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SIS Reports (WOU) These job submission reports can be run in Banner INB. Access the GJAJOBS form in BannerINB for an up-to-date list of reports.

GLBLSEL Pop Selection of Letter Code
Second step in letter generation. Pulls the population of specific letter codes

GLRLETR Letter Generation
This is third step in letter generation. Creates the letters.

MATRIC Matriculation Fee
Matriculation Fee

PINMAIL Email notification of web pin reset
Send EMail if Web PIN Reset

SFRENRL Enrollment Verification Report
Produces enrollment verification report.

SFRRGAM Failed Prereq Report
This report produces a list of students who are registered in courses for which they no longer meet the prerequisite

SFRSCHD Student Schedule
This report produces a student schedule

SFRSLST Class Roster
This report produces an alpha listing of all students within a section. Used to enter mid-term or final grades and to monitor and identify enrollment changes.

SGRSPRT Athletic Eligibility Report
List athletes with less than 12 hours registered.

SHRASTD Calculate Academic Standing
This process will calculate the Academic Standing and Deans List Status.

Calculates GPA and populates gpa tables

SHRROLL Grade Roll To Academic History
Grade Roll Process. Creates Academic History records for final grades.

SHRTAEQ Transfer Equivalency Worksheet
This report produces a work-in-progress for student(s) by college(s) for transfer equivalency

SHRTRTC Academic Transcript
Produces either official or unofficial transcripts.

SMPCPRG Compliance Purge
Purges system of compliances

SMRBCMP Batch Compliancet
Produces compliances in queue

SWAFMS2 Students with Comment Code
Comma Delimited File - Clone of SWAFMSS but lists everyone (enrolled or not) with specified comment code - Lists Address and Major

SWAFMSS Address/GPA/ASTD by Comment
Comma delimited file for enrolled students with specified comment code

SWAFREC Recruit Listing
Excel listing of recruits

SWARAPL Admission Applicants
Lists applicants

SWARDCL Decision List by Decision Code
Report listing admit decisions

SSN,Name, HS GPA, SAT verbal, SAT Math, SAT Comp and averages listed for matriculated freshmen for a term.

SWARHSA New Admits from High School
Sorts By School. Prints name, phone, address, and ssn.

SWARHSD High School Distribution
Prints each high school sorted by county, state, or nation and the number of new freshmen from that school.

SWAROCA Enrolled Admits from Or. CC
All students Enrolled in the given term who attended the given college. Prints name, phone, address, ssn. Sorted By School. Gives total students by school, and grand total. Pulls college attendance from sorpcol.

SWAROUS OSSHE Apps and Admits Report
Admissions and data for OUS

SWARPAR Parents list (B,M,D)
Prints name, phone, and address of parents of all matriculated admits.

SWBPKEN Perkins Enrollment List
Checks enrollment for Perkins borrowers

SWBRADD Everyone with spc address type
Students with a specified address type

SWBRBAD Detail Code by To/From Date
Balance Accd Date

SWBRBAL Detl Code by To/From Dt w/term
Balance Accd Date clone of swbrbad

SWBRBIG Misc detail for all time
Misc detail (huge file)

SWBRBLA FDoc/Detail Code Query
Balance Accd from fdoc and detail code

SWBRBLM Misc Rcts by F Doc Code
Balance Misd-List misc receipts with description, amount, and receipt number for given F Doc and Detail Code

SWBRBMD Balance Misd Date
Balance based on date range, pay detail and charge detail

SWBRDEP Deposit Report
Deposit amount by pidm and pay detail

SWBRDLD Direct Lending Disbursement
Direct Lending Disbursement

SWBRDLL Direct Lending
Direct Lending load from financial aid

SWBRDT2 Detail Code By Term
Detail2 - Detail Code Entries for a Given Term

SWBRDT3 All detail for this code
Detail 3 - Beware - this is a very large report

SWBRDT4 Detail Code-Unpaid Amts
Detail 4 - Unpaid Balances on a Given Detail Code

SWBRDT5 Detail Code By Term
Detail2 - Detail Code Entries for a Given Term

SWBRDT6 All Detail Outstanding + Date
Detail 6

SWBRDT7 Detail by Description
Detail by Description

SWBRDTC Detail Code List
List of detail codes with their accounting lines. Can be sorted by Detail Category, Description, or Detail Code.

