Channel: "Public Lectures"

Out & Proud 2020 Keynote Speaker Mick Rose

The WOU Multicultural Student Union presents Mick Rose. Mick is a Indigiqueer Non Binary human from the Dine, Omaha and Pawnee Nations. Recorded 2/5/20

PURE Fall Review 2018

WOU students and faculty share their research projects and explain the benefits of undergraduate research opportunities.

Deciphering the 2018 Elections

The Western Oregon University Divison of Social Science presents: Deciphering the 2018 Elections. Recorded 11/27/18

Warren C. Gill: The Epitome of a Veteran

Warren Gill is one of the U.S. Coast Guard's greatest heroes of World War II. This is Gill's story told by History Professor Emeritus Doug Kroll, Ph.D. Recorded 11/9/18

How Freedom of the Press is Threatened in Honduras

Honduran Journalist Jennifer Ávila presents, The Silencing of Dissent: How Freedom of the Press is Threatened in Honduras, sponsored by the WOU College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, the department of Communication Studies and the Social Science Division. Recorded 10/11/18

Oregon Senator Dembrow on Climate Change

Senator Michael Dembrow speaks to Emily Plec's environmental communication class about climate change and what he's been doing about carbon pricing, renewable energy, emissions and other Oregon issues. Recorded 8/1/18

AES 2018: Presidential Plenary

The WOU Academic Excellence Showcase 2018 Presidential Plenary. Theme: POWER (Please note: there were technical difficulties with the audio.) Recorded 5/31/18

Pastega Awards 2018

The 2018 Mario and Alma Pastega Excellence Awards Ceremony honoring Peter Callero and Marie LeJeune. Recorded 5/9/18

Public Memory and the Ownership of History

A social science symposium on the role of history inside and outside academia with independent historian and WOU graduate James Masnov. Recorded 5/17/18

Community Health Career Talk Panel

Community Health presents health navigation services featuring Analuz Torres Girón, Cristina Hernandez and Harumy Concepcion. Recorded 5/16/18

Community Health Career Talk 5

Community Health presents NorthWest Senior Disability Services Bilingual Council & Volunteer Coordinator Zaira Flores Marin. Recorded 4/30/18

The Continuing Relevance of Marxist Analysis in the 21st Century

A social science symposium featuring WOU Professor of Sociology Dean Braa. Recorded 5/2/18

Community Health Career Talk 4

Community Health presents Strategic Prevention Framework with Kerryann Bouska from Marion County Health & Human Services. Recorded 4/23/18

I Found the Perfect Image! Can I Use It?

WOU's Sue Kunda explains copyright, public domain, creative commons and when you can use an image or graphic found online. Recorded 4/17/18

Faculty Technology Showcase 2018

WOU faculty & staff present 12 technology shorts. See beginning of video for presentation description & location. Recorded 2/27/18

New Kids on Campus: Connecting with Generation Z

How to connect with Generation Z students is presented by Marion Barnes with the WOU Office of Strategic Communications and Marketing. Recorded 3/12/18

Community Health Career Talk 3

Community Health presents Brandee Gerow, program manager for HealthFitness at Hewlett-Packard in Corvallis. Recorded 3/8/18

Community Health Career Talk 2

Community Health Education presents Brooke Jackson, SNAP Nutrition Education Program Assistant with Oregon State University College of Public Health & Human Services. Recorded 2/15/18

Careers With A Cause

Thinking about joining AmeriCorps or the Peace Corps? Learn more from this panel discussion sponsored by WOU Service Learning and Career Development. Recorded 2/13/18

Community Health Career Talk 1

Community Health Education presents Katrina Rothenberger with Polk County Public Health. Recorded 2/8/18

Alice Training 2018

WOU Campus Public Safety presents ALICE: Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate - steps to follow during an active shooter incident. Recorded 1/24/18

Alzheimer's: The Basics

This national presentation by Alzheimer's Association Regional Coordinator Alise Liepnieks was videotaped locally with permission from the Alzheimer's Association. Recorded 1/18/18, City of Independence, Ore. Library

Paul Evans Town Hall on Education

Rep. Paul Evans leads a town hall discussion on education. Sponsored by the WOU Political Science department. Recorded 11/7/17

Human Rights in Mexico

Human Rights in Mexico: How US policies affect State violence, militarization and displacement. A Witness for Peace Speaker Tour presentation. Recorded 10/17/17

Civic Literacy & Engagement

A presentation to PS 335 by Derek Olson, Chief of Staff for Rep. Sheri Malstrom. Olson is graduate of Western Oregon University. Recorded 10/4/17

Eclipse Lecture 3: Astrophotograper Jon Brewster

The WOU Community Lecture series presents Engineer/Astrophotographer Jon Brewster on the Great American Eclipse. Recorded 8/14/17

