WEBVTT 00:00:00.000 --> 00:00:04.000 Hi, my name is Luanne Carrillo, and I'm from Dallas, OR. 00:00:04.000 --> 00:00:08.000 I'm a senior at Western studying Spanish and Community Health, with a minor with a minor in Sociology. 00:00:12.000 --> 00:00:17.000 My career goal is to continue traveling the world, and some day work with underserved populations. 00:00:22.000 --> 00:00:28.000 My most memorable experience here at Western has been working with the Service Learning and Career Development office 00:00:28.000 --> 00:00:31.000 because it has given me opportunities to travel, and serve around globally. 00:00:32.000 --> 00:00:36.000 Such as Africa, where I got the opportunity to work with orphans who were HIV positive. 00:00:36.000 --> 00:00:40.000 And I also learned how our culture relates to them. 00:00:44.000 --> 00:00:48.000 I chose Western because of it's diverse community, and because it has 00:00:48.000 --> 00:00:50.000 allowed me to become a stronger and better leader in my community.