WEBVTT 00:00:00.000 --> 00:00:04.000 So we're out here at Western Oregon University, we're doing a 5K run n' ruck. 00:00:04.000 --> 00:00:08.000 This is a ruck and a run so we have people running and people rucking it, 00:00:08.000 --> 00:00:11.000 walking with backpacks. The top 3 in each category are going to get one of these 00:00:11.000 --> 00:00:14.000 bad boys, just a custom-designed ugly sweater. 00:00:14.000 --> 00:00:17.000 We tried to combine Thanksgiving and Christmas and this is what we came up with. 00:00:17.000 --> 00:00:21.000 The purpose is both just kinda bring the community together, get people. 00:00:21.000 --> 00:00:23.000 Covid's been pretty tough for everyone. So now we have an outdoor activity 00:00:23.000 --> 00:00:26.000 where everyone can come out and do something together. 00:00:26.000 --> 00:00:29.000 But in addition to that we are optionally raising funds for the Red Cross. We have a fund 00:00:29.000 --> 00:00:33.000 set-up to go to Support for the Afghanistan Relief for stuff that's going on there 00:00:33.000 --> 00:00:39.000 since the NATO withdrawal. Today, we have a 5K and you can run it like a traditional 5K 00:00:39.000 --> 00:00:44.000 or you can ruck it. Rucking is a traditional military exercise that usually is not 00:00:44.000 --> 00:00:47.000 super fun where you throw on a weighted backpack and you ruck it 00:00:47.000 --> 00:00:50.000 a distance of 5 and 20 miles. So today we're just doing it for three. 00:00:50.000 --> 00:00:54.000 This event is sponsored by Western Oregon University Veterans Resource Center, 00:00:54.000 --> 00:00:58.000 Campus Recreation and West Coast Strength over in West Salem. 00:00:58.000 --> 00:00:60.000 I just want to see people out here having a good time. 00:01:00.000 --> 00:01:03.000 We do have a lot of people that are coming here to be competitive. 00:01:03.000 --> 00:01:05.000 But as long as everyone's being safe and having a great time, 00:01:05.000 --> 00:01:08.000 getting out there and engaging, that's good with me. 00:01:08.000 --> 00:01:17.000 music