representing staff.

-- Staff Senate sent email asking for nominations already. From those responses will confirm the person will accept nomination, a small 3 question survey will be sent to them. Hoping to send 2 classified names to President Weiss and 2 unclassified names.

--A question was brought up if ASC should be a nominating voice in this process. Is this the ASC place? Dave will be following up with Heather.

Response from Bill in HR regarding the handbookżevaluations are not always being followed. He is trying to make the wording clearer in the new handbook. Present members of ASC believe that feedback and evaluations should be appropriate.

Dave addressed topics for the full constituency meeting coming up next month

--Independent governance update
--Shared services
--Board nominees update
--College of Ed update
--Future master plan thoughts
--Planned or restructuring of the campus

Dave shared the ASC voting timeline as follows:

ASC Election Timeline 2013-2014

April 18th meeting - final approval from current ASC representatives for proposed timeline

May 16th meeting - full constituency, announce upcoming elections and solicit nominations

June 2nd to June 11th - ASC Elections are open online

June 12th and June 13th - confirm new members

June 20th - transition meeting with incoming and outgoing members, elect new president and select new recorder

3rd Year Officers: outgoing ASC Representatives
Academic Support - Danielle Ambrose
Administrative Support - Brad Huggins (took over mid year for a vacant 3rd year position)
Student Support - Earlee Kerekes-Mishra
2nd Year Officers
Academic Support - Jerrie Lee Parpart, ASC Recorder
Administrative Support - Lisa Catto
Student Support - Dave Sundby, ASC President
1st Year Officers
Academic Support - Jesse Poole
Administrative Support - Rip Horsey (Student Support)
Student Support - Affie Eyo

Brad brought up the idea of having staff pricing for activities on campus. Sometimes there are faculty pricing and sometimes off-campus community pricing, is this an option? Discussion was around that it may be on an activity by activity basis and department basis. Discussion was also had about whether this topic should be full constituency discussion or just board discussion. Clarification was wanted on if there is a discount offered will it only be for the staff person or will it be offered to the entire attending party. It is noted that usually it is only for the staff member not the entire attending party. Also this should be a dialogue that should be started with faculty senate. Dave will talk to Tad.