Channel: "Academics"

AES 2024: Plenary

This 2024 AES plenary session features WOU faculty and keynote speaker Cheyanne Heidt, curriculum specialiast for the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde. Recorded 5/30/24

Success Story: Brig. Gen. Jenifer Pardy

Brig. Gen. Jenifer Pardy explains how completing her Master's degree in Organizational Leadership from Western Oregon University in 2022 has given her the tools and knowledge needed to move forward in her career with the Oregon National Guard. Recorded 5/3/24

Success Story: Public Policy major Justin Martin '96

Public policy and public administration major Justin Martin says Western's flexible curriculum and internship program helped him achieve success as a lobbyist and business owner. Recorded 4/11/24

Accelerated Undergraduate to Master's Pathway

Imagine graduating with your bachelor's and seamlessly transitioning into a master's program in just one year. Learn more at

Psychologoical Sciences

Understanding the Mind, Behavior and Others. Find out where a degree in psychology from Western Oregon University will take you. Recorded 3/14/24

CJ Career Day 2024: Student Panel

Undergraduate and graduate students talk about their development as criminal justice majors and why they choose Western Oregon University. Recorded 3/6/24

CJ Career Day 2024: Alumni Panel

Criminal Justice Sciences presents it's 38th annual Career Day featuring an overview from division chair Misty Weitzel, a welcome from Provost Jose Coll and a panel of WOU alumni working in Oregon. Recorded 3/6/24

Success Story: Social Science major Michael Waller '08

High school social worker Michael Waller pursued a desire to help others and developed a passion for sociology and acting while attending Western Oregon University. Recorded 1/23/24

Success Story: Social Science major Teresa Alonso Leon '02

Former Oregon Legislator Teresa Alonso Leon explains why getting her undergraduate degree at Western is one of her proudest moments. Special thanks to Aware Food Bank, The Metropolis and The Groove La Onda coffee shop in Woodburn. Recorded 1/24/24

Success Story: Interdisciplinary Studies major Emily Swart '20

Learn how majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies at Western Oregon University led Marion Polk Food Share Donor Relations Manager Emily Swart to combine her passion for helping others with a career. Recorded 12/12/23

Success Story: Education major Juan Larios '01 '06

Juan Larios says obtaining his undergraduate and graduate degree in elementary education from WOU elevated his entire family. Larios continues to serve the community as Superintendent of the Woodburn School District. Recorded 10/6/23

Success Story: Spanish major Ben Stange '03

WOU alum Ben Stange explains how attending Western and graduating with a degree in Spanish led him to become the fire chief for Polk County District No.1. (Special thanks to the Monmouth Independence Community Preschool.) Recorded 10/1/23

Success Story: Biology major Jerielle Cartales '13

Biology major Jerielle Cartales discovered her love for bones as an undergrad at Western Oregon and is now a forensic anthropology instructor where it all began. Recorded 6/13/23

Success Story: Public Policy major Paul Evans '92

WOU public policy major and Oregon House of Representative Paul Evans explains why attending Western was a critical decision in his life and how it helped him to become the legislator he is today. Recorded 6/8/23

AES 2023: Presidential Plenary

WOU presents the 2023 Academic Excellence Showcase Presidential Plenary featuring three speakers on the topic of looking into the future. Recorded 5/25/23.

AES 2023: Highlights

Highlights from WOU's 17 annual Academic Excellence Showcase held 5/25/23.

EES Groundwater Monitoring Lab

Twenty years in planning, WOU's Earth and Environmental Science department is installing a Groundwater Monitoring Laboratory on campus. Site drilling and EES field trips began on May 4 2023.

ESOL Endorsement Program

Senior Anakaren Puentes explains why she enrolled in the ESOL Endorsement Program at WOU. Learn more at

Center for Professional Pathways

Junior Faith DeVyldere welcomes you to Western Oregon University's Center for Professional Pathways located in the Werner University Center. Learn more at (Recorded January 2023)

Exercise Science at WOU

Here's why you should major in exercise science at Western Oregon University. Learn more at (Video produced by WOU Assistant Professor Lex Gidley.)

WHY? Data Analytics at WOU

WOU alum and tech industry leader Justin Hoeckle '05 explains why majoring in Data Analytics at WOU is a smart career choice.