Eclipse Lecture 2: Astronomer Richard Berry

Everything you need to know about solar eclipses from Astronomer Richard Berry, M.Sc. including visual safety and citizen science. Recorded 6/6/17

AES 2017: Presidential Plenary

The Western Oregon University Academic Showcase presents the 2017 Presidential Plenary. Theme: Eclipses. Recorded 6/1/17

Current Trends in Liberal Education

Current Trends In Liberal Education presented by Roanoke College Professor Paul Hanstedt. Recorded 5/18/19

Creating Wicked Students

"Creating Wicked Students: Why We Should; How We Can" presented by Roanoke College professor Paul Hanstedt. Recorded 5/18/17

Neuroplasticity with Scott Pengelly

"The Body Always Wins, The Brain Always Learns" a public lecture on Neuroplasticity by Scott Pengelly. Recorded 5/18/17

Community Lecture May 2017

The WOU Academic Innovation Center presents "Global Learning: Bringing the World to WOU Students" by Associate Professor of Linguistics Rob Troyer. Recorded 5/9/17

BarCamp 2017

IT recruiter Tony Seminary on "the biggest mistake that keeps Software Engineer graduates from landing their first job." Recorded at BarCamp 5/5/17

Advising Lecture featuring Kerry Kincanon

The Student Success Lecture Series presents Kerry Kincanon who explores Time-to-Degree and Degree Completion Rates.

Community Lecture April 2017

The WOU Center for Academic Innovation Community Lecture presents "Math: The New Civil Rights Issue" with professor Sylvia Valdés-Fernández. Recorded 4/11/17

Community Lecture Mar. 2017

The WOU Center for Academic Innovation presents "Retention: It Takes a Campus " with Strategic Partnerships Manager Kristin Mauro. Recorded 3/11/17

Community Lecture Feb. 2017

The WOU Center for Academic Innovation presents "How To Write Well" with Assistant Professor of English Lars Soderlund. Recorded 2/21/17

RC670 CRC Exam

Learn what it's like to take a CRC exam from WOU Student Success Specialist Lizzy Balding.

Alaskan Native Communities & Climate Change

Alaska native and WOU graduate Roben Itchoak '06 present this community lecture about climate change in Alaska. Recorded 11/23/16

RC670 SRC Presentation

Presentation by Rhoda Hunter, SRC Coordinator for the Oregon State Rehabilitation Council.

RC670 ILC Presentation

Presentation by Emery Shelly, Operations Coordinator for the Oregon State Independent Living Council.

RC670 OBLPCT Presentation

Presentation from Lonnie Knotts, Intake Coordinator for the Oregon Board of Licensed Prof. Counselor and Therapists.

Community Lecture Nov. 2016

The WOU Center for Academic Innovation Community Lecture Series presents WOU Associate Provost for Academic Effectiveness Sue Monahan. Topic: Meeting our students where they are. Recorded 11/15/16

Brian Doyle Book Reading at Monmouth Public Library

Author, Father, Professor Brian Doyle shares his writings with WOU and the Monmouth-Independence community, part of the Virginia Gillis Memorial evening. Recorded 10/21/16

Community Lecture Oct. 2016

The WOU Center for Academic Innovation Community Lecture Series presents WOU President Rex Fuller. Topic: Retention & Student Success. Recorded 10/11/16

Academic Advising 2

The Academic Advising and Learning Center welcomes OSU's Nicole Kent. Reality Check: Advising Students Out of a Major. Recorded 4/14/16

CASA Athletes

Statements from WOU Athletes on Sexual Violence Prevention. Recorded July 2016

OACC Advising Keynote

The 2016 Oregon Academic Advising Conference, hosted by WOU presents Brett McFarlane, Executive Director of Advising at UC Davis. Recorded 6/22/16

Community Lecture 8

The WOU Center for Academic Innovation Community Lecture series presents " Grandparenting: A Cherished Family Role in Mid-to Late-Life" with Margaret Manoogian. Recorded 6/7/16

Community Lecture 7

The WOU Center for Academic Innovation Community Lecture Series presents "Inclusion of Youth with Disabilities in Community Recreation and Physical Activity" with Jennifer Taylor. Recorded 5/10/16

Climate Change Talk

Brother Cyril Drnjevic, a Benedictine Monk, reviews Pope Francis' document on Ecology as "The Climate Within." Lecture presented by the WOU Division of Social Science. Recorded 6/2/16

Community Lecture 6

The WOU Center for Academic Innovation Community Lecture Series presents "Hiking & Backpacking in the Pacific NW" with Tom Kelly. Recorded 3/12/16

Community Lecture 5

The WOU Center for Academic Innovation Community Lecture Series presents "Parallel Lines" with WOU Assistant Art Professor Garima Thakur. Recorded 3/10/16

Maren Anderson

The Western Oregon University Bookstore presents Author Maren Anderson reading "Fuzzy Logic". Recorded 2/17/16

Community Lecture 4

The WOU Center for Academic Innovation Community Lecture Series presents "Beyond Tolerance: Religion and Global Community" with Allen McKiel. Recorded 2/9/16

Rehabilitation & Mental Health Counseling (ASL)

Denise Thew Hackett explains the Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling Program's opportunity to receive free counseling from graduate level student counselors.

