ASC Minutes from May 16, 2014
ASC Minutes
May 16, 2014



16 May 2014 Administrative Support Council Full Constituency meeting
Call to order by Dave Sundby, ASC President at 10:00 a.m.

1. Introduction and a few words from Janelle Davis, the 2014-2015 ASC Scholarship recipient

One $1000 or two $1000 ASC scholarships are awarded each year depending on funds available. Please consider donating. See the WOU Foundation for more information or contact Dave Sundby or Jerrie Lee Parpart.

2. President Weiss responded to questions generated from a survey posed to the ASC listserv

Started with praise for faculty and staff for support of our purpose at WOU: it is all about the students.

Question: With the reorganization of governance, will there be additions or cuts to unclassified professionals at WOU?

- Cuts: No, unless something unforeseen occurs. Financially, WOU is the strongest of the institutions and is nowhere near retrenchment. The only reason for cuts would be for inferior. If someone is in that state, they should know based on performance reviews.

- Additions: Yes, there is a plan to hire in-house council to provide legal assistance to WOU and act as the secretary to the Board.
- No others at this time, however, Eric Yahnke is in the process of discussing the budget for next year with departments and gathering a wish list of resources and programs that would add value to student education. The senior management team will discuss the list to see what can be possible.
- Current financial unknowns are how many students enroll/arrive in the fall and how much funding we will receive from the State. The last two years we have had about 15% less enrollment, but current numbers say this might increase in the Fall. With the changes is Higher Education structure and forming the HECC (Higher Education Coordination Committee) the amount of state funding is unpredictable.
- Restructuring is always a possibility as we look for ways to be more efficient and continue through Windows of Opportunity. There is million dollar list of what we could do to improve student experiences, but will have to wait for funding confirmations before decision can be made.

Follow up question: What about using outside council as an option?

- Depending on the issue it could cost $300-$500/hour. Cost is a factor.
- We have used the Attorney General office at $100/hr before
- It would be unusual, though not impossible, to use outside council as the secretary to the Board. Again cost would be a factor
- Need consistent council who is knowledgeable on Personnel, writing OARs, and can be a liaison to the legislature

Follow up question: When is the new in-house council expected to start?

- In-House council to start by July 1, 2015 at the latest, but hopefully sooner.
- Possible candidates include those who have been with OUS who are moving to individual institutions. They already have the experience needed with HR/Personnel, OAR and the legislature. Hopefully current candidates will be interested in a move to Monmouth.

Question: What is happening with Shared Services such as IT?

- Some services will be duplicated at each institution, some will remain shared with a buy in to use. Current shared services include: Institutional research and data analysis, Tax accounting, Institutional internal auditing, Bond facilitation/management and contracts, some Human Resources such as the 403b and 457 benefits, Legal assistance, and Engineering and technology via Computer Services. Some of these employees will be part of a shared support an HECC 5th site. The larger institutions (PSU, OSU, UO) will not buy into the 5th site. The other institutions, (including WOU), will pay to participate in those services. The 5th site will be more institution friendly as they will be working for institutions not OUS. Specifically IT persons from the 5th site will work closer with each CS directors.

Question: Give an overview and timeline for implementation of new Governance Process

- From here the next step is by June 5th give names to the Governor of recommended persons for appointment or nomination to the Board of Western Oregon University. We are looking for a diverse Board who understand the needs and benefits of WOU. Those approached so far have been overwhelmingly enthusiastic and positive in support of WOU. We are looking for young and more experienced persons from education and business sector with diverse backgrounds and employment experiences.
- WOU is fiscally healthy. We focus on underserved Oregonians. With the addition of the new Woodcock education building and OMA we can grow without losing the ability to support and push students to be successful. In 2012/13 we graduated more students at a significantly lower cost per student than the other institutions.
- For more information see the 10 year Business Plan and support documents on the President s web page:

- Timeline:

  April 4th - legislature approved independent governance
  April 15th - approved by OSBHE
  June 4th - recommendation of 12-15 names to the Governor for Board nomination. Board will be 3 from in-house (student via ASWOU referred; staff via Staff senate referred; faculty via faculty senate referred) and 9-12 from outside WOU.
  Sept 17th - special legistative session for confirmation hearing of the Governor¿s nominations
  July 1, 2015 - Board will take official place when WOU is legally independent from OUS. Board task between September and July will be a series of orientation sessions to understand their mission and tasks for the near future: Hire a new president; continued evaluation of the president; review and approve the budget; ensure that WOU is following their mission and serving Oregonians

Question: What is happening with the Study Abroad unit?

- July 1, 2014 Study Abroad will become a unit within International Student and Scholars Support
- OUS currently provides impact and support; we will continue to rely on that support via shared services
- WOU students need to be aware of and part of a Global Economy in order to cope and survive in the future

Question: What is happening with the Old Education building?

- This is under discussion with the Campus Master Plan
- Needs a seismic assessment and possible upgrade
- May be used for temporary offices and classroom staging while other buildings are being renovated

Announcement: The service term will be up shortly for 3 ASC members. A call for nominations will be sent out soon. One council member is needed in each of the areas: administrative, academic, and student services. Please consider nominating or sitting for a nomination.

Adjourn: 11:10 a.m.