SWBRERL Roll Fee Assessment Data
This procedure will roll fee assessment data from one term to another. Replaces sffeerl

SWBRHFB Hold List w/ Account Balance
List of students with the given hold code and their current account balance. Can be run for negative or positive amounts. Replaces hold_eff_balance

Memo activity not yet released

SWBRPAY Credit Balance Report

SWBRPFD Power Faids
Power faids load from financial aid

SWBRPHN Process Monthly Phone File
Replaces Phone, Menu option 2

SWBRPHP Print Phone Bills
Prints cash.lis, studnt.lis and vouch.lis

List student rate codes for a given term

List people who have a balance and have not been billed

SWBRT09 9 percent intest rate
Penalty Charge and Interest Charge Process/Report

SWBRT12 12 Percent Interest
Penalty Charge and Interest Charge Process/Report

SWBRTMB Term Balance
List students with a balance in a given term

Job which handles fis and a/r feed

SWBUSAP Update Student Accounts, Phone
Replaces Phone menu options 3 and 4

SWBXCOT Change One Term
Change term code on student tbraccd record

SWBXED2 Change Trans Date
Change trans date on a given student record

SWBXEFD Change All Effective Dates
Change effective dates for a given detail code

SWBXOED Change One Effective Date
Change one effective date on a record

SWDRDAM Degree by Major
Prints ssn, name, address, major, and date awarded for students who received a degree whith given major during the given term.

SWDRDAY Degree Awarded by Year
Prints ssn, name, address, major, and date awarded for students who received a degree during the given year.

SWEFADP2 Advisee List by Advisor
Produces advisee list for each advisor.

SWERAAH2 Advisee Hold List by Advisor
This reflects all UG PT1 Students with holds for Advisor

List of a current students with a PPF.

SWEXHLD Apply Advising Holds
Applies advising holds on UG

SWFFLIF Comprehensive FA File
Creates a file for Powerfiads External Update

SWFLCDP Student Credit Hours
List student credit hours per college

SWFRWUE WUE Students Report by Term
List WUE students

SWGRGPA Generic Student List with GPA
Generic Student Lists w/GPA. Prints ssn, name, phone, address,major, and cum gpa.

SWGRLBL Generic Student List Labels
Produces Four-Across or Three-Across Labels.

SWGRLIS Generic List
Prints ssn, name, phone, address, and major.

SWHRRGS Applicants Not Registered
This program gives a listing of all housing applicants who are not registered.

SWHRUNK Students with unknown gender
produces listing of housing applicants with unknown gender

SWIRBUD Budget Section Tally
Complete cost effectiveness tool

SWIRBUH Budget Sect Tally by Faculty
Clone of SWIRBUD with HR link

SWIRBUT Budget Totals
Clone of swirbud - gives totals

SWIURCH Research Lock
Creates a non repeating table for all registered students for research

SWKRPSB Student Pay Status Report 2
Prints name, ssn, class, current amount owed, current amount paid, current net, current account status, prior term net, and prior term account status for students in the selected group.

SWKRPST Student Pay Status Report
Prints name, ssn, class, current amount owed, current amount paid, current net, current account status, prior term net, and prior term account status for students in the selected group.

SWNRNAB Admits comma delimited
Child of swnrnal and swnrna2

SWNRCTL Recruit By Contact Code
Lists name, phone, address, admit term,and ethnic code for recruits with a given contact code.

SWNRMJL Major Interest Listing of Rec.
Lists name, phone, address, and ssn of recruits with a recruit term greater than or equal to the given term who indicate one of the given major interest codes.

SWPDWDP Drop Fee Charge
Prevents multiple drop fees in one day

SWPRFVB Faculty Evaluation Base Gen.
Prints crn, title, subject, course,credits, grading, fee, times, days, building, room, instructor, maximum enrollment for courses for a term, and note

SWPRTPC Single Trm Prnt Ready Report 2
List of Courses (CRN) for a given term with their creditsgrading type, meeting times, places, instructor, max enrollmt. Can run by Division.

SWPRTPO Single Trm Prnt Ready Report 3
Prints crn, title, subject, course,credits, grading, fee, times, days, building, room, instructor, maximum enrollment for courses for a term, and note

SWRARDF Web Address Change Report
Lists addresses changed by srudents on the web

SWRCCPY Credit Card Payments (Online)
Lists credit card payments from admissions app

SWRDAML Graduating Students
Lists students who have graduated

SWRFANR Aid but not Registered
Lists students who still have aid in memo but are not registered

SWRINTL International Status
Checks grades of international students

SWROLCR Old Courses
List courses not offered since particular term

SWRRCDE Students with Regist. Reg Code
Prints ssn and name of registered for at least one class in part-of-term 1 with the given registration code.

SWRRECR Recruits and Students By Term
Pulls ALL Recruits for given parameters

SWRREP2 MREPS Report (manual)
This is a clone of SWRREPS. Use SWRREP2 if submitting from GJAPCTL.

