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Division: Student Affairs

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Immunization Requirements
Vice President for Student Affairs Student Health and Counseling Center (SHCC)

To be in compliance with Oregon Administrative Rule 333-050-0130, and Oregon Revised Statutes 433.273, Western Oregon University requires that all students present appropriate proof of immunizations and medical tests.

Any full time student (9 or more credits) born on or after January 1, 1957

Oregon Administrative Rule 580-010-0005


Oregon Administrative Rule 333-050-0130





Following the recommendations from the American College Health Association (ACHA), the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), the immunization Practices Advisory Committee (ACIP), and the Oregon Health Division (OHD); incoming students (those taking 9 or more undergraduate or graduate hours) will be required to provide proof of immunization for the following:


1. Rubeola (Red measles) – students born January 1, 1957 or later must show proof of two doses of measles vaccine, the first dose must be on or after 12 months of age and the second measles vaccine (or MMR) at least one month after the first measles vaccine (or MMR).

2. Rubella (German measles) – students born January 1, 1957 or later must show proof of one immunization (or MMR) after 12 months of age.

3. The following records may be accepted as adequate proof of two doses of measles vaccine:

  • Written documentation shownig immunity with a positive titer;
  • Written documented history of the disease (Rubeola) signed by a health care provider;
  • For students born prior to 1984, no available date for the first dose but written documentation of the month, day and year of the second dose on or after December 1989;
  • An unsigned record print out from the statewide immunization information system ALERT US.

4. You may be exempt from this requirement for certain reasons including:

  • Your birth date is before January 1, 1957;
  • You have a medical reason for not receiving the immunization and have written documentation from a health care provider stating the reason (e.g. anaphylactic reaction, pregnancy, etc.).


1. Tuberculosis – A tuberculin skin test (either PPD or Tine) within 12 months of admission. Students who show a positive reaction to the skin test must have a chest x-ray. A written record of the date of the x-ray results and physician’s signature is required. Students who have a past history of a positive TB skin test or have received the BCG vaccine or have had tuberculosis must have a QFT blood test and/or chest x-ray within 12 months of admission. Written documentation is required, including date and results of positive skin test, treatment, and medication taken.

2. Mumps – One booster dose

3. Rubella – (German/3-day measles) – one booster dose

4. Meningitis – One dose of Meningococcal – Menomune or Menactra. Consistent with the ACHA recommendations, the SHCC recommends that in-coming students discuss vaccination for meningitis with their medical provider, contat their local public health agency, or inquire at the SHCC. For more information on ACHA recommendations and general meningitis information: http://www.acha.org/ACHA/Resources/Topics/Meningitis.aspx?WebsiteKey=03f1a0d5-4c58-4ff4-9b6b-764854022ac1

5. Hepatitis A Series – Two doses

6. Hepatitis B Series – Three doses

7. Varicella – (Chicken pox) – One dose

8. Diptheria/Tetanus/Pertussis – Booster dose within the last 10 years

9. Polio

10. HPV (Gardasil) - Three doses



Each entering student is required to provide a completed Health History form, including documentation of dates required immunizations were given, to the Student Health and Counseling Center. Accepted documentation may be a copy of doctor’s office or medical clinic records, public health department records, personal immunization card (provided by clinic staff), previous high school or college immunization records. 

Each term a Medical Hold will be placed on the record of each student not in compliance and that student will not be able to register for the following term. This Medical Hold will be removed by the Student Health and Counseling Center only when the student provides documentation of immunizations or exemption statements. 

Immunization requirements may be waived for students who have certain medical conditions or for non-medical (religious or personal conviction) reasons. Qualifying medical conditions may include pregnancy or breast feeding, diseases which lower resistance to infection, or present use of medications which lower resistance to infection. Non-medical exemptions include having a belief system, practices or ethical values which prohibit the use of immunizations. Please be aware that waived students may be removed from classes if an outbreak of the disease occurs.

All students requesting medical immunization exemption are required to come to the Student Health and Counseling Center in person within two weeks of their first registered term in order to sign a waiver from and receive verbal and written information about the waiver.

Students requesting non-medical immunization exemption have two options for completing the waiver. The student may come to the Student Health and Counseling Center in person to sign the waiver, or may log on to www.healthoregon.org/vaccineexemption, complete the online training module, print the completed certificate, and bring the certificate to the Student Health and Counseling Center. 

Senate Bill 132 amending Oregon Revised Statutes 433.267, 433.273 and 433.284
Senate Bill 274 relating to immunizations; creating new provisions; and amending ORS 433.282
EFFECTIVE DATE: 10/01/1992
LAST UPDATED: 08/11/2017



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