Success Story: Biology major Allyson Drury '21

Allyson Drury attributes her success in applying to medical school to the faculty in Western Oregon's biology department, the Honors Program and her time as a student-athlete on the WOU softball team. Recorded 12/13/22

Success Story: Earth and Environmental Science major Nicole Niskanen '21

Earth and Environmental Science major Nicole Niskanen explains how WOU's program sets up students for career success. Recorded 12/8/22

Music: This is way more fun!

The WOU Chamber Singers having fun! (Short video produced for release on TikTok) Recorded 11/30/22

Earth Science 60th Anniversary Celebration

Earth and Environment Science: Celebrating 60 years of student success and honoring the legacy of Professor Emeritus Ray Broderson. Recorded 10/21/22

New at WOU: Data Analytics

Computer Science Division Chair Breeann Flesch talks about WOU's new degree in Data Analytics. Learn more at

Biology: Oak Ecology Undergraduate Research

WOU Biology Professor Ava Howard and undergraduate students discuss on-going research around oak ecology, tree stress physiology, biodiversity, and climate change. Recorded 8/24/22

Become a Teacher: WOU's Flexible Licensure Pathways

Discover why Western Oregon University is considered Oregon's best university for bilingual & diverse teachers. Learn more at

Success Story: Geography major Dan Rayfield '03

WOU geography major and Oregon Speaker of the House of Representatives Dan Rayfield talks about how Western influenced and shaped his career. Recorded 5/25/22

AES 2022: Highlights

WouTV presents highlights from Western Oregon University's 2022 Academic Excellence Showcase (AES) featuring student presentations, research and posters. AES is a celebration of students' accomplishments and scholarships. Recorded 5/24/22

AES 2022: Presidential Plenary

WOU's 16th Annual Academic Excellence Showcase Presidential Plenary on Creativity & Resilience. Recorded 5/26/22

Art & Design 2022

Create, design, paint, animate...introducing Western Oregon University's new Art & Design degree. Learn more at

Dan Rayfield: The Oregon Legislature

WOU alum and 2022 Oregon Speaker of the House Dan Rayfield talks about activism, lobbying and the Oregon Legislature. Recorded 4/19/22

WOU Professional Development Workshops

Did you know that WOU offers professional development workshops in racial justice, diversity, equity and leadership? Learn more at

Success Story: History major Greg Garcia '12 '14

WOU history major and 2021 history teacher of the year Greg Garcia talks about making historical connections and recommends Western for its personal touch. Learn more at Recorded 3/10/22

CJ Week 2022: Blind React Panel

Casual panel featuring professionals doing a "blind react" to CJ stuff - news stories, tiktoks, media coverage and more. Recorded 2/24/22

WOU Poetry: Josh Paulter

Josh Pautler reads his poem, "Working at the Hospice Facility."

WOU Poetry: Trinity Herr

Trinity Herr reads her poem, "Fractals."

Humanites Divison

Choose from a variety of degrees in the Humanities Division at WOU to explore human culture and our development.

Success Story: Computer Science major Shariah Green '20

WOU Computer Science major Shariah Green talks about her career success at PSU and an upcoming position as a software engineer at Google. Recorded Feb. 2022

Success Story: Communication Studies major Nikki Miller '20

WOU alum and former student-athlete Nikki Miller explains how majoring in communication studies helped her become a coach. Learn more at

Success Story: Music major Jennifer Kercher '01

WOU alum Jennifer Kercher explains why she followed her passion and majored in Contemporary Music at Western Oregon University. Recorded November 2021

Success Story: English major Chelsea Hunt '15

WOU alum Chelsea Hunt explains how majoring in English at Western advanced her career. Recorded December 2021

Success Story: Criminal Justice major Shelby Moody '21 '23

Find out how majoring in Criminal Justice at Western Oregon University helped Shelby Moody become a reserve deputy at the Benton County Sheriff's office. Recorded Sept. 2021

Majoring in Business: A versatile choice!

