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Time, Place and Manner
Vice President and General Counsel Office of the General Counsel

Western Oregon University supports free speech.  This policy defines and describes free speech on the campus.  This policy also emphasizes the educational purpose of Western while promoting debate and the sharing of information. 

WOU Community

ORS 351.070 and ORS 164.205(5)



Person - any member of the public or the university community

Public - any individual or group not included in the definition of university community

Speech - leafleting, picketing, speeches, demonstrating, petition circulation, fund raising, lawn signs, sandwich boards, tables, gatherings, posters, pamphlets, and similar speech related activities

University - Western Oregon University  

University community - All students, faculty, and staff of the university and student/faculty/staff-sponsored organizations.    

Off Campus Activity - All speech that does not pertain to one of WOU's student, faculty and/or staff programs or activities. 



It is the policy of Western Oregon University to have guidelines for Time, Place and Manner. These are rules for speech activities on campus. 

PUBLIC AREAS Hours: Speech activities are permitted on university grounds and in university buildings during regular business hours except: 

1 Classroom buildings 

2 Research and laboratory facilities and buildings 

3 Library 

4 Student Health and Counseling Center, and 

5 Any area or building that has restricted access including offices and special purpose rooms in the Werner University Center. 

Speech activities in residence halls and married student housing areas may be regulated by the Director of University Residences. Such regulations shall be content neutral. All meeting rooms and dining areas in the residence halls are subject to this section, insuring that there will not be disruption of regular campus activities. 

Location: University Business Not to be Impeded 

• NO speech activity shall impede pedestrian and vehicular traffic. 

• NO speech activity shall unreasonably disrupt regular or authorized activities in classrooms, office laboratories, and other university facilities or grounds.  The Director of Campus Public Safety may restrict speech activity to a reasonable distance from any exit, entrance, staircase, parking lot or roadway to allow access. 

• Speech activities shall be conducted at a volume that does not disrupt the normal use of classrooms, offices, and laboratories. 

• Speech activities may not be available on portions of the campus and within the university community in order to meet traffic, emergency access, and public transit needs. 

• The size, number, and location of posters and lawn signs may be regulated by the administrator responsible for the geographic area. 


In order to allow scheduling and to assure public safety, persons desiring to picket or demonstrate are encouraged to notify the Director of Campus Public Safety at least 24 hours in advance. 

UNIVERSITY MAIL SYSTEM In addition to mail delivered through the U.S. Postal Service, university mailboxes shall only be used for the distribution of material related to university business. 

TABLES, CARTS, BOOTHS, & SIMILAR STRUCTURES Tables, carts, booths, poster boards and/or similar structures may be set out and used on campus as follows: 

1 Tables, carts, poster boards or booths or similar structures may be set out and used on campus only as provided in this rule. 

2 Except as provided in section (3) of this rule, use of a table, cart, booth or similar structure on campus for informational, non-profit, or any other purposes, must be sponsored by a recognized student organization or university department, or a faculty or staff organization.  

A. Recognized student organizations must register the activity with the university through the Werner University Center, Student Leadership and Activities Office.  Student members of the organization shall conduct all activity.  If sales result, gross receipts must be deposited in a university account in accordance with university policies and procedures. The Student Leadership and Activities staff and the recognized student group shall establish the time period during which the sponsored use may take place. 

B. University department or faculty/staff organization sponsored uses must be scheduled through the Werner University Center, Student Leadership and Activities Office.  Faculty, staff, or students of the sponsoring department or organization must conduct all activity. The Werner University Center shall establish the time period during which the use may take place. 

C. Users may provide their own tables, carts, or booths, or reserve tables available through the Werner University Center. Alternatively, on a first come, first serve basis, counter space within these rules (without use of tables, carts, or booths) may be reserved through the Werner University Center. 

D.  Users sponsored by the Athletics Department may use tables, carts or booths in the facilities controlled by the Athletics Department subject  to restriction in the policy. The use of space must be reserved through the Werner University Center. 

E.  If a building has poster boards in it, there should be space available for general university business. Off campus activity posters are restricted to areas in the Werner University Center and the Residence Halls. 

3. Nothing in this rule is intended to authorize: 

A. Sales of products or food on campus in conflict with existing exclusive contracts for similar merchandise or services. 

B. Uses in conflict with the WOU catering policy guidelines. 

4. It is the responsibility of the user to acquire any necessary state, county, or municipal licenses. 

APPEAL PROCESS Any person may request from the Vice President for Student Affairs an interpretation of any provision of these regulations which he or she finds unclear or believes to have been misapplied. The Vice President for Student Affairs may authorize speech activities which are determined not to cause disruption of campus activities despite a literal violation of these regulations.  Such determinations shall be made without consideration of the content or message of the speech activities. 



Campus Poster Guidelines are available in the Student Affairs’ office and all posters must be approved by that office. 


Any person violating these rules is subject to: 

a.) Institutional disciplinary proceedings, if a student or employee;

b.) An order to leave the immediate premises or property owned or controlled by the university by a person in charge of university property. 

Persons failing to comply with an order by a person in charge to leave or to remain off the immediate premises or property owned or controlled by the university are subject to arrest for criminal trespass. 

EFFECTIVE DATE: 02/01/1998
LAST UPDATED: 08/11/2016



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