SWRREP3 Mreport (manual) w/campus code
Clone of SWRREP2-Mreport (manual) with option to specify CAMPUS code

SWRREP4 Mreport (clone)
This is a clone of SWRREPS for an additional term in cron. Use SWRREP2 if submitting from GJAPCTL.

SWRRHEF Studnts w/ Spec Hold Effectiv
Prints ssn, name, hold code, begin date, and end date for all currently effective holds of the specified type.

SWRRHLN Stdnts w/Spec. Hld actve/inact
list of all students with a specific hold for a term

SWRRMET Room Schedule Repor
Answers the question of room availability between dates

SWRRRHD Headcount for Part-of-Term 1
Prints total heads for part-of-term 1.

SWRRRNB Students Rate Code not BASIC
Prints ssn, name, rate code, and enrolled hours for all students where the rate code is not BASIC and it is equal to the given rate code.

SWRRSC2 Student Schedule Multi-Printer
Allows print to multiple printers / One sleep wake per printer

SWRRTAC Course Equiv in TA for College
Course Equivalents in Transfer Articulation for a College

SWRRTLY Scheduled Section Tally
Prints department, subject, course number,section, crn, title, instructor, minimum credit hours, maximum credit hours, room capacity, max seats, enrollment counts by class and level,total enrolled, total waitlisted, and total available seats.

SWRRTRL Transcript Log
Daily Transcipt log

SWSRHRC Students With X or More/Less H
Prints ssn, name, phone,address, level(class), undergrad hours and grad hours of students with the appropriate number of hours.

SWWXWEB Web Section Tally tables
Creates tabels for web section tally

SZPATDL Attribute Removal by Course
History course attribute delete by course

SZPATUP Student Course Attr Update
Inserts Student course attributes

SZPBCHK SIS Batch Web Check
Batch check print interfaced to fin aid release

SZPECHT TP Cohort End Term
Populates table szrchrt_end with end term for tuition promise

Removes records on table sfbetrm that do not have a record on sftregs

Delete student sfbetrm records with registration but dropped classes--DO NOT RUN AFTER FEES ASSESSED

SZPMATH Update SORTEST for mth70 mth99
Updates SORTEST for students that receive C- or above in MTH70 and MTH99 for the term

Load outbound ofax data into Banner form RYAOFAX

SZPSIGN Add Perk loan hold
Adds PN hold to students with no PPN in comment

SZRABAL Acct Bal Stmt-Third Party Invc
Prints an invoice for Unpaid 3rd party balances - run by Vendor Number

SZRACAD Academic Standing by CRN/Term
Report of current academic standing for students by crn/term

SZRADMT Admitted Students by Term
Admitted Students by Term and Level (includes fee and cohort code)

SZRADVS Advisees report
Count of enrolled UG advisees for the specified term.

SZRAIDD Duplicate Web Aid
Duplicate web aid on tbsaarev

SZRARUL Fee Assessment Rules
List of fee assessment rules. Crreates pipe delimited file

SZRBADS SSN Record Ind Check
Look for spriden_change_ind set to null on ssn records

SZRBDSI International Quick Admit
International admit etest scores

SZRCETH Student Ethnicity
List of students by crn number

SZRCFEE Course Fee Report
List course fees and assessment amount for a term

SPACMNT entries

SZRCNSC Cancelled Sections
Report listing cancelled courses for a term by division code or subj code

SZRCNTY Country of Origin
List of GO country for students of input citz code

SZRCONI Dorm Student Confidential
List of dorm students with confidentiality indicator set in spbpers

SZRCRBK Atlas Course Bank
Atlas Course Bank - List of all courses in catalog for the CAS system

SZRDAID Declined/Undecided FA
Student list who declined or are still undecided on financial aid.

SZRDELI Revolving Account Report
Students who do not have revolving account

SZRDUAL Dual Enrollment List Report
List of students whose Student Type=D on sgbstdn record. Can select currently enrolled or all "D" students with active dual enrollment attribute code on SGASADD.

SZRENR2 Enrolled Students
List of enrolled students by term,level,program,major,minor,conc - Same list of students as SWRENRL but this gives (and can be run by) curriculum information for the students.

activity on the form SHATCMT

SZRFDOC F Doc Report
Details from tbraccd

SZRFEES Student Course Fees by Term
Report of Student Course Fees by Term Code

SZRFLDF Faculty Schedule by Faculty
Runs by faculty ID - facultys schedule by term - can run for one term or a range of terms - similar to swjrfld

SZRFORN Foreign Students Enroll by trm
Report of foreign students enrolled for a given term. Lists tuition/fees, ISS Base (non-credit), insurance and fee remission amounts.

