WEBVTT 00:00:14.000 --> 00:00:20.000 15 Miles West is the all-male a cappella group of Western Oregon University. We started in the fall of 2008. 00:00:23.000 --> 00:00:28.000 It took us 4 or 5 years to actually consider making the group actually start. 00:00:46.000 --> 00:00:58.000 A capella is completely voice. All voices, all the instrumental parts are completely voiced. The percussion, the beatboxing is all vocal. 00:00:58.000 --> 00:00:63.000 It's like taking your favorite song on the radio and making it a completely different arrangement. 00:01:05.000 --> 00:01:13.000 To put a group like this together, a lot of it's repetition really. Staying driven with all the same idea. 00:01:13.000 --> 00:01:19.000 I think once we all realized that we just enjoy making music, that's the key part, just enjoy making music together. 00:01:20.000 --> 00:01:27.000 A cappella fascinates me because you get a chance to prove that you're not just a singer or a vocalist. 00:01:27.000 --> 00:01:36.000 You get to show that you're more of an instrumentalist. A cappella to me, it's pretty simple. It's just a symphony of voices. 00:01:37.000 --> 00:01:44.000 Alright, so for tonight, guys, we're going to start with 'Virtual Insanity,' and we're going to run through just the choreography of the song. 00:01:44.000 --> 00:01:49.000 Second one we're going to do is 'Just the Way You Are', work on our blend at the beginning of the song. Be exact. 00:01:59.000 --> 00:01:66.000 The road to the ICCA quarterfinals, for us is I-5 South. 00:02:07.000 --> 00:02:13.000 We had to send in a qualifying live performance of ourselves. 00:02:13.000 --> 00:02:17.000 Fortunately, they recognized our submission. 00:02:17.000 --> 00:02:26.000 Saturday we're going to be competing against 8 other groups, vocal groups. It could be all-male, mixed groups, and all-female groups. 00:02:26.000 --> 00:02:32.000 I don't know if we're going to be taking it all this year, but I would see us in the upper top 3 or 4. 00:02:39.000 --> 00:02:44.000 It's something that I've always done since I was a kid. Since I was 5, I've always been singing music.