WEBVTT 00:00:00.000 --> 00:00:08.000 Western is my school because it offers me excellent resources to improve my English proficiency, and great adventure into American culture. 00:00:09.000 --> 00:00:14.000 Western is my school because my professors really are here for me. It is a tremendous support for my career goals. 00:00:25.000 --> 00:00:32.000 Students and their families consistently describe Western Oregon University as a friendly and supportive community. 00:00:33.000 --> 00:00:41.000 WOU is a mid-sized public university known for small classes, personalized attention, and dedicated professional faculty and staff. 00:00:41.000 --> 00:00:48.000 In fact, Western has been recognized nationally as one of the top twenty small state schools in the country. 00:00:49.000 --> 00:00:55.000 Students quickly discover how easy it can be to establish connections with faculty who become mentors. 00:00:55.000 --> 00:00:60.000 With this kind of collaboration, students can take part in the annual academic excellence showcase, 00:01:00.000 --> 00:01:04.000 regional and national presentations, or study abroad. 00:01:11.000 --> 00:01:14.000 Your journey to a degree begins here. 00:01:15.000 --> 00:01:23.000 Western Oregon University consists of two colleges, the College of Education, and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. 00:01:23.000 --> 00:01:29.000 Western Oregon University is proud to offer forty undergraduate degrees and eleven graduate degrees. 00:01:30.000 --> 00:01:37.000 Anything from Business, to information technology, to the creative arts, to teaching, 00:01:39.000 --> 00:01:43.000 all of these and more are offered for our students at Western. 00:01:45.000 --> 00:01:48.000 From business and economics to music and the arts; 00:01:48.000 --> 00:01:53.000 Western offers both full time and part time undergraduate and graduate programs. 00:01:53.000 --> 00:01:60.000 Freshmen can select from a variety of block schedules designed to provide a smooth transition to academic life. 00:02:00.000 --> 00:02:03.000 Plus, you can easily add or drop a course. 00:02:04.000 --> 00:02:07.000 Director of international studies Neng Yang says 00:02:07.000 --> 00:02:11.000 Western is the right choice for international students for several reasons. 00:02:12.000 --> 00:02:17.000 I strongly suggest that Chinese students come to Western because one, we have a very good reputation, 00:02:18.000 --> 00:02:21.000 two, we have a very reasonable tuition; 00:02:22.000 --> 00:02:30.000 three, we have a very good caring loving staff, administrators, and faculty who love to serve Chinese students. 00:02:32.000 --> 00:02:36.000 I find that Western has a variety of curriculum. 00:02:36.000 --> 00:02:41.000 The class system here allows me to take classes outside of my major such as music class, theater class. 00:02:42.000 --> 00:02:45.000 I also learned my third language, Spanish, here. 00:02:45.000 --> 00:02:49.000 Most of our international students like Western Oregon University because of our excellent class sizes. 00:02:50.000 --> 00:02:54.000 We have smaller class settings, between 18-20 students per class. 00:02:54.000 --> 00:02:57.000 All of them are taught by professors, not by teaching assistants. 00:02:57.000 --> 00:02:61.000 So students can expect a personal service from professors. 00:03:01.000 --> 00:03:08.000 Most of the time your professor is your academic advisor so they know your career goals and your educational goals. 00:03:11.000 --> 00:03:16.000 My job as an international student advisor is to help international students adjust 00:03:16.000 --> 00:03:20.000 to life in the United States and to adjust to life at Western Oregon University. 00:03:20.000 --> 00:03:24.000 Our office can help students decide what classes they want to apply for 00:03:25.000 --> 00:03:28.000 or decide what programs they want to get involved in. 00:03:28.000 --> 00:03:33.000 Whether you're interested in information technology, business, economics, music and the arts, 00:03:33.000 --> 00:03:37.000 Western's diverse academic profile is exemplary. 00:03:37.000 --> 00:03:41.000 With a class ratio of 18 to 1, and classes taught 100% by professors, 00:03:42.000 --> 00:03:46.000 students with a passion for learning can excel in their degree. 