WEBVTT 00:00:17.000 --> 00:00:22.000 Western has a variety of residents hall options for students who want to live on campus. 00:00:22.000 --> 00:00:24.000 First year students are required to live on campus. 00:00:25.000 --> 00:00:31.000 We have three different traditional style buildings for them to live in, where there is one that is more of a suite style arrangement. 00:00:31.000 --> 00:00:37.000 Upperclassmen also choose to live on campus. We have apartment style and suite style options available to them. 00:00:38.000 --> 00:00:43.000 I really like living in Ackerman because its green, its a brand new building and its right on campus. 00:00:44.000 --> 00:00:49.000 I dont have to worry about just being studying in my room, I can come out to the lounge and just study. 00:00:50.000 --> 00:00:54.000 Ackerman is our newest building on campus. We're very proud of it. 00:00:55.000 --> 00:00:59.000 We have managed to build a building that we believe will achieve LEED Platinum status. 00:01:03.000 --> 00:01:07.000 Valstez dining hall is the main dining hall for our livein students on campus. 00:01:08.000 --> 00:01:14.000 We have a variety of items ranging from an 18 item salad bar to a grill, deli, a home style, and a spotlight line, 00:01:15.000 --> 00:01:19.000 and a grab and go where they can get food from 7 am to 11 at night. 00:01:19.000 --> 00:01:24.000 Werner center is the dining facility where faculty, staff, customers off campus, anybody can visit. 00:01:25.000 --> 00:01:31.000 We have a coffee shop, deli, grill and store. You can get burgers and sandwiches made to order from a menu. 00:01:33.000 --> 00:01:38.000 We take the quality of our food seriously here. We use high quality beef, Painted Hills brand beef. 00:01:39.000 --> 00:01:47.000 We are trying to buy a lot of our things locally as much as we can. We're trying to get our customers and our faculty and staff interested in composting. 00:01:48.000 --> 00:01:52.000 We are really proud of that and doing a good job.