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Campus Food Policy
Vice President for Student Affairs Campus Dining

This policy establishes controls for the production, serving and sale of food on the Western Oregon University Campus.  Residential and Retail Dining each purchase a restaurant license and are inspected twice a year by the Health Inspector to ensure that Oregon State food and sanitation rules are being followed. Campus Dining is self-supporting and the following policies reflect health and sanitation regulations and the University role in Campus Dining Services.

WOU Community

OAR 333-150




WOU Catering has the first right of refusal to provide service.  All departments and organizations using University funds will use WOU Catering for their food and beverage needs on campus. 



Campus Catering Guidelines 

Western Oregon University Catering must be made aware of all campus events serving food or beverages that are open to the public or campus community.  Privately purchased or prepared food or beverages will be permitted if they are consumed in the privacy of an office, staff or student lounge, employee lunch room, student meeting room, or within a residence hall and are not open to the general public.  Only food purchased and prepared by Campus Dining may be stored in either the Catering Kitchen or Valsetz Dining Hall Kitchen facilities.  For more information please contact the catering office at 503 838-8439. 


Campus Food Waivers 

Campus Dining has the exclusive right to provide daily and catered food service on the campus of Western Oregon University.  Exceptions to this policy may be made on a case by case basis.  As campus dining services is self supporting, we reserve the right to approve or deny any food or beverage provided by an outside vendor.  In addition, in order to comply with health code regulations, only food from a licensed, inspected, provider will be allowed.  

• In order to process the waiver to bring in outside food, you must complete the Food and Beverage Waiver Form (located at the end of this policy) and return it to the Foodservice Director no later than 2 weeks or 10 business days prior to your event.  Failure to comply with these regulations may result in denial of waiver.   

• If the waiver is approved, you will be notified as to whether or not you need to submit a temporary restaurant license application with Polk County.  If we do not receive a copy of your approved temporary license prior to the event, you will not be allowed to serve any food or beverages.  (For more information regarding a temporary license see this link: http://www.co.polk.or.us/eh13.)  Additionally, you will NOT have access to the catering kitchen or any equipment.   

• Campus Dining will charge any group $2.50 per person for food purchased from an outside restaurant and served in the Werner University Center or Valsetz Dining Hall. 


Food Waiver Guidelines 

A food waiver will be required if: 

• Your event is at the Werner University Center or Valsetz Dining Hall and you will be using University funds to purchase food and beverages for the event.  

• You plan on charging for the food (or the event) or you will be making food available to the entire campus community (not just your club or organization). 

• You are planning on purchasing food from a restaurant or using food that is prepared in a private kitchen. 



Any events that will have alcohol, must abide by the Western Oregon University President’s Office Policy. 

Please refer to the “Possession and Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages” Policy here: http://www2.wou.edu:7777/pls/wou2/policy.woupolicy.main 

Please contact the Catering Office at 503 838-8439 for more information. 


Off Campus Catering 

Catering to off campus locations, with the exception of Gentle House, shall be provided only to support the University’s departmental activities as it relates to the mission of that department.  

• Catering off campus will be confined to public locations.  We do not provide catering to commercial establishments that use outside caterers or do the catering themselves. 

• Any outside catering will be dependent upon whether Western Oregon University Catering has the proper equipment and sufficient staffing to handle the event. 


Use Of The Catering Kitchen 

Permission for student groups to prepare and sell other types of food will be subject to the following provisions. 

• The catering kitchen and related equipment are available ONLY if there is no conflict with other catered events. 

• All food preparation must be conducted within the University’s licensed food service facilities. 

• Preparation of food will be by food service staff or trained volunteers in accordance with approved methods of preparation and storage.  All labor costs for food service staff will be paid for by the requesting department or organization. 

• Volunteer labor shall be instructed as to the hours the kitchen is available and shall have the kitchen cleaned and vacated by the designated time.  If the kitchen is not properly cleaned, the sponsoring group agrees to pay any extra associated costs. 

• All food items must be purchased through Western Oregon University Campus Dining. 

• Many foods are perishable, therefore, all food items prepared within the Western Oregon University Kitchen facilities become the property of campus dining and shall not be returned to any group or individual.  Non perishable food items may be returned at the discretion of the Foodservice Manager.  Any returned food must be removed from the kitchen and/or storage facilities by the end of the event as it can not be stored on the premises. 

• Campus Dining freezers, coolers and warmers are limited to food purchased by Campus Dining. 


Donated Food 

Due to liability issues, we are unable to accept or process any food items that are donated to a group for use at catered events.


Bake Sales 

Student groups may hold bake sales in the Werner University Center (subject to availability) as a method of fundraising.  A food and beverage waiver is not necessary for this type of event however, certain guidelines must be followed.  

• Pricing must be equal to or greater than the prices charged at campus retail food service outlets for similar products.  Only home-baked bread, rolls, pies, cakes, doughnuts or pastries not having perishable fillings, icings, toppings or glazes will be allowed.  In addition, a sign stating that “Food served at this location may not have been inspected by the Health Department” (As per. OAR 333 150 3-201.11) must be posted in public view.   


Table Tents / Advertising 

All advertising must be approved by the Foodservice Director or designee prior to being set out in the Summit dining area of the Werner Center or in Valsetz Dining Hall. 

• Table tents and other advertisements are allowed one week prior to an event.  Werner Center events will have first priority for table tent advertising (at WUC), followed by events elsewhere on campus.  All university sponsored events will have priority over non-affiliated events, regardless of the location.  Only one table tent per table will be allowed. 

• All table tents must be removed immediately after the event. 

• Approval to advertise within retail locations and/or dining areas does not negate the necessary approval for other advertising on campus. 


Campus Dining Accounts – Debit & Credit Meal Cards 

• Resident Meal Plan – Available only to campus residents.  Food is priced at wholesale in Valsetz Dining Hall and at retail in other campus restaurants. 

• Wolf Bonus Account – Available to students, staff, faculty and members of affiliated programs and institutions.  A debit meal plan that discounts purchases by 5%.  Wolf Bonus Cards are accepted in all campus restaurants. 

• Department Charge Cards – Available only to Western Oregon University Departments.  Charge accounts are set-up with a pre-determined credit limit.  Departments will be JV’d monthly for purchases.  Department Charge Cards are accepted in all campus restaurants.  

• Conference Meal Plans – Meal plans for groups visiting campus. 


Policy Appeals 

Appeals to any provision of this policy must be submitted in writing to the Vice President of Student Affairs.  The appeal must include the provision in question and the rationale for requesting the exclusion and/or alteration. 

LAST UPDATED: 08/11/2016



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