00:03:47.000 --> 00:03:51.000 When I first arrived at Western I planned to earn a master degree in education, 00:03:51.000 --> 00:03:58.000 but while preparing for the program I changed my mind after having many conversations with my parents. 00:03:58.000 --> 00:03:63.000 I felt that a post baccalaureate degree in business would prepare me for a better master degree. 00:04:11.000 --> 00:04:15.000 WOU's 157 acre campus is located in Monmouth Oregon. 00:04:14.000 --> 00:04:19.000 Nearby, you'll find the Willamette river, lush wineries, and rich lavender fields. 00:04:22.000 --> 00:04:26.000 Western is 20 minutes from Salem, the state capita, and a short drive from the scenic Oregon coast. 00:04:28.000 --> 00:04:33.000 Nature lovers and outdoor adventurers can travel in any direction to find their favorite spots. 00:04:33.000 --> 00:04:36.000 I like the sense of community and belonging at Western. 00:04:36.000 --> 00:04:40.000 Monmouth combines big city energy and sophistication with small town warmth and charm. 00:04:43.000 --> 00:04:47.000 What I really like about Western is the ability to connect with faculty and staff. 00:04:47.000 --> 00:04:52.000 I swim here and play basketball in the new, free, Health and Wellness center. 00:04:54.000 --> 00:04:59.000 WOU's new Health and Wellness center is a 45,000 square foot facility with a two court gymnasium, 00:05:00.000 --> 00:05:05.000 two racquet ball courts, weight training area, cardio vascular area, 00:05:05.000 --> 00:05:10.000 rock climbing wall, indoor swimming pool, classrooms, and locker rooms. 00:05:11.000 --> 00:05:16.000 Other campus sports facilities include McArthur field, the new physical education center, tennis courts, 00:05:17.000 --> 00:05:21.000 a dance studio, and a new recreation field scheduled for opening in 2012. 00:05:24.000 --> 00:05:30.000 Western Oregon University is Oregon's only NCAA Division 2 program featuring nine sports. 00:05:30.000 --> 00:05:37.000 WOU students can attend all games free of charge or participate in a variety of intramural and club sports. 00:05:38.000 --> 00:05:44.000 Whether you're walking or biking to class, public campus safety is on guard to insure your time here is safe and peaceful. 00:05:46.000 --> 00:05:51.000 Our officers are here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 00:05:51.000 --> 00:05:58.000 Our office never closes. We have people that work our communications desk 24/7/365. 00:05:58.000 --> 00:05:61.000 We maintain patrols through the residents halls, through the regular buildings, 00:06:03.000 --> 00:06:06.000 as well as on foot and vehicles and bicycle. 00:06:08.000 --> 00:06:12.000 We're out there to make sure that the students see us, we see them. 00:06:13.000 --> 00:06:18.000 We provide that safe secure learning environment for them to get a higher education. 00:06:19.000 --> 00:06:23.000 I feel safe at Western because in the small town every is close and you know each other. 00:06:23.000 --> 00:06:28.000 I have no problem walking around campus, especially go to the library and study. 00:06:29.000 --> 00:06:35.000 At Hamersly Library you'll find plenty of access to computers and laptops, printers and scanners free of charge. 00:06:36.000 --> 00:06:40.000 Students are able to take part in group discussions or to find their own study area. 00:06:41.000 --> 00:06:44.000 In addition to a variety of in-house resource material, 00:06:45.000 --> 00:06:50.000 students can borrow books from 30 other libraries listed in the university network. 00:06:51.000 --> 00:06:57.000 The Werner University Center is home to the WOU bookstore, a coffee and espresso café, 00:06:57.000 --> 00:06:60.000 Wolf Deli, the Wolf Grill, and the Wolf Express. 00:07:01.000 --> 00:07:04.000 Sandwiches are made to order from local fresh ingredients. 00:07:05.000 --> 00:07:09.000 We have a menu where we make-to-order your burgers and fries and your sandwiches. 00:07:09.000 --> 00:07:12.000 We take the quality of our food seriously here. 00:07:12.000 --> 00:07:15.000 We like to make our food fresh and give the customer what they want. 00:07:15.000 --> 00:07:20.000 The Werner University Center is the headquarters for several student organizations including student government, 00:07:21.000 --> 00:07:26.000 student leadership and activities board, the WOU Journal, and radio station KWOU. 00:07:27.000 --> 00:07:34.000 International Night and Chinese Spring Festival are my two favorite annual events in the Werner University Center. 