Channel: "Graduate"

CJ Week 2022: Graduate School Presentation

WOU's Amber Deets talks about getting into grad school at Western, what programs are offered and how to pay for it. Recorded 2/22/22

M.S. in Ed: Information Technology

Thinking about getting a ED for Information Technology? Learn more from Academic Technologist Weiwei Zhang, a WOU MSed graduate. Recorded 1/10/18

MSed Bridget Johnson Tetteh

GNAC Associate Commissioner and former WOU student-athlete Bridget Johnson Tetteh explains how Western prepared her to succeed.

MS Miguel Gonzalez

Miguel Gonzalez received his Master of Science in Rehabilitation & Mental Health Counseling after being a student-athlete and graduate assistant at WOU. (Mock client interview shown)

Meet Chung-Fan Ni

Meet Associate Professor Chung-Fan Ni, the Program Coordinator for WOU's Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling program.

MSed Randi Lydum

Get your Master of Science in Education degree and develop a career in athletic compliance like WOU's Randi Lydum.

Music Master Kit Mills

Discover why Kit Mills chose Western to get his master's degree in Contemporary Music.

Meet Mary Bucy

Mary Bucy is an educational technology professor in WOU's information technology graduate program.

Meet Tom Bergeron

Doctor of Musical Arts Tom Bergeron explains the benefits of receiving your degree from Western.

MSed Samuel Williams

MSEd graduate Samuel Williams shares how a master's degree in information technoolgy from WOU advanced his career.

Meet Elisa Maroney

Meet WOU professor Elisa Maroney, Ph.D in interpreting studies.

MAT Emmet Whittaker

Master of Arts in Teaching graduate Emmett Whittaker discusses WOU's program merits.

Meet Maria Dantas-Whitney

Meet WOU's Maria Dantas-Whitney, professor of ESOL/Bilingual Education and chair of the Division of Teacher Education.

Meet Ken Carano

Meet WOU professor Ken Carano, Ph.D social science education and director of the master's of arts & teaching program coordinator.

Graduate Orientation

Valuable technology tools and financial aid information for graduate students

RCE Graduate Program

Rehabilitation Counselor Education Program -- Hear what three graduate students say about the master of science in rehabilitation counseling program at Western. (Open Captioned)

IT Education Profile

Take a closer look at the Master of Science in Education: Information Technology degree at WOU with Graduate Cindy Etherton.