A WOU business major is one of the most versatile options for careers after graduation. Here's why...

iCrab, Dance & Coding Summer Camp

WOU presents the iCrab, Dance & Coding Summer Camp sponsored by Oregon Sea Grant. Recorded 8/27/21

Criminal Justice Sciences Division

Explore the pursuit of justice at Western Oregon University's Criminal Justice Sciences Division.

Gerontology: Aging Is Our Future

WOU gerontology major Ruby Van Dyke hosts this brief introduction to the study of Aging and Older Adults. Watch to find out if gerontology is the major for you.

Fall Dance 2020

The WOU dance program presents 2020 Fall Dance Concert for December 4-6th. (This video was produced by WOU dance students.)

Western Oregon Voices: Fall 2020

Western Oregon Voices presents "Seasons of Love". This end of the term music concert was recorded live at the WOU football stadium on Nov. 24, 2020 and directed by Claire Hudkins.

WOU Concert Choir: Fall 2020

The Western Oregon University Concert Choir presents "To The Stars!" This end of the term concerts was recorded live at the WOU football stadium on Nov. 24, 2020 and directed by James Reddan.

WOU Chamber Singers: Fall 2020

The Western Oregon Chambers Singers present "Charity, Love, Hope & Peace". This end of the term concert was recorded live at the WOU football stadium on Nov. 23, 2020 and directed by James Reddan.

Dance Out Day 2020

A site-specific dance performance event, sponsored by the WOU Dance Department, featuring advanced choreography students. Recorded 10/29/20

Quantitative Literacy and WOU

WOU Associate Professor of Mathematics Matthew Nabity explores the evolution of quantitative literacy in higher education.

Rethinking Writing

WOU Writing Center Director Katherine Schmidt explores ways to incorporate non-graded, meaningful writing activities in First Year Seminars.

Student Success & Advising Peer Tutoring

An introduction to peer tutoring offered at WOU's Student Success & Advising Center. (Produced for SOAR & National Transfer Week 2020.)

TRIO Student Enrichment Program

An introduction to the WOU TRIO Student Enrichment Program (Produced for SOAR and New Student Transfer Week)

Computer Science Tutoring Quick Tips

WOU's Computer Science Division presents Tutoring Quick Tips. (Produced for National Transfer Week, Oct. 2020)

Computer Science Tutoring Center

To help students succeed during COVID-19, the computer science tutoring center is open virtually via email, Zoom and/or WebEx. (Recorded by Shay Green '20)

AES: President & Provost Welcome

President Rex Fuller and Provost Rob Winningham welcome you Western Oregon University's 2020 virtual SOAR event.

Criminal Justice Overview 2020

Criminal Justice Professor & Academic Advisor Omar Melchor-Ayala provides a brief video overview of WOU's program benefits and course requirements. Recorded 4/27/20

RC671: Avoiding Burnout As A Counselor

Cascade Centers Counselor Steve Rohrbeck talks about his professional experience and how to avoid burnout. Recorded 12/2/19

RC671: Test Anxiety & Professionalism Part 2

WOU's Career Development Coordinator Jennifer Hansen talks about profesionalism and how to get ahead when job hunting. Recorded 10/14/19

RC671: Test Anxiety & Professionalism Part 1

Two counseling professionals talk about test anxiety and how to overcome stress. Recorded 10/14/19

History 410 Research on Vick Building

Professor Kim Jensen's Introduction to Public History class conducts research for the home of WOU Salem, the Vick Building centenary 1920-2020. Recorded 3/12/20

ED352: Elementary Social Studies Methods

Oregon Dept. of Education Social Science Specialist Amit Kobrowski talks about social science standards adopted in 2018 and what to expect next. Recorded 11/8/19

RC671: Taboo Topics in Counseling

WOU adjunct faculty member Thomas Dooley leads this class discussion on Taboo Topics in Counseling. Recorded 11/25/19

Criminal Justice Career Fair 2020

The Criminal Justice Career Fair is for students, employers and WOU alumni. Recorded 3/4/20

Criminal Justice Career Day 2020

The WOU Criminal Justice Department presents Career Day 2020 featuring a panel of criminal justice experts. Recorded live on 3/4/20.