00:07:35.000 --> 00:07:40.000 The diversity of culture at International Night helps me expand my horizons. 00:07:41.000 --> 00:07:46.000 And the popularity of Chinese Spring Festival makes me feel at home at Western. 00:07:51.000 --> 00:07:54.000 You'll find more than a dorm room at WOU. 00:07:54.000 --> 00:07:57.000 Whether you're moving across campus from across town or across the country, 00:07:57.000 --> 00:07:61.000 you'll become part of our family community away from home. 00:08:01.000 --> 00:08:04.000 There are plenty of room and board options; 00:08:04.000 --> 00:08:08.000 from single and double sweets, to four person apartments with a full kitchen. 00:08:09.000 --> 00:08:14.000 Introducing Ackerman Hall, the only LEED Platinum certified resident hall in the United States. 00:08:15.000 --> 00:08:18.000 This environmentally friendly building has solar panels, 00:08:19.000 --> 00:08:23.000 comfortable lounge furniture made from repurposed wood, and a convenient recycling center. 00:08:24.000 --> 00:08:26.000 No matter which residents hall you decide to live in, 00:08:26.000 --> 00:08:30.000 every room comes with phone, free wireless internet, and cable access. 00:08:32.000 --> 00:08:36.000 The main dining facility for students living on campus is the Valsetz food court. 00:08:37.000 --> 00:08:40.000 Breakfast, lunch, and dinner 7 days a week. 00:08:46.000 --> 00:08:51.000 At Western Oregon University we give you the tools you need to navigate your journey to academic success. 00:08:53.000 --> 00:08:58.000 The University Writing Center is designed to promote your academic and professional development as a writer. 00:08:59.000 --> 00:08:62.000 Free for all students, the writing center staff can review lab reports, 00:09:03.000 --> 00:09:07.000 research papers, grant proposals, insuring you create your best work. 00:09:09.000 --> 00:09:12.000 What I really love about working with international students 00:09:11.000 --> 00:09:15.000 is we get to see them through the whole process at Western Oregon University. 00:09:16.000 --> 00:09:21.000 When we pick them up at the airport a lot of the students are really shy and unsure of themselves 00:09:22.000 --> 00:09:27.000 but in only two or three years they gain a lot of confidence and really succeed when they leave Western. 00:09:29.000 --> 00:09:34.000 If you have the dream and the drive and the desire, WOU's international club wants you. 00:09:36.000 --> 00:09:41.000 International students compete in a yearly variety show, enjoy off campus events, and work as tour guides, 00:09:43.000 --> 00:09:46.000 peer mentors, and new student councilors, campus internships, 00:09:48.000 --> 00:09:51.000 and other work opportunities are also available. 00:09:52.000 --> 00:09:55.000 Coming to the United States 20 years ago as an international student, 00:09:55.000 --> 00:09:59.000 I fully understand the needs of the Chinese students. 00:09:59.000 --> 00:09:64.000 Western Oregon University is the place to provide all good quality education 00:10:06.000 --> 00:10:09.000 and services to your sons and daughters. 00:10:09.000 --> 00:10:14.000 It's a fact of life that nearly every college and university in the nation strives for excellence. 00:10:14.000 --> 00:10:18.000 Here at Western Oregon University we're getting it right. 00:10:19.000 --> 00:10:23.000 Another thing that I'm proud of, personally, here at Western is the national recognition 00:10:24.000 --> 00:10:29.000 that we've received for retaining students and seeing them through graduations. 00:10:30.000 --> 00:10:33.000 Particularly, our international students and those students 00:10:33.000 --> 00:10:36.000 whose language is not necessarily English as a first language. 00:10:39.000 --> 00:10:44.000 WOU was included in a top ten list of universities that are doing things right. 00:10:45.000 --> 00:10:49.000 In a recent book, 'Higher Education, how colleges are wasting our money and failing our kids,' 00:10:50.000 --> 00:10:53.000 the authors detail many of WOU's strengths. 00:11:13.000 --> 00:11:17.000 Welcome to Western Oregon University.