WEBVTT 00:00:06.000 --> 00:00:12.000 Hello, and welcome to WOU techTV. My name is Michael Ellis, and I'll be your host. 00:00:12.000 --> 00:00:21.000 In each episode of WOU techTV, we'll demonstrate the basic functions and some of the advanced features of a WOU online system. 00:00:23.000 --> 00:00:35.000 Today's topic is account lookup. Account lookup is the tool that WOU provides for all campus users to set or change their password. 00:00:35.000 --> 00:00:39.000 We call this your Pawprint username and password. 00:00:39.000 --> 00:00:42.000 It can be used by anyone at anytime. 00:00:42.000 --> 00:00:53.000 Regardless if this is your first day at WOU, or you've been here for years, or if you've been graduated for years, account lookup is for you. 00:00:53.000 --> 00:00:56.000 Great! So, how do I get there? 00:00:56.000 --> 00:00:60.000 No problem. We'll start on the WOU homepage. 00:01:00.000 --> 00:01:03.000 At the top, click on the link for Portal. 00:01:03.000 --> 00:01:08.000 Next, click the link in the middle of the page that says, 'Account Lookup 00:01:09.000 --> 00:01:12.000 Now, click the 'Change Password' button. 00:01:14.000 --> 00:01:21.000 Woah, woah! Wait a minute! I thought WOU would never ask for my social security number. 00:01:21.000 --> 00:01:27.000 Well, that's true. No one from WOU should ever call or email you asking for your SSN. 00:01:27.000 --> 00:01:35.000 Account lookup needs your SSN, or your SEVIS number for international students. 00:01:35.000 --> 00:01:39.000 And your last name, because it's only something you should know. 00:01:39.000 --> 00:01:44.000 We don't store it. It's only used once to make sure it's you. 00:01:44.000 --> 00:01:52.000 The page is secured via SSL. You can see the little lock right here, so your information is encrypted and safe. 00:01:53.000 --> 00:01:56.000 You'll also need to enter the letters from the CAPTCHA. 00:01:56.000 --> 00:01:64.000 I know, no one likes these things, but they prevent hackers from repeatedly guessing your information until they get it right. 00:02:04.000 --> 00:02:06.000 Next, we'll click 'Submit 00:02:07.000 --> 00:02:13.000 If you have more than one account, you'll have to pick which account you are setting a password on. 00:02:13.000 --> 00:02:16.000 Otherwise, you can ignore this screen. 00:02:16.000 --> 00:02:23.000 Next, you will see WOU's acceptable use policy. Yep. The p-word. 00:02:23.000 --> 00:02:25.000 We've written it as simply as possible. 00:02:25.000 --> 00:02:36.000 There are some important details in there, things like never sharing your password with anybody and what you can and cannot do with your personal or office machine. 00:02:36.000 --> 00:02:40.000 Once you've read it, click the 'Continue' button at the bottom. 00:02:41.000 --> 00:02:44.000 You can read this next screen and click the 'Next' button. 00:02:46.000 --> 00:02:48.000 Okay, on to the important stuff. 00:02:48.000 --> 00:02:56.000 The final confirmation screen will display your email address, your username, your VNumber. 00:02:56.000 --> 00:02:58.000 Hey! No peeking. 00:02:58.000 --> 00:02:63.000 Click the 'here' button to choose a password. 00:03:03.000 --> 00:03:07.000 Ah! Why are there so many rules? 00:03:07.000 --> 00:03:13.000 Well, unfortunately in today's world, you can't have a password like 'secret' or '12345'. 00:03:13.000 --> 00:03:16.000 Your password needs to follow the rules shown here. 00:03:16.000 --> 00:03:21.000 If you pick one that doesn't work, the tool will let you know and make you pick something else. 00:03:21.000 --> 00:03:26.000 I'll just type in my new Pawprint password now. 00:03:27.000 --> 00:03:28.000 And voila! 00:03:29.000 --> 00:03:36.000 You can log in right now to Portal, Moodle, and the other WOU online systems. 00:03:36.000 --> 00:03:42.000 Wait about 5 minutes before you log into your office computer or one of the computer labs. 00:03:42.000 --> 00:03:48.000 Remember, you can change your password day or night, and as many times as you want. 00:03:48.000 --> 00:03:53.000 We recommend that everyone change their password at least once a year. 00:03:53.000 --> 00:03:55.000 Well, that's it for today. 00:03:55.000 --> 00:03:62.000 If there's a topic you'd like us to cover on WOU techTV, please let us know, and be sure to check back soon. 00:04:02.000 --> 00:04:04.000 Maybe your video will be next. 00:04:04.000 --> 00:04:07.000 Thanks for joining us on WOU techTV.