The Realities of Juvenile Incarceration 2020

Catherine Jones was tried, sentenced and incarcerated as adult in Florida when she was 13. Jones is now a member of the Campaign for the Fair Sentencing of Youth. Sponsored by WOU's Criminal Justice Sciences Division. Recorded 2/24/20

WOU Career Fairs 2020

WOU's Service Learning and Career Development sponsors several career fairs on campus. Find out why you should attend the next one. Recorded 1/29/20

FEM in STEM: Robin Fojen

The WOU Fem in STEM speaker series presents Robin Frojen who runs the creamery and Beaver Classic Cheese program at Oregon State University. Recorded 1/22/19

RC671: Job Hunting

Two WOU alumni discuss job hunting after graduation. This video features Emily Geraci and Dave Crockett. Recorded 11/14/19

RC671: How to Apply for State Jobs

Vocational Rehabilitation State of Oregon Branch Manager Bryan Campbell discusses how to apply for state jobs. Recorded 11/4/19

RC671: How to Prep for CRC & NCE

Human Services Specialist and WOU alum Brandt van Soolen talks about his CRC & NCE preparation and exam experience. Recorded 10/21/19

RC650: Transition Services in Rehabilitation

Transition Network Facilitator Eivind-Erik Sorensen talks about Oregon's Transition Technical Network supporting secondary students and young adults who experience differing abilities. Recorded 11/19/19

RC671: Understand CRC, LPC and the Certification Process

Three State of Oregon employees talk about CRC, LPC and the certification process. Video features Lonny Knotts, Theresa Kollars and Renata Beck. Recorded 10/7/19

RC650: Counseling Career Paths and Ethical Dilemmas

Alcohol & Drug Counselor Sharon Reddy talks about her career path along with cultural and ethical dilemmas. Recorded 10/29/19

RC650: Early Assessment and Support Alliance Services

Mental Health Specialist and WOU Alum Geoffrey Thoma speaks about his experience with mental health services in Linn County. Recorded 11/12/19

RC650: Vocational Rehabilitation Process

VR Counselor and WOU Alum Jordan Meekins discusses the vocational rehabilitation process and two case profiles. Recorded 10/22/19

RC650: Multicultural Issues in Vocational Rehabilitation

Guest speaker and WOU Alum Hilda Djokotoe discusses multicultural issues in vocational rehabilitation. Recorded 10/23/19

Inside WOU's Child Development Center

Take a look at the expanded WOU Child Development Center and meet the experienced, dedicated staff. Recorded 9/26/19

AES 2019: Community Health

This AES session is presented by Community Health. It features three student presentations on strategies used to improve access to food and promote healthy communities. Recorded 5/30/19

AES 2019: The Nutrition Mission

This AES session is presented by Health & Exercise Science. It features Setareh Entagh, Danielle Reinke and Grant Kauffman presented by Megan Patton-Lopez. Recorded 5/30/19

AES 2019: Careers In Therapeutic Exercise

This AES session is presented by Health & Exercise Science. It features Hollie Arklander and Jalen Robles with an introduction by Doris Cancel-Tirado. Recorded 5/30/19

AES 2019: Presentation for Willamette Promise Guests

This session features student presentations on the the Behavioral Science Creativity Lab and How To Get Involved at WOU. Recorded 5/30/19

AES 2019: Presidential Plenary

The 2019 Academic Excellence Showcase Presidential Plenary: Interplay of Arts & Sciences featuring professors Diane Baxter, Anne Ittner, Gay Timken, Dan McCarthy, Leanne Merrill and the WOU Chamber Singers. Recorded 5/30/19

Criminal Justice Career Panel 2019

WOU's Department of Criminal Justice presents the 2019 Career Panel featuring WOU alumni and other service officials. Recorded 3/7/19

Master Class In Piano: Paul Roberts

Master class in piano featuring guest artist Paul Roberts. Recorded 2/21/19

SLCD Short: Prep Session

Get prepared for your next Career and Experience Fair with this Service Learning and Career Development short. Recorded 2/18/19

SLCD Short: Resume Writing

Service Learning and Career Development presents this short video on Resume Writing. Recorded 2/18/19

Education Profile: ED352

WOU ED352 students get hands-on training during a field trip to the Polk County Museum. Recorded 11/13/18

AES 2018: Highlights

Highlights from the 13th Annual Academic Excellence Showcase sponsored by PURE (Program for Undergraduate Research Experience). Presidential Plenary Theme: POWER Recorded 5/31/18

Education Major

Western Oregon University offers three licensure programs in undergraduate education. Find out how to succeed at WOU.

