WEBVTT 00:00:00.000 --> 00:00:04.000 Music. 00:00:04.000 --> 00:00:10.000 I wanted to come to Western to major in American Sign Language because there is an ASL community here. 00:00:10.000 --> 00:00:16.000 And with the small classroom sizes, you get the personal attention you need from your professors. 00:00:16.000 --> 00:00:23.000 Music. 00:00:23.000 --> 00:00:28.000 My favorite class this term is ASL Syntax with Michael Oliver. 00:00:28.000 --> 00:00:35.000 ASL Syntax is a linguistics ASL class that teaches us the grammar structure of ASL. 00:00:36.000 --> 00:00:42.000 And today in class, we were using signs and putting them into different sentence structure. 00:00:42.000 --> 00:00:45.000 I think the best thing about Western is the community. 00:00:45.000 --> 00:00:53.000 You can get involved with student groups, activities, and clubs and still be connected to the big community which is Western. 00:00:53.000 --> 00:00:61.000 Some of the things I'm involved with on campus are I'm a student worker in the Admissions Office as well as a student ambassador. 00:01:01.000 --> 00:01:04.000 And I really enjoy activities through the ASL club. 00:01:04.000 --> 00:01:13.000 I'm so happy with my decision to come to Western. It has helped me grow as an individual which I think is equally as important as getting my degree. 00:01:13.000 --> 00:01:23.000 My career goal is to become a vocational rehabilitation counselor to help deaf individuals and individuals with disabilities getting support and access to the work force. 00:01:24.000 --> 00:01:30.000 This is important to me because growing up deaf, I understand the struggle and I know how hard it can be. 00:01:30.000 --> 00:01:34.000 Western Oregon University is the perfect campus for me. 00:01:34.000 --> 00:01:43.000 Music.