Rehabilitation & Mental Health Counseling

Kim Poage explains the Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling Program and an opportunity to receive free counseling from graduate level student counselors.

Community Lecture 2

The WOU Center for Academic Innovation Community Lecture Series presents: Brain Health and Aging with psychology professor Rob Winningham. Recorded 11/17/15

Community Lecture 3

The WOU Center for Academic Innovation Community Lecture Series presents "The Dog Ate My Cell Phone" with Dan Clark. Recorded 12/8/15

Alice Training 2015

WOU Campus Public Safety presents ALICE: how to increase your survivability during an active shooter incident. Recorded 11/10/15

Academic Advising 1

The Academic Advising and Learning Center welcomes Penny Robinson to campus for a public lecture on advising. Recorded 10/14/15

Community Lecture 1

Melanie Landon-Hays launches the first session of the Center for Academic Innovation's new Community Lecture Series. Recorded 10/12/15

Pastega Awards 2015

The 2015 Mario and Alma Pastega Excellence Awards featuring award recipients Maureen Dolan and Kevin Walczyk. Recorded 4/30/15

Rep. Paul Evans

Oregon House Representative Paul Evans conducts a town hall discussion at WOU. Recorded 4/30/15

Jesse Stommel

Education Technology presents Promoting Social Justice in Scholarly Journals with Jesse Stommel via Skype. Recorded 4/29/15

Ed Tech's Inequalities

Educational technology writer Audrey Watters speaks to WOU via Skype about Battling Social Injustice in Ed Tech. Recorded 4/8/15.


​Sexual Misconduct and Mandatory Reporting​: PSA


​Sexual Misconduct and Mandatory Reporting​​ Part​ IV: ​Student Conduct Process


Sexual Misconduct and Mandatory Reporting Part III: Assistance and Resources


Sexual Misconduct and Mandatory Reporting Part II: Reporting Procedures


Sexual Misconduct and Mandatory Reporting Part I: Background and Definitions (includes WOU vignettes)

Josquin des Prez

Music 360 lecture by Assistant Professor Charles Mueller on Josquin des Prez: Music's Answer to Michelangelo.

Will Keim

Nationally-known inspirational speaker Will Keim speaks frankly to students during New Student Week 2014. (some material edited for air)

Punya Mishra

Punya Mishra (Ph.D, Michigan State) explores living at the junction of education, creativity, design and technology.

Pastega Awards 2014

The 2014 Pastega Award winners: David Doellinger & Katherine Schmidt

Etiquette Dinner

WOU students learn how to set a table, butter bread and more from etiquette expert Mindy Lockard.

Cuban Guy

Motivational speaker Andres Lara speaks during New Student Week 2013.

Veteran Speaker Robert Stanulis

Psychologist Robert Stanulis talks about Veterans in the classroom and what you need to know. Recorded Oct. 2013

MT: Pulmonary

Medical Terminology: The Pulminary System with Roseann Kendall

MT: Building Word Parts

Medical Terminology: Building Word Partswith Roseann Kendall

MT: Cardiovascular

Medical Terminology: The Cardiovascular System with Roseann Kendall

MT: Urinary

Medical Terminology: The Urinary System with Roseann Kendall

MT: Endocrine

Medical Terminology: The Endocrine System with Roseann Kendall

MT: Integumentary

Medical Terminology: The Integumentary System with Roseann Kendall

MT: Reproductive

Medical Terminology: The Reproductive System with Roseann Kendall

MT: Musculoskeletal

Medical Terminology: The Musculoskeletal System with Roseann Kendall

MT: Nervous System

Medical Terminology: The Nervous System with Roseann Kendall

Forensic Anthropology

Learn more about a career in Forensic Anthropology from one of Oregon's leading experts.

Proposition 8

This WOU play re-enacts live testimony from the Proposition 8 Federal Court trial.

Careers In Aging 2013

A panel discussion on career, practicum and volunteer opportunities for gerontology students.

Cesar Chavez Keynote 2012

Latino students attending the 22nd Annual Cesar Chavez Student Leadership Conference at WOU hear from Army Veteran Consuelo Castillo Kickbusch.

Sensation & Perception

Learn about sense receptors, transduction, neural processing, color vision and more in this lecture by WOU's Rob Winningham. Recorded March 2012.

Poet Crystal Williams

Poet Crystal Williams reads from her collection as part of Black History Month 2012.