SZRGOAL Goalquest File Generation
Generates flat file to be loaded into Goalquest

SZRGRAD Graduation Report
List of students graduating in given term

SZRHLDD Holds Preventing Reg
Students with holds preventing registration

SZRHLTH Health Center Patient Upload
Health Center Nuesoft Xpress upload data file (enrolled students by term).

SZRHOBS Hobson Inport File
Banner to Hobson

SZRHOUS Housing and not enrolled
Report of students in housing but not currently enrolled for the term

SZRHRAS Credit Hour and TUI Report
Credit hour for part term 1, 3, and 6 plus TUI charges

SZRICMP Incomplete grades by term
Incomplete grades by term

SZRIMAJ Invalid Maj/Minor/Conc-SGASTDN
Lists students with invalid major, minor, or concentration codes on SGASTDN.

SZRLOWE Low Enrollment Report
Classes with under 12 enrolled

SZRM213 Student MTH 213 Report
List of students passing MTH 213

SZRMAJR Students by Maj/Min/Conc
Enrolled UG students by Major,Minor, Concentrations with primary advisor

SZRMATG Matric No longer Enrolled
Students matriculated as Freshman or transfer in a given term who are no longer enrolled and did not graduate

SZRMREP MREPS Report (manual)
Statistical analysis of enrollment for a term

SZROFAX OFAX Inbounder Generation
Generates csv file to be uploaded to ofax database

SZRPCOL Prior College Report
Report of what colleges our admitted students have attended prior to WOU

SZRPEAT Repeated Courses by Term
Report of Repeated Courses by Term

SZRPNAM Previous Name Report
Alumni Report of name changes

SZRPSET Tuition Promise Setting Report
List SAAADMS settings for an entry term

SZRRESD Credit hrs by level/residency
Report of credit hours by level and residency

SZRRMLS Roomless Class Report
Classes without rooms

SZRRTLD Subject Section Tally
Subject Section Tally by Term and Division. Includes student contact hours.

SZRRTLY Section Tally by Subject Code
Dept,Subj,Crse#,Sec#,CRN,Title,Instructor,Credit Hrs,Fresh#,Soph#,JR#,SR#,NU#,NG#,PB#,PN#,GR#,Totl Enrolled, Part of Term

SZRSCAN Lean and Career Scanner
Program to generate report from scanner excel file

SZRSLST Class Roster (email option)
This report produces an alpha listing of all students enrolled in a section-CRN. Includes students email addresses.

SZRSTUD Telecon Student Address
Creates stu_update.dat file for telecon

SZRSTRK Clearinghouse StudentTracker
Clearinghouse StudentTracker report for subsequent enrollment inquiry

SZRTPOP Transcript Pop Selection
Captures entire population, not just degrees (SHRTPOP only captures those with degrees)

SZRTRAK Admissions & HS by Term/CRN
Admissions and Highschool data for students registered for CRN/TERM

SZRTTUI Report of Tuition by Term
Report of student tuition by term

SZRVIKI Viking Transfer
Flat file generated for transfer into Viking

SZRWART WOU Crse Trans Articulation
Lists existence of a given WOU Course in the Transfer Articulation tables (SHATATR). Lists Transfer Inst,Course,Effective Term, WOU Course (given as parameter),WOU Credits Used, Attributes

TGRAPPL Application Of Payment
Apply payments

TGRCLOS Cashier Session Close
Automatic Cashier Session Close Process

TGRCSHR Cashier Report
Cashier session review

TGRFEED Accounting Feed Process
This report is the interface to the accounting feed process. Only cashiering sessions which have been finalized are fed. TGRAPPL (Application of Payments) is beore TGRFEED.

TGRRCON A/R Reconciliation Report
This SQL Report produces a report to facilitate reconciliation between Banner A/R and your Finance system.

TGRUNAP Unapplication Of Payment
Unapplication of payments backs out payments made to charges so that the payments/credits may be applied in a different order when application of payments is run

TSRCBIL Billing Statement
Prints bills and calculates credits (statement mode), prints invoices and calculates temporary credits (invoicing mode) prints schedule with billing information (schedule mode), or processes credits (applycred mode) based of parameters.

TZPCBRD CBoard to Banner
Bookstore records to Banner

TZPHFEE Insurance Charge for Non PTRM1
Assesses Insurance charge (A063 or A073) for students who have 9 credit hours (6 for summer) of on campus, non-part of term 1 classes or combination of hours including Part of term 1.

TZPINTL International Health Insurance
Add A435 charge to international students

TZPMATC Matriculation Fee Process
Add matriculation fee

TZPNBIL Student 0 billing
update tbbacct

TZPREVO Revolving Charge Process
Add revolving charge


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