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RFP #2023-08 Enterprise Security Camera Technology

Oregon Institute of Technology

This opportunity is closed

Award Document

  Notice of Intent to Award.pdf


Emerging trends in campus safety have highlighted the need for Oregon Tech to consider developing a fully integrated and scalable enterprise-wide security camera technology platform minimally consisting of a video management system, security camera technology, video storage solution and associated infrastructure. The enterprise-wide security camera technology initiative will support campus safety and enterprise risk mitigation strategies by enhancing the university’s ability to monitor campus buildings and property, detect and prevent illicit activities, respond to adverse events and emergencies, protect the campus community and support post-event investigations.


  RFP #2023-08 Enterprise Security Camera Technology.pdf
  RFP #2023-08 Mandatory Pre-Bid Sign In.pdf
  Oregon Tech - Structural Footprints Booklet.pdf
  RFP #2023-08 Addendum 1.pdf
  RFP #2023-08 Addendum 2.pdf
  OMIC R&D Building 1 - Floor Plan.pdf
  OMIC R&D Building 1 Electrical Drawings.pdf
  OMIC R&D Building 2 - Floor Plan.pdf
  OMIC R&D Building 2 Electrical Drawings.pdf
  Portland-Metro 1st Floor OT (3).PDF
  Portland-Metro 2nd Floor OT (3).PDF
  Portland-Metro 4th Floor OT (3).PDF
  RFP #2023-08 Addendum 3.pdf
  RFP #2023-08 Clarifying Questions .pdf
  RFP #2023-08 Clarifying Questions 2.pdf
  RFP #2023-08 Clarifying Questions 3.pdf
  RFP #2023-08 Addendum 4.pdf


    |Addendum Two, dated August 28, 2023, attached.
    |Addendum Four, dated September 15, 2023, attached.
    |Clarifying Questions Two, dated September 11, 2023, attached.
    |Addendum One, dated August 1, 2023, attached.
    |Clarifying Questions, dated September 7, 2023, attached.
    |Addendum Three, dated August 31, 2023, attached.
    |Clarifying Questions Three, dated September 14, 2023, attached.

Additional Information

Solicitation Number
  RFP #2023-08
Emerging Small Business Opportunity Only
Notice of Intent of Sole Source

Mandatory Pre-Close Walkthrough

Date and Time of the Pre-Close Walkthrough
  08/01/2023 01:00pm
Location of the Pre-Close Walkthrough
  Presidents Conference Room, No. 250 located in the Center for Excellence in Engineering Technology (CEET) Building at 3201 Campus Drive, Klamath Falls, Oregon 97601-8801.

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