Oregon 2020: Honors Research

WOU honors students work with the Oregon Women's History Consortium to post research and celebrate the 100th anniversary of the women's suffrage movement for Oregon 2020. (This video includes footage of the late Oregon Senator Jackie Roberts.)

Sustainability Major

Two students explain why they decided to major in the new sustainability degree at Western Oregon University.

German Major

Alaskan Amalia Morse explains why she choose Western Oregon University to major in German.

Criminal Justice Career Panel 2018

Students attending the 2018 Criminal Justice Careers Day hear from a panel of professionals. Recorded 3/7/18

Youth Immigration and Crime 2018

Watch and see what a criminal justice class is like at WOU featuring Professor Omar Melchor-Ayala. Recorded 3/1/18

Anthropology & Brunk House

Meet Anthropology Major Mark Nicolaysen and learn about historic Brunk House. Together we engage. Recorded August 2017

WOU Focus: Student Enrichment Program

Learn more about WOU's Student Enrichment Program (SEP).

The Record Keeper: A Hamersly Library Exhibit

WOU senior Max Norr explores a passion for history researching World War 1 notebooks for WOU Archives. (Hamersly Library Exhibit Spring 2017)

Geography Major

Geography major Allison Yamnitsky explains why she decided to attend WOU.

Spanish Major

Find out why Eugene native Chris Munson chose WOU to double major in Spanish and Criminal Justice.

Creative Arts: Sculpture Design Sequence

WOU Art Professor Kim Hoffman and his students talk about creating sculptures that make people think. (Campus parade recorded 4/27/17)

Criminal Justice Career Panel 2017

Various law enforcement, corrections and government officials address students during WOU Criminal Justice Career Day 2017. Recorded 3/1/17

Student Clubs & Organizations

Learn about WOU's student clubs and organizations and find out why you should Get Involved!

Honors Students All

Hear what students like about the WOU Honors Program.

AES 2016: Highlights

WOU's 11th Annual Academic Excellence Showcase celebrates student research, scholarship and creative activities.

Political Science Major

Develop critical policy and thinking skills as a WOU political science major.

Philosophy Major

After 20 years in the military, discover why Veteran Brandt Van Soolen chose WOU to pursue a degree in philosophy.

Honors Program Profile

Preview the people, places and events in the WOU Honors Program.

Linguistics Major

Find your field of study. Explore a major in Linguistics at WOU.

Anthropology Major

Branch out with new experiences. Explore the Anthropology major at Western.

Criminal Justice Career Panel 2016

A panel of distinguished guests and WOU graduates discuss career opportunities for criminal justice majors. Recorded 3/2/16

Information Systems Major

Discover why WOU is the right choice for Information System majors.

Gerontology Major

Find out why students are drawn to Western and enjoy the Gerontology program.

Math Major

Discover why student-athlete Amanda Evola choose Western to major in math.

PETE Program

See why WOU's Physical Education Teacher Education (PETE) program is a success.

Dance Major

See your hard work pay off as a dance major at Western Oregon University.

Sociology Major

As a sociology major at WOU, Mariela Lopez-Cruz hopes to make a difference in people's lives.

Music Major

You'll find a wide variety of musical tracks within Western's Contemporary Music program.

Chemistry Major

Discover why Chelsea Wiley choose to pursue a Forensic Chemistry major at WOU.

Economics Major

Find your field. Shelby Worthing explains why she's an Economics Major at Western Oregon University.

Visual Communication Design Major

Choose from 50+ undergraduate degrees at WOU, including Visual Communication Design.

Theatre Major

As a Theatre major at Western, you get a solid base in acting, directing, technical design and more.

English Major

WOU English majors study literary works and figures of various eras and nationalities and become versed in various theories of criticism.

Social Science Major

A BA/BS degree in Social Science is an interdisciplinary major that prepares students for a variety of responsibilities in both private and governmental agencies.

History Major

Learning to think, research and write about history is useful in a number of careers. Learn more about majoring in history at WOU.

