WEBVTT 00:00:00.000 --> 00:00:06.000 [music] 00:00:06.000 --> 00:00:11.000 My name is Jonathan Farmer. I'm a senior majoring in Communications Studies and I'm also the student body president. 00:00:11.000 --> 00:00:17.000 I transferred to Western Oregon University because I want to be a part of something big, and I also want to be a part of a family. 00:00:17.000 --> 00:00:22.000 Western Oregon University is often on a national stage, receiving many awards, for they have many opportunities, 00:00:22.000 --> 00:00:26.000 and truly Western Oregon University is a place where inclusion meets opportunity. 00:00:26.000 --> 00:00:33.000 Another thing I like about Western is its opportunities for housing. It has Ackerman Hall, the greenest residence hall in the United States. 00:00:33.000 --> 00:00:38.000 We also have townhomes, as well as traditional housing for single families. 00:00:38.000 --> 00:00:42.000 When I compare my experience at a community college to my experience here at Western, 00:00:42.000 --> 00:00:46.000 I find that professors have a more direct influence on my goals in life. 00:00:46.000 --> 00:00:53.000 They take more of an investment in who I am personally, rather than checking off did I pass their class or not. 00:00:53.000 --> 00:00:58.000 I think students should transfer to Western Oregon University because Western keeps its promises, 00:00:58.000 --> 00:00:64.000 the promises to provide you with personalized education through one-on-time with your professors and your advisors. 00:01:04.000 --> 00:01:09.000 It also promises to prepare you for the global market through the diversity that exists here on this campus. 00:01:09.000 --> 00:01:14.000 And also, it'll keep your tuition the same for the four years that you're here at Western. 00:01:14.000 --> 00:01:19.000 I'm a husband, I'm a father, and I'm a proud transfer student at Western Oregon University. 00:01:19.000 --> 00:01:24.000 [music]