Criminal Justice Division 2015

Criminal justice is an exciting field with a variety of career opportunities for WOU graduates.

Community Health 2

Learn more about the WOU Community Health major from a graduate student, a current student and WOU Associate Professor Doris Cancel-Tirado.

Community Health 2 Spanish

Salud Comunitaria en español.

Dr. Lance Marr

Dr. Lance Marr talks about his undergraduate days as a science major/student athlete at Western and how it contributed to his medical career.

Interdisciplinary Studies Major

The interdisciplinary studies degree program is flexible, allowing students to select complimentary coursework from different departments and divisions.

Art Major

Develop creative problem-solving methods while mastering key principles and skills in art and design at WOU.

Earth Science Major

Take a closer look at WOU's multidisciplinary Earth Science degree, the only one in the Oregon University System.

ASL Major

Choose from 50+ undergraduate majors at Western including American Sign Language.

Computer Science Major

Everyone at Western wants to see your hard work pay off as a Computer Science Major.

Exercise Science Major

Discover why WOU is the place to get your undergraduate degree in exercise science.

Biology Major

Get your degree in biology from Western and move forward with your dream to become a doctor like Joanne Mayberry.

Communication Studies

Student-athlete Devon Alexander explains why he chose WOU to major in communication studies.

Community Health Major

Vanessa Sandoval explains why she chose Western to major in Community Health.

B.A. Denisse Gonzalez

College of Education graduate Denisse Gonzalez explains why an early childhood/elementary degree from WOU is the right choice.

Criminal Justice Major

Pursue what matters most to you. Get a degree in Criminal Justice at Western.

Psychology Major

Learn why students choose Western to major in psychology.

Business Major

Discover why Western Oregon University is the place to be for an undergraduate business degree.

Creative Arts Day 2014

High school students from the region experience the Creative Arts at WOU.

Exercise Science Lab

Learn more about the new WOU exercise science lab.

ASL Studies

American Sign Language (ASL) is an academic program that focuses on the language and culture of the Deaf. (open captioned)

FYE Extras

Clips from 3 first-year experience classes.

Popular Music

Live your passion. Earn an undergraduate or graduate degree in Popular Music at Western.

ED 270

ED 270 is a two credit course offered each semester on Technology in Education.

Tai Chi & Karate

Tai Chi & Karate courses are available on campus for two credits. Instructor: Warren Allen

FYE first-year experience

What is FYE and how does it work? Find out more and hear what students tell us about the program.

MUSIC Feature

Music composer Ninsheng Mo shares his experience as an international student in the WOU contemporary music program.

DANCE Feature

Three WOU dance instructors explain why Western is a great place for international students to study dance.

College of Education/English

Discover why WOU's College of Education is a great place for students from Brazil, featuring ESOL and bilingual professor Maria Dantas-Whitney.

Liberal Arts & Sciences/English

Discover why WOU's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences draws students from Brazil, featuring adjunct music instructor Wagner Trinadad.

Liberal Arts & Sciences/Portuguese

Discover why WOU's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences draws students from Brazil. Captioned and voiced in Portuguese.

College of Education/Portuguese

Discover why WOU's College of Education is a great place for students from Brazil. Captioned and voiced in Portuguese.

Visual Communication Design

Visual Communication Design is a course of study focused on graphic design and digital art in the Art Department. The program offers three areas of concentration: Graphic Design/Video & Animation/Interactive Media

Criminal Justice Career Day 2012

Thinking about a career in criminal justice? Learn about WOU's program from four successful graduates.

Gerontology Program

Western Oregon University now has Oregon's only undergraduate program in the field of Gerontology.

Gerontology Preview

Western Oregon University has developed the state's first Gerontology Major/Minor.

Academic Excellence Showcase 2011

WOU's Academic Excellence Showcase allows students to demonstrate their research and the campus community to experience the various creative interests of our undergraduate students.


TEFL: Teaching English as a Foreign Language. Undergraduate and post baccalaureate students can now prepare for their first international/cross-cultural English teaching position.

Century of Action

Find out what happens when history and honors students work together on the Century of Action website, led by WOU History Professor